A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #28004  by Sen Watanabe
Location: Flourish and Blotts, Diagon Alley • Date: June 2003
Time of Day: Mid-Afternoon • Weather: Sunny

It was not uncommon to find Sen indoors despite the recent blessings of glorious weather that summer. While most of the United Kingdom had hurled their lawn chairs and beers outsides to drench themselves in sunlight, the gaunt wizard was instead stalking the shadowy aisles of his favourite wizarding bookstore.

Hunched over a particularly riveting publication on counter-curses, Sen had been minding his own precious business when he was suddenly aware of an infuriating tapping on his right shoulder. Indignation flared wilfully in Sen's coal-black gaze as he turned to see which sorry bugger was bothering him this time. "What do you want?" the man barked gracelessly at whoever had the displeasure of interacting with him.
 #28039  by Olivia Dunn
It wasn't unusual to find Liv in Diagon Alley, in fact it was the only place down south she had ever visited. When her mum needed supplies of a magical nature, the middle aged witch refused to go elsewhere. Whenever Liv had some pocket money saved up she would follow her Mum via the floo network and perusal the shops. She only got five silver sickles a week so she had to save up for weeks before she could ever buy anything. Her Mum claimed this was to teach her the value of money and the art of budgeting, but Liv highly suspected the fact she had three other siblings expecting equal treatment played a big role.

Flourish and Blotts had been somewhere she wanted to try for a while. No one in her family were exactly big readers, and neither was Liv if she was being honest. However, she had had the idea that if she could get a book with pictures in it - or even better if they were charmed to move - then she could try to copy them when she drew herself.

Stepping into the store she held her mouth open in awe. She was sure every book in the whole world must have been in that store, there was hundreds. Far more than she had ever seen at least. After idly walking up and down the shelves, she admitted to herself she didn't have a clue where she was going or what she was looking for. So, she did the most natural thing to do in such circumstances and tapped on the shoulder of the first adult she could find.

"What do you want?"

It wasn't the greeting she had expected. She crossed her arms across her chest and tried to look as tall and mature as she could.

"A book," she said,knowing that if it had been her Mum she was speaking to she would have been told off for having an 'attitude' but as far as Liv was concerned this man had started it.
 #28174  by Sen Watanabe
Sen refused to dampen his scowl, even when it came to his attention that the person who had disturbed him was a child. He peered down at the brown-haired girl with suspicion. There was hardly anyone else in the shop, save a spotty-faced book clerk snoozing by the counter and his broader-sized colleague restocking some shelves on the second floor. The slender wizard heaved an exasperated sigh. All he wanted in life was to read books and listen to jazz records by himself and with minimal interaction. He wasn't good with talking to others, especially not some petulant little girl.

"Look, I don't work here. So bugger off and talk to someone who does, yeah?"
 #28252  by Olivia Dunn
It wasn't an unreasonable request If he didn't work here even Liv could appreciate that it would be entirely out of his way for him to stop what he was doing and assist her. She had to admit that if it had been her in his shoes she would have been annoyed also. Yet, the way he talked to her irritated her. It got under her skin and wriggled there uncomfortable. She crossed her arms across her chest and held her head high.

"Do you always talk to people like this?" She said trying to keep her voice level. She wasn't sure what the rules were for book shops but she knew that libraries were against shouting and noise so she thought it might be safest to treat Flourish and Blotts as she would a library. Perhaps loud noises could damage books or something. "Because it's not very nice you know, its quite rude."
 #28678  by Sen Watanabe
In the rare moment that a child had bothered Sen, his disapproving barks of hostility had always been his weapon in keeping social interactions from developing any further. It seemed that this little girl however, had a back bone she was willing to flaunt at him. His expression strained to that of pure exasperation and he pinched the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb in chagrin. He wanted to argue, but thought that maybe his breath would be wasted on someone so young and guileless.

"Its also rude to bother people who are busy," the man grumbled almost inaudibly. He considered telling the kid to piss off and be off with it, but something deep within his greyscale conscious nagged that this wouldn't be the best route to take.

Instead, Sen settled for an indignant sigh. "What book do you want me to reach for you? Come on, Don't have all day do I?" Of course, Sen did have all day, but there was no way this little girl would know that.