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 #28579  by Vera Hadley
Location: Vera & Evelyn's Home • Date: 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Ligh Summer Rain

The pitter patter of rain scored their journey as the mother and son walked towards their home. Instead of jumping in the small puddles of rain forming on their path, Louis kept looking up at her suspiciously. While the change had been sudden and she had expected a certain amount of resistance, she had not expected her son to be so vocal about his opinion on the matter. He had not expressed dislike or disapproval, it was more akin to confusion. Why did his mother suddenly have a hair color that matched his?

When they finally arrived home, Louis quickly discarded his booths and yellow raincoat. Once they had neatly been placed in the mudroom closet he looked up at his mother as if awaiting instructions. "You can go play in the living room," she offered gently. Had she disrupted the little boy so much that he doubted their usual routine?

Once she was sure Louis had gotten himself occupied with his favorite train set, Vera went to the kitchen where she gathered the ingredients to prepare dinner.
 #28772  by Evelyn Winters
Waking up next to Emerson wasn't an unusual occurrence, there had been many times where they'd had a bit too much to drink and had passed out on one of their beds together, or where one of them had needed the support of the other and they'd fallen asleep crying on the others shoulder, but since being with Vera, such instances had become less and less common, especially after the kiss happened. Last night was the first time Evelyn and Emerson had shared a bed in over nine months, so of course the French woman had woken in a start at the sight of unruly brown hair covered the pillow next to her. It had taken Emerson waking in alarm herself for Evelyn to realize where she was, what had happened and just who it was she was sharing a bed with. In that 30 second period Evelyn had come to many, many horrible conclusions as to why she hadn't woken next to her wife, and she'd nearly had a panic attack before of them. Emerson had once told her that she had a pretty obvious type; blondes, but truthfully, Evelyn would bed any pretty woman she felt was enough of a challenge. Brunette's included.

Starting her day in such a panic had caused Evelyn to spend the rest of it in terrible mood. She obviously hadn't slept well despite the grounding that Emerson provided, and images of Elaine and Dolores Umbridge had plagued her all night. Her joints were stiff from tensing all night long, and the pillow she'd been using had put an awful crink in neck. She'd barely been able to worry about the fact that she hadn't returned home yesterday after her meet-up with Elaine because she was just looking forward to being in her own bed, in her own home so much that the anxiety she felt was overshadowed by her excitement.

That all changed of course when she looked at the clock and realized she was going to be nearly two hours late home than she had told Vera in her owl. For someone in such a foul mood, the editor had still managed to absorb herself in her work. Gathering up a handful of floo powder took longer than necessary, and she'd nearly stumbled over her own home address when it came time to call it out. When the flames finally engulfed her, Evelyn focused on the bed that was waiting her, and the hugs she'd get from her son when she arrived.

It would be at least a few more hours before she would get to enjoy her bed, but as soon as the fire spat her out onto the hearth, Louis came running. She didn't even get to clean up the mess she had made on the expense shag rug that sat in front of the fireplace before she was nearly bowled over by her son.

"Attention, Louis," She gently scolded him in french before she reached down and took him in her arms. Immediately her nose buried itself in his curls.
 #28779  by Louis Hadley
During the two hours his mother had spent waiting for his maman, the little boy had been fed, bathed and dressed for bedtime. Wearing a light blue, one piece pyjama Louis had been allowed a few more minutes to play calmly before his bedtime.

He had been counting the compartiments of his train set when a familiar noise had distracted him. Eyes glued on the fireplace he had waited expectantly. As soon as his mother had appeared the little boy had jumped from the sofa and had ran towards her.

Arms wrapped around Evelyn’s neck he had chuckled. “Mum has new hair. C’est drôle.” He spoiled thinking about the woman who was tidying the kitchen.
 #28792  by Evelyn Winters
Kissing Louis' temple before pulling back, she raised an eyebrow at him, "Is that right?" She replied while wondering what on earth her son was talking about. Had Vera cut her hair? Evelyn had loved the woman's long blonde locks, but she'd absolutely adored the close cut bob that she had come back to London with after disappearing a year. It had slowly started to grow longer, more sharp and angular, but she had mentioned in a passing comment how much she loved short hair on her wife and Vera had stopped from growing any longer since.

"And where is your Mother?" Evelyn asked the small boy who had a hand buried in her own hair.
 #28798  by Vera Hadley
The nervous flutter Vera had felt since her wife had told her about her plan to meet with Elaine had been well contained. When an owl had come announcing Evelyn's plan to stay at Emerson's, the flutter had turned into a constant hum, but still, she felt as though everything had been under control. As 4 had come and gone without a sign of Evelyn, it had become harder and harder to maintain her unease.

What was keeping her? Had her owl been a temporary reassurance? Had something happened while she had been with Elaine? Or perhaps while she had been with Emerson.

A sigh of relief left her when she realized that her wife had finally arrived. Her new haircut completely forgotten, she joined her family in the living room. "She's right here," she revealed as she stepped into the room.
 #28851  by Evelyn Winters
Immediately upon spying Vera and her new haircut, Evelyn found herself unable to speak. The woman hadn't gone and cut her hair, no, she had gone and dyed it a completely different color. Her wife was now a....brunette?

"You dyed you hair," Evelyn commented lamely, unsure what else to say. She'd always loved Vera's blonde locks. Had taken great pleasure in running her hands through it, messing it up and watching it stick up at all ends after sex. A brown-haired Vera, well...Evelyn wasn't sure what to think.
 #28853  by Vera Hadley
"I did," she remembered with a slight frown of disbelief. The decision had been impulsive, but not without reason. It had been a symbolic gesture, a claim of who she was and what she had to offer. Evelyn had to grieve a life that could while facing the future that would and Vera had every intention of accompanying her. She would do so without her former insecurities. Her blonde locks had been symbolic of that former layer.

She ran a hand through her shoulder-length brown locks. "I'm sure I will return to blonde eventually, but I felt like trying something new." She kissed her wife's cheek. "I'm happy to see you," she said before she kissed her a second time.
 #28859  by Evelyn Winters
Kissing Vera back once and then twice, she peered at the woman as she let Louis down, "It's...different," She said quietly, reaching out the pinch a brown strand between her finger and thumb. She rubbed it gently, feeling the smoothness between the pads of her fingers, "I liked your natural hair color, but this is...nice." She didn't hate the change, but she had loved the blonde.
 #28945  by Vera Hadley
"Blonde more your type, uh?" She observed with a teasing smile. And judging by their son's expression as he looked up at them, he had similar tastes.

"Let's spend time with our son before he goes to bed." She looked down at the little boy. "What would you like to do little man?"
 #29033  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn raised her brow at Vera, but didn't deny the woman's claim. Evelyn did prefer her blondes, but Vera still looked beautiful even as a brunette.

Sliding her hand further into Vera's hair until she could cup the back of her head, she pulled the woman closer and kissed her sweetly on the mouth as their son disappeared into his bedroom. When she pulled back, she let her forehead rest against her wife's as she breathed, "I love you," She said just as Louis came running back into the room.

Evelyn kissed Vera once more before turning and scooping up her son, "Alright monsieur, what have you brought me?" Taking a seat on the couch, she situated Louis comfortably on her lap and reached for one of the books.

"Arnold et Louis. La Ruée vers l'Or," She read before stopping and turning to Vera, she beckoned her over with a crook of fingers.
 #29046  by Vera Hadley
"I love you as well," Vera murmured, aware more than ever than those 3 words could not be taken for granted. Appeased though she knew an important conversation laid ahead, she followed her wife and son.

She sat next to Evelyn, leaned against her and rested her head in the crook of her neck. "La roowey vere lore," she attempted to read pointing at the title.
 #29047  by Louis Hadley
Snuggled against his mothers, Louis laughed. "Non, mum," he responded to his mother's attempt at reading french. He took her finger and made it point at the words. "Arnold et Louis. La Ruée vers l'Or," he taught though he did not point at the right word when pronouncing them. Except for Louis, a word he recognized for obvious reasons.
 #29055  by Evelyn Winters
Unable to help the smirk that formed as Louis attempted to teach his mother how to properly pronounce the title of his favorite book, Evelyn kissed the top of his head and then turned her head so she could kiss Vera's temple.

Clearing her throat, she continued on with the story, not stopping until she got to the end. Closing the book, she looked down and saw that Louis was asleep with his thumb in his mouth.

"He's asleep," She told her wife as she gently pulled the finger from his mouth. The boy grumbled but burrowed deeper into her chest, still sound asleep, "I'll take him up to bed."
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Vera let her wife's beautiful accent, lul her imagination. Once the story was over and they realized their son had fallen asleep, she nodded at her wife's words. "I will set the table," she suggested before she retired to the dining room.

Once the table had been set a fuming dish of brie and cranberry risotto sat in the middle of the table. Next to it was a bottle of wine with two glasses. The lights had been dimmed and a nice candelabra offered some ambiance. She filled their glasses, made sure the salad was served and finally they would be able to have dinner.