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One leg crossed, the Italian skinned beauty with impeccable makeup sipped on the drink she'd ordered checking he watch every so often. He was late...and she didn't do late. Her finger laced the glass, ignoring most everyone who came in...even the poor soul that had let her in. The same gentlemen who currently resting due to lack of blood in the corner, obviously propped up to simply look drunk.
"Really...you'd think he'd know better than to keep Prudence Batsu waiting." She muttered about to leave.

And as she grabbed her purse, before running her hand on the poor mans face. Even got the line:
"Sorry handsome...Just know you'll survive this-" A pause. "So...you came, looks like your tribute wasn't in vein." She smiled at the poor soul before turning to her father.

"Your thirty.minutes.late." Making she to strain each word.
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Unlike his unruly daughter, he hadn't really gone to such lengths to find someone to let him in...He'd patiently waited to come in with a group...and it was an understatement to say that this place was nearly empty. Running his hand through his brown hair he raised an eyebrow, catching sight of her little companion. He was starting to think the Binx's were bad influences, though saying such a thing would end their meeting real quick.
"You always like your dates knocked out?" A hint of disappointment evident.

He huffed, taking a seat at the bar - away from the evidence of his daughters earlier meal.
"Unlike you, I am trying to not make myself a target." He mused. The Batsu line was just about to start rising to the top once more...for now however they couldn't get away with half the crap he did while he was still in school.
"I waited for a group." He added.

"You wanted to meet?" He changed the subject.
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She scoffed, A smirk on her face as she rejoined the table crossing her leg once again.
"Oh and you like them awake?" She paused. "Oh that's right...your a gentleman...unless it comes to your family. Right?" Both eyebrows raised at the end, the barkeep pushing a drink forward. Probably used to her lack of attention on him when she placed her orders. She had no time for anyone she didn't know, her focus was on her father. Plus, most barkeeps here were complete jerks. The drinks were somewhat good and they were for the most part vampire accepting. Only reason she messed with this place.

She laughed, a soft laugh.
"Oh, that's right...while you were in Japan and...wherever it was us who were the targets." She paused again. "Doesn't scare me anymore." She added. Yes, she had called him...because Gemma had asked this of her.

"Yes, Because Gemma seems to want us to try to be civil. claims its for the child." She downed a drink sliding the glass over again. "I'll appease it for now...But I have rules." The glass sliding back over.
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'How many times do I have to accept an outing knowing what's coming?' He mentally thought, a glass sliding over to him. He gave the barkeep a side nod but focused on his daughter. He didn't really think bad of them, but he also didn't feel the need to mingle with the human's much anymore. Pretending to be something he no longer was.
"If were going by how people teat family...last time we met you put a dagger in my chest." He mused, leaning forward. "Normal family's don't do that." He added.

"I take it the Ministry has laid off." He said silently.

Leaning back he crossed one leg as well, ready to listen to demands by a woman who wanted to meet him here. If anything it should be the other way around, he'd been the one everyone was attacking as of late. They then blamed him when he lost his temper, shocker.
"And they are?"
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"You felt that? Shocker." She mused, knocking down another and sliding the glass over. If he thought her dagger trick was fun...he should see what she did when she was really mad. She sighed, letting him talk.
"You done?" She asked, still trying to figure out why he was trying to put him in a family photo in his head.

She shrugged,
"No clue," She really didn't...but she also didn't see them as a threat. Not after dealing with a crime ring for the last year. seven if you wanted to count her time in Russia. Her grandmother sire - a dreadful woman she was glad had lost interest in her, had also not been a problem. She assumed both parties had other things to do then to watch out for her.

She smirked,
"You don't try to become a roommate." She lifted one finger, looking dead into her fathers eyes. "Mark doesn't like you...for good reason and none of us need him stressed." She added, putting the second finger up. "For the moment...all visits are planned. So I can get Mark and Dexon out of there," The glass slid back over, She took it in hand without looking away from her father. "Dexon will want to kill you, and we've already went why Mark wants no part in you." She put up her third finger. "No vampire powers. Ever. In our house." She finished. "Think you can follow?"
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Boots clicked, the door opening as the Japanese man with a long black leather jacket and two men followed behind him. He was 45 minutes late, but he'd traveled all the way from japan to be backup. Paid backup. After her show before he left he was out of favors for her or anyone connected to her, but with all their accounts drying up...he was willing to be payed backup. Hands at his side, he ordered two men on each side of them taking his own seat and ordering the most expensive thing on the drink list.
"And if you can't...I've been paid to make sure your taken care of." He leaned in his seat, charmed dark eyes focusing on the vampire. He'd heard two of the rules, that was enough to figure out how far she'd been in the meeting.

To be fair, there was a personal reason he took this job, Genesis messes up? He'd be paid to take him out and he hadn't forgotten what the pavement felt like when the man had put his head into it.
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He felt like slapping her...but he knew what it would look like. He sighed, looking her in the eye as he said,
"Not exactly, Prudence. I am your father. By legal law I am still you old man," He stated. "And I would expect not to be treated like the Chinese skum you took out." Finally choosing to defend himself.

Roommate? Did she think he wanted to trapped in a house full of people ready to stake him in the middle of the night? Sure he'd mixed in with bad people. Got his family on a hit list. He was an idiot but he was far from that much of an idiot.
"I think-" He started, just as he heard the door open. Looking over due to the pleased look on her face...he turned to see who it was. Shiro, and he wasn't alone.

"Is this really needed Prudence? I'm not some monster you realize that right?" And he hadn't been the one to charm a victim into letting him in either. If anything she was a predator, not him.
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She laughed,
"And that's going to matter in a few hundred years?" Papers.meant.nothing. She downed another shot, returning the stare. "Genesis in a few hundred years those papers will be burned to make room for the living, we will be blown off the map and forgotten by normal society." She added. Honestly going by papers when you were immortal was pointless.
"We'll be just two vampires wanting to kill one another."

She checked her watch, shrugging at her fathers dismay of the situation.
"I think, I need to look out for my family. My family who I can't trust with you." The prime example walking in the door as she spoke. "And your later than him." She looked over to Mr.Takayama.
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He raised an eyebrow, taking his drink.
"You know I don't floo," He mused. "And you told me just last night about this. I've been in the car traveling since last night." He explained, setting his drink down.
"And if it wasn't for payment I wouldn't be here at all." He added.
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Kill her? want to kill her? He let Shiro finish before putting his hand up to stop any further words, making sure he had her full attention.
"Kill you?" He asked. "Prudence, your my daughter. Mark was to be my son, I wouldn't want to kill either of you." He saw the raised eyebrows from both of them.
"Shiro's not my kin," He defended his actions. "And I felt he was between me and my kin. I went into angry father mode, but that doesn't make me a monster." He finished.

"I am your family! And when they desert you, if they desert you I'll be the only thing you have left." His hand now on his chest. "I'm always here, they might not be. I took you in, I adopted you." He stopped Shiro from speaking. "And when I did come back all I got was slapped off my bar stool. In the literal sense." He added.
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"Then explain to me how angry father mode goes right to oops! gotta leave again?" She stood up, hand on the bar as he looked down at the man who was talking like he hadn't tried to walk out. He should have realized when she said she was here for Gemma and her childs sake that she hadn't pranced in here wanting a father daughter meet up....more like a civil partnership meeting....with muscle.

"Leave me?" She sat back down, smirking. "Oh honey, I think you've pegged them wrong." She mused, downing another shot...and starting to feel it. Vampire or not even they had their limits and while higher than human's it was still possible to reach. She internally decided she would sip the new few drinks to avoid the walk of shame.
"Want me to join the ranks of those who have slapped Genesis Batsu off his stool? Keep talking." Making sure she sounded un amused as she sipped this drink.

"Are the rules in understanding, or not? That's all I really need to know." A fake pout crossed her face, as if pitying the man in front of her. "And what he needs to know." Both eyebrows raised as she pointed to Shiro, speaking of Shiro. "How is it, you can use magic yet don't....and I can't but want to?" A question she'd always wondered about.
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'And...family drama...' Something that usually was started by Genesis and thanks to that being who she was meeting was expected. Still, he zoned out sipping his glass as the barkeep looked directly at him.
"What? Need to see my ID?" Hopefully not, because he'd been a regular while in England and he knew he'd seen this man before. The man shook his head mentioning knockturn alley betting co',
"Don't see how my profession involves you, Id suggest you go see if anyone needs refills." The man taken aback stepped back and let Shiro focus on the two clients.

"You think magic is the cure all?" He asked. "It actually isn't, The Ministry...even I myself can rack floo readings if I'm infront of said floo." He explained,
"Thus...not exactly safe. My car? Charmed to be invisible and untrackable." At least for the most part. He was sure if the car was ever abandoned they could trace the magic to his wand...but he didn't plan on abandoning his car.
"Might I also note, I do use magic. When not dealing with vampires." He finished.

"As for why I'm here..." He focused on Genesis. "Me and my men can leave just as soon as I know and have binded you to those rules."....the spell would work with vampires right? After all they worked on werewolves...though Werewolves did still have magic.