A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Freddie had himself seated on a low brick wall, one leg brought up and his arm resting on the knee. Between his fingers, he sliced into an apple, pulling it through the flesh and cutting pieces away to pop into his mouth.

"This is reyt bullshit." He grunted around a mouthful, a fleck of apple spitting from his lips. Barely finished with one bite, he was already cutting into the fruit again. He glanced up to the other man, his face twisted into a scowl.

"All o' them fookin' Watchdogs get t' go t' beach like, an' we're 'ere workin' us bollocks off. Not only that, but it's only them that get t' be inside, an'orl! Crock o' shite!" He complained viciously, shaking his blade in the direction of Iver Hall. "But nooooo, we gotta sit art 'ere like untrustworthy youths, lookin' in from artside. This is what am talkin' abart! It's us an' them!"

"You geddit, dun't ya, Dray?" He looked over to Draven, lifting an irritated brow.
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“Tell me about it,” said Draven. “Right there with you. The Iver’s is powerful, dark wizards. That’s from my understanding at least. They got money to throw about and they want the best. The Kingdom should be a shoe in for that. You know some of them Watchdogs have never even killed a person before? And thanks to Marlow not one of our members hasn’t killed. Even if just prisoners you had to ‘unt down and kill in the old asylum. Every. Last. One. Of us has kill. If the opportunity isn’t there a Watchgod doesn't get that practical experience. Here’s the way I figure it, that makes us elite forces so to speak.”

Ticking off on his fingers he said, “ We can be security one minute, assassins the next, or an army at another. I know Miss Hannah... or Miss Shepard as she is now...says it’s just different jobs depending on where we fit best, but it’s clear they are considered the top dogs around here.”

Putting a foot up on the wall Draven leaned against his knee, looking out at Iver Hall as he said, “I am thinking a change is in order. Them elites, they don’t know the difference. I don’t know why Hannah isn’t putting her for down for us more, but seems that Ramazanov is so far up the Iver’s arse she can’t get him out and give us a chance to properly shine. But one day? Needs to be us on top, and them Watchdogs lisenin’ to us.”
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"Exactly right. An' Hannah in't any better now that she's under all o' them! She's gotten worse. Always like 'we should double check this' an' 'we should confirm these plans' - like, fuck reyt off yer silly mare! Can't believe I used t' think she wo' fit!"

He chewed on another piece of apple, and then promptly spat out a few seeds onto the path in front of him.

"Like, yeah, wun't say no or owt, but I wain't ever pursue 'er. She's got no tits, y'know. An' then she's there in 'er prudish little clothes. Pft! Thinkin' she's better than all us - she's been brainwashed, I bet." He shook his head. "She used t' be one of the best assassins I knew; would kill yer for lookin' at 'er weird. Always 'ad a shank strapped to 'er thigh..."

He trailed off a moment, and then smirked up at Draven.

"Wonder where else she used t' 'ide 'em." He allowed himself to pause chewing, smiling quite widely before leaning back once again and digging his knife back into the apple. "Bet it's that Ramazanov's fault. At least he looks like he belongs wi' us, like...but some o' them Watchdogs...nah. Wun't trust 'em wi' a spoon."
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Draven knoded, then said, “Think it was the opposite with me, when it came to Hannah. I never dared look at her with our old boss around. Not with the way he followed her with his eyes. But now...”

Draven gave a smirk, then said, “She is something else. Big tits or no. Beautiful face, tight body, graceful... if only she wasn’t such a frigid ice queen.”

Knitting his brows then, Draven said, “What I don’t get is... Watchdogs was almost out. We was being trained and everything. And suddenly... they are back. Seems we are missing golden opportunities left and right.I’m startin’ to lose a bit of confidence in Hannah... even if I would do her... we should have slipped higher into the Iver’s good graces.”
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"Aye, well, yeah. Yer right. I mean, yeah, okay - maybe i'd do 'er if she begged, like. I'd proper give 'er a good time." He smirked to himself, sitting up again as he sliced another piece and chewed it open-mouthed.

Her pursed his lips for a moment, and then suddenly stood up. "We deserve t' be in that big 'ouse. We deserve t' be at the beach, an'orl."

"Well, they're not 'ere, so am gonna go take a piss in them fancy lavs. Maybe look around since we're bein' kicked out anyway. They wain't find out cause all Watchdogs are too scared." He tossed the apple into the grass and shoved his knife into his pocket.
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Straitening up, Draven said, “Too scared eh? You really want to risk that?” He shook his head, then said, “I’ll come with you as far as the door but... not so sure about going in. There might be some weird curses or something lingering about.”
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"Ahhh, we'll see abart that, win't we? As far as the door, come off it!" Freddie commented, standing up, giving a quick cough to the side and then treading heavily toward the door.

"They can't complain really; there's staff in there already, like. They gotta let us in! I only wanna take a leek, Merlin almighty." He continued, making his way up the path, but then grinned to Draven. "Would be pretty funny to see what thongs the Mistress wears, though." He snorted.
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Draven snicker, then said,

“I dare you... I dare you to enter her room and go through her things. I’ll come in to see you do that. Put your money where your mouth is for once. You aren’t so afraid? You think we can go as we please? Well do it then? I’ll even tell the others what a brave little hero you are.”
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Freddie smiled sardonically.

"Never dare a Yorkshireman, Speir. Might be the last thing yer do." He stepped up to the door, pursing his lips and looking over it, checking over the curves of it and how it met the frame. He stepped in close, scanning it carefully.

"You best not say am little though. Might give the lasses the wrong impression; dun't want 'em to be too surprised." He joked, thought he seemed to inch closer to the door, carefully bringing out his wand and using it to indicate any curses on the locks.

"Y'know what? Fuck this noise."

With that, he stood up, and knocked hollowly on the door.
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Draven smirked, then listened as the sound of the knock seemed to echo beyond the door.

“Don’t think anyone is home,” he said finally. He was beginning to feel a bit uneasy but... Wesley hadn’t trained them not to be bold and take risks for nothing...
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Freddie hummed, and then finally, after working up to it, cast common de-jinxing spells to counter the basic curses on buildings. "Alohamora." he whispered.

It popped open with little to no problem. He knew there would be a few security inside, and maybe they thought that because there were guards on this side, there was no need for any elaborate curses. Carefully, he began to creep the door open, taking a small step inside.

"I can feel mi 'eart in mi throat, tha knows...but I kinda like it." He grinned back at Draven, and then stepped further in, looking around. "Fuckin' 'ell...even the back door leads to some fancy shit..."
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Draven follow slowly behind Freddie, then walking further in past him he looked about and said, "Now this is the life. Can you even imagine? Bet their toilet is made of gold."

Looking up at a painting of a young woman that held her nose in disgust when she looked at them, Dravan said, "You know what the real pity is? The rich keep marrying the rich? They don't spread around the love much now do they?"
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"Reyt? Proper selfish, like. To be honest, I'd even marry an uptight bitch like Mrs Iver if it meant livin' like this. Although..." he lowered his tone, leaning into Draven. "Ever since 'avin' the bearn? She's lookin' as fit as owt. Arse, hips, chest...just that face that's the problem. Matches Mr Iver's like but...pft, wi' money like this, maybe she wun't mind an expensive towel on 'er 'ead every night whilst I fu-"

He was suddenly cut off by the sound of footsteps, and before he could scatter to find a place to hide, their team leader rounded the corner.
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"Speir! Crookes! What are you doing from your posts?" Jeremie spoke, voice smooth like silk, the slight lilt of a French accent hanging from his words.

"You two are not to patrol inside until the end of the week...perhaps you're getting to know your surroundings early?" He lifted a brow. "A perfect time for such deep conversation, I see..."
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Draven jumped at the sound of Jeremie's voice, then said with out a hint of shame, "It was all Crookies idea. Said it would be alright, didn't he?"

Giving Freddie a shove on the shoulder he said, "See I told you it wasn't alright."

Looking back to Jeremie then he said, "But no one is here, right? Nothing for us to be on our guard about all the way across the property. We would be of much better use in here."