A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: St. Mungos, Second Floor • Date: Mid-June

"When you agreed to go for a walk with me, I didn't expect this," Phillipa grumbled from where she sat upon a rickety wheel chair. It had definitely seen better days, with the high pitched squeak that sounded every now and then and the way it wobbled continuously beneath her weight. Eleanor didn't seemed to mind however, no matter how much Phillipa complained, no instead the woman kept on pushing on her, which made Phillipa complain even more so. Usually these blasted things moved by themselves with the use of magic, but apparently Eleanor decided that pushing her around like she was some muggle invalid was a good idea. It didn't matter that she had woken up with wobbly legs and numb finger tips. This was just..humiliating.

Crossing her arms, she looked over her shoulder at the woman, "Can we stop?" She pleaded with a frown.
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For days she had been postponing a courageous conversation with her friend. As she had agreed to take a walk, she had intended to force herself to finally address what had been on her mind for the last few days. When the time had come, she had yet again found an excuse. Instead of talking with her friend, she had chosen to push her friend as if in a muggle hospital.

The complaining had been fairly easy to tune out until Phillipa had looked at her with her pleading blue eyes. "Alright," the nurse relented with a shy smile. She pushed her friend's chair close to a window and sat in a nearby chair.
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Hating the fact that she couldn't stop herself from looking out the window, Phillipa stared out the window that looked over the magical green garden that logically shouldn't exist in Diagon Alley. It did however, and Phillipa continued to gaze at it as she rested her chin on her hand and used her other to itch at her scalp. She pulled away a chunk of hair that made her suck in a breath. This wasn't the first lock of hair that'd she'd pulled out, but she was still surprised every time. Eventually she would have to shave it, but she hadn't managed to find the courage just as yet.

"Meja is taking a break from her tour," Phillipa murmured quietly as her hand curled around the blonde strands. "Eloise comes home this month and I'll need somewhere to..take care of her."
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When Phillipa would be ready to let go of her beautiful blonde hair, Eleanor would be there to support her, but for now, she offered te gentle reassurance of a hand covering her friend's.

With her friend laying the table so aptly, it was hard for Eleanor to find an excuse not to address what had been on her mind. "What if Eloise came earlier?"
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Phillipa looked at Eleanor harshly, "What I would like is for my daughter to finish her school year not having to worry about the fact that her mother might be dying." She was probably overreacting, but Phillipa had never responded well to people trying to tell her how to parent her child. "It's bad enough that she'll have to start her second year wondering if I'll make it to Christmas." Phillipa was also incredibly with projecting.
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Eleanor smiled reassuringly to onlookers who seemed rather interested by Phillipa's outburst. Used to retreating at the first sign of resistance, she started to apologize. "I'm sorry, I just thought since," but caught herself. She truly thought it would be for the best and she needed her friend to hear her.

Fidgeting and cheeks turning red Eleanor gave her friend a pleading smile. "Please," she hesitated, but eventually managed to utter her true motivation. "I think it would be good for you to see her."
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She sucked in a shaky breath, "I will see her, when she's finished school. There's no use in bringing her home early. Meja will pick her up from the train station and then bring her here the next day." Phillipa had thought and thought about how to get around not telling Eloise that she was sick, but eventually Meja had made her face that fact that keeping such a thing from her daughter was impossible. She deserved to know, deserved to see her, especially if god forbid, this illness eventually did her in.

"I want her to enjoy her last few days of normal before-before--" Phillipa lifted a shaky hand to her forehead, the same hand that clutched a thick strand of hair and squeezed her eyes shut. She would not cry, she would not cry. "She's just a little girl Eleanor. She's just a little girl and her Mum-her Mum's sick," Her voice sounded weak, tired, even to her own ears and she hated it. Hated it.

Phillipa tapped her head harshly with the knuckles on her hand. She was weak, she really was, and that's what she hated the most. How weak she was, how weak everything made her.
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Eleanor reached for the hand that had been tapping against her friend's forehead. "Phillipa, I don't want to upset you," she brought the hand close to her chest and clasped it tightly. "I know how strongly you feel about this, but I just think it would be good for you to see her."

Wincing as she saw how much she had upset her friend, she whispered. "You know I'll respect your decision."
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Growing more and more frustrated with Eleanor, she squeezed the hand that had captured her own and dug her nails into the soft flesh of her palm, "I will see her on the 2nd of July. I don't understand why I need to see her sooner. Why I need to take her away from school before her end of the year graduation." Her face was white, as if the anger radiating through her was eating away on her insides. It made her feel sick, though that could have been because the dozens of potions she had taken that day

Then it hit her like a tone of bricks and she let go of Eleanor's hand like she had been burnt, "Unless--unless there's something you're not telling me." She looked at the nurse as if she had seen a ghost and perhaps she had. Perhaps she had seen her own.
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"There isn't," Eleanor attempted to reassure her friend as much as she tried to reassure herself. She had noticed the darkening circles around Healer Costa's bloodshot eyes. The healer's brow furrowed every time she glimpsed at Phillipa's chart, the appeal of the puzzle seemed to have diminished giving way to frustration. Healer Costa was at a loss. "You know I'm not allowed to look at your chart," she added with a gentle smile.

She looked at the hand that had just dismissed her. "I'm saying this as your friend," she affirmed as she tried to dismiss every single sign her nurse training allowed her to notice.
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Phillipa stared at her friend unblinking. She could feel, somewhere deep inside her, that Eleanor wasn’t telling her the truth, at least not the whole truth and it made her want to cry, or throw things or—or yell horrible, horrible things at the woman who Phillipa really did believe wanted the best for her. Yet Eleanor was still keeping things from her, things she was afraid to ask after.

“Eloise will come home on the 1st and I will see her on the 2nd.” Phillipa said firmly and looking down, she realized her hands to shaking furiously. Clenching them into fists, she pressed them into the tops of her thighs firmly though they still shook.

Sucking in a breath, she looked out the window again and watched a bird land on the window sill that stretched outwards before dropping suddenly. It quirked it’s head one way and then the other, looking right at her before suddenly flying off. Free to go wherever it pleased.

She scowled.
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Phillipa's unwavering tone was enough to let the nurse know that her verdict had been final. Looking at her staring longingly through the window, Eleanor felt regretful to have broached the subject.

In a rare display of impulsion, Eleanor took the reins of her friend's chair. Protests or not, she led them down a narrow hallway and made a few quick turns. Soon they were going down an empty hallway, furnished only with old abandoned equipment. At the sight of a barricaded door, Elenor took out her wand and murmured a few incantations.

The door eventually opened revealing a small unkept garden. Weeds as tall as Eleanor surrounded them, it was not much, but at least they were outside.
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It only took Phillipa a few minutes to realize that Eleanor was taking her back to her room, but instead of asking where they were going, she remained quiet, wanting to see where the nurse was taking her. When they got to the door that eventually revealed a small garden, Phillipa turned to look at Eleanor with wide eyes.

"Where are we?" She asked.