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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Hera didn't really know why she was being summoned to Astrid and Nathan's private lounge area. She had assumed it was simply to catch up, perhaps try to convince her to wed an Iver again, the usual. But what she hadn't expected was to be led to a very secluded area of Iver Hall; there were no guests, barely any staff, and just the odd member of security.

It really felt like she was about to be murdered right there and then.

Eventually, she reached a door, and the steward opened it up and ushered her inside. There sat Astrid and Nathan, seated on a plush leather sofa, another sofa facing opposite with drinking readily available. Hera hesitated at the doorway before, once again, the steward ushered her in to sit.

She glanced between the couple carefully, about to speak until she saw Astrid nudge Nathan. Apparently he was going to start whatever this was? Hera sat down, taking the drink offered in front of her out of nervousness.
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Nathan watched Hera as she entered, wondering what she sensed and felt. He thought back to one of his first encounteres with her... when she marched into his office, demanding that he change certain un ethical practices at Cleary Company... she had failed in that attempt. But how shocked would he have been if a seer had told him of this!

When Astrid nudged him he glanced at her, then leaning forward in his seat he said, “Yes, well we should get right down to it. Hera... I met a man this evening. He wanted to talk to me about you. Said he had something of interest to me... it turned out to be black mail... l

Reaching into his pocket he took out the packet, then tossing it on the table in her direction he said,

“That is what he showed me. You will want to take a look...” he then watched her closely.
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Hera furrowed her brows at the envelope, confused. She leaned forward, taking it, and opening it up. As her eyes landed on the first photo, her heart lurched in her chest, and she began to shake her head. The air felt thick and heavy around her, increasing in weight as she began to flick through the photos, eyes wide with horror.

And then she got to the last one; the most graphic of the set. The others had been somewhat subtle, subdued - certainly mature in in content, but they could have been mistaken for a private boudoir session between a wife and husband as a honeymoon activity. But the last one...no, it was not as tasteful. It was not as coy with its message, or positioning, or action. It did not even attempt to hide her face or keep her anonymous. It mocked her. The polaroid moved avidly, looping over and over and over again.

She hadn't even realised when she'd done it, but at some point, she had slapped her hand across her mouth in sheer shock. She had to force herself to manually breathe, overtaken with shock. Suddenly, she slammed the photos face down on the coffee table, pushing her hands into her hair and curling over, head down. She had to close her eyes, trying to imagine it wasn't real. Nathan and Astrid had seen them...who else?

"It was just one time..." She whispered.
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Nathan’s brows rose significantly. Really? Their dear, proper Hera Cleary? My, my, my...

“No need to worry,” said Nathan smoothly. “I have already taken care of the blackmailer myself. He won’t try to bother you again.”

He could feel Astrid’s hand on his leg... almost feel the heat in her eyes as they glanced at him, although he kept his own on Hera.

“You are like family after all,” said Nathan. “And I would never let some outsider threaten you if it was in my power to stop it.”

He paused a moment, then could not help but ask, “How exactly did that come about Hera? Were you married to Egan at the time? He wasn’t giving you an adequate allowance?” he joked, for he knew she had more money then him when they married. “Or was it that he wasn’t pleasing you in the bedroom?” That seemed more likely. Nathan could not imagine Egan pleaseing any women... even though just as likely it was after their divorce.
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Hera shook her head, knotting her fingers into her hair.

"No...it was after the divorce. It was quite recent." She reached forward, taking the drink that had been offered to her and downing it quickly before continuing. "I uhm...I had a sort of fling not so long ago with a man that was uhm...he was into more unusual things.I was hesitant at first, but I wanted to try something different, and I thought that maybe it would give me a new outlook on love and affection."

Or course, she was talking about Simon Cleary, but she wasn't about to name him.

"I...well I..." She hesitated, but saw the encouraging look from Astrid. "I enjoyed it. I wanted to try more things. And I was starting to understand the appeal...but one day he cut it off and we had to stop."

He'd started serving Astrid and was no longer around. He was kept far too busy to come and visit.

"He'd said there was so much more to discover, but with him then unable to show me I just...sort of...searched for it. There's a place in Germany that lets guests explore and experiment. If I'm honest, anything I did remained pretty tame, but I saw how intense it could get. But the uhm...the photos." She gestured. "One of the men I was with said he enjoyed being filmed or photographed or watched, I don't know...but he basically convinced the other man and I to participate in this. There were only three copies of them made, one for each of us. I have a set locked away at home...but one of the men must have leaked them or lost them."

She inhaled deeply, not realising she had been holding her breath.

"I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have done it." She conceded, hanging her head again in shame.
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Astrid rubbed her husband's leg for a moment as Hera spoke, her interest peaking at the story. So she had experience dealing with someone of her tastes. This could be interesting.

Spotting the opportunity, Astrid rose to her feet, stepping around the table and sitting herself next to Hera, placing a surprisingly gentle hand on the other woman's back.

"Now, now, dear." She said calmly. "You mustn't be so hard on yourself. There is nothing wrong with a little experimentation. We've all done it. And if the photos are anything to go by, you clearly enjoyed yourself, and that's something to take away from this. Sure, it didn't remain as secret as you wanted it to, but that's just a little blip. We will fix that for you."

She reached forward, pouring Hera another drink before lifting the glass and pressing it into the other woman's hand. Astrid tilted her head, trying to get Hera's attention.

"However...I do agree that this wasn't the wisest of moves. But I understand the sentiment. I would recommend experimenting with people you know, and can trust; people who are there for the experience and only wish to enjoy your company. Ask my husband. He knows how unusual my tastes are, but I wouldn't indulge in them with anyone else but him as I know he can understand me. Really, they are quite out of the ordinary, perhaps more so than your little endeavor."

She smiled, continuing to rub the other woman's back. Hera blinked, and then looked up at Astrid curiously, then glanced to Nathan.

Clearly, she was curious.
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Nathan watched for a bit as the two women spoke. He knew that he could be intimidating, and figured Astrid was the best to really lead this. Of course he perhaps did not realize just exactly how intimidating his wife could also be... but Astrid had told him to let her lead.

As Hera spoke, Nathan found himself quite surprised by her. He really had no idea! She had often struck him as quite vanilla. It really did make her even more interesting to him... But perhaps it made sense. After her unhappy divorce he's supposed she might do anything to try and reinvent or discover herself... Perhaps this really was the right time to slip in.

But as Astrid paused he saw an opportunity to speak, saying, “Yes, you were not quite as foolish as I first thought... it wasn’t a planned photo shoot, but still... my wife is right. Nothing wrong with experimenting. You just need to do so with people you trust. People who have your back. People you know will be discreet and not one day decide to ruin your reputation.”

People that take care of blackmailers for you...

Nathan picked up his own glass and took a sip, then said, “It is definitely the benefit of having an adventurous spouse. Thankfully I have that in my wife," he said with a tip of his glass towards Astrid. " you can learn from one another. But I find that some of the greatest Pleasures cannot be found by trying to teach yourself new tricks, or going to an exotic club full of strangers... tell me the truth Hera, it was a bit awkward at times wasn't it? Trying to initiate conversation with strangers, trying to do things and putting on a bit of an act so that they thought you were as experienced as they were?"

He knew her answer would be yes. The fact that she had only done it once spoke volumes. On top of that first time for anyone was always going to be a bit awkward and forced.

Going on he said, " I find that sometimes some of the greatest pleasures are found when you can safely, entirely, abandon all control. Give in to the excitement of the unknown. Let another tell you what you are going to do and simply give into the moment... Which, is exactly why it can not be done with a stranger you do not trust...”

He glanced to Astrid. He would still be shocked if this worked, but at least she couldn’t fault him for trying..
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Astrid pulled Hera a little further into her grasp, watching her carefully as Nathan spoke.Her husband was doing exactly what she needed him to do. It reminded Astrid of the exact reason why they married so quickly; their minds were so aligned that they could improvise narratives on the fly without prior discussion. Sure, she had told Nathan to follow her lead, but his words were filled with sincerity and empathy.

It was likely something Hera had never heard from Nathan before. She watched as Hera agreed and nodded. She was still too quiet, and hadn't quite grasped the subtle hint. But then the other woman glanced up at her.

"So...you're the uhm...adventurous one?"


Astrid softened her expression to Hera, giving a small nod.

"Yes, dear. I am the adventurous one. My husband has never known such wild nights until he married me; of course, he teaches me a thing or two at times, but despite my tastes, he has always been able to provide me with what I crave." Astrid tucked a piece of brunette hair behind Hera's ear. "Unfortunately, he cannot provide me with a niche craving I have. You see, dear, I like to hear other women's experiences with him. I like to know how my husband has left with writhing, how he has left his mark on their thoughts. But it is not something other women are so willing to divulge."

She twiddled with the ends of Hera's hair, tilting her head at her.

"Perhaps you can indulge me for a moment, dear. Just for the sake of experimentation." She lowered her tone, using her fingers to gently lift Hera's chin to look at Nathan. "Have you ever had a crush on my husband?"

The look of horror swept upon Hera's face, but before she even had a chance to counter the question, Astrid hushed her, soothed her, and encouraged her to answer earnestly.
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Hera felt her face redden with the way these two were talking. They were so casual, so unaffected! Was it really so normal to be into this sort of stuff!? Was it her that had been living under a rock?

Hera drank down more of her drink, flicking her eyes up at Nathan before looking away again, her hands fidgeting.

"I didn't go back to the club because of that exact reason; it was awkward. I enjoyed it once it got going but the silences in between..." She grimaced.

She looked to Astrid, asking her question about her being the adventurous one, and then she found herself being touched more, and spoken lowly to, and with a question about Nathan.

"Well, I-I...I guess I did at Hogwarts. He was in the same year as me; a lot of girls liked him. He was a prefect, and was handsome, and seemed so controlled. There was a time where I got locked in the greenhouse and he helped to get me out before curfew."

She glanced at Nathan again, but embarrassment overtook her and she looked away again.
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Nathan sat back on the sofa as Astrid began to speak, looking with curiosity towards Hera.

“Yes, my wife is the wild one...” he said in agreement with the ladies. He then rose a nrow at Astrid as she spoke of her desires... how she enjoyed watching other women with her husband... something they had actually never done before.

He began to wonder then... wasn’t the agreement Hera would be doing things with someone else? Ivan? Not... him...

Astrid then went on, asking Hera if she had ever had a crush on him...

Well of course she had! Most women did. But she would never admit- ah... well apparently she would.

He gave her a sly smile as she glanced at him, then said, “Amazing so many girls did... I was such a pompous, spoiled thing.”

He hoped admitting as much would make him seem more relatable, as well as cause her to relax.

“No need to be shy around us,” he said, going on. “We can be positively prudish in public. We would never mention anything you tell us... or we tell you outside of our little circle here. This is between friends. There is a great freedom when you can speak with out judgement or consequences...”
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Astrid smirked.

"Exactly as my husband says. No need to be shy here; seeing these photos has made us realise that you could have been led down a wrong path. We don't want that for you; all we've ever wanted for you is success and happiness. We wanted to take this opportunity to help you understand that these photos," She reached out, turning the stack back over and spreading them across the table for full view. "are nothing to be ashamed about. Just something to learn from."

She once again brought her fingers up to gently turn Hera's face to look back at Nathan.

"So, a schoolgirl crush. Is that all? Perhaps something a little more recent? What I would like to know is...have you ever had a fantasy about my husband? Have you ever just thought about him taking you, even if just for a moment."

By this point, Astrid had leaned in closer, eyes trained on Nathan, her breath hot on Hera's skin, and her hand placed on the other woman's knee.
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Hera swallowed thickly. She was extremely aware of Nathan's eyes on her, if not more so than Astrid's hands. They both seemed so calm and poised, as though there was nothing weird about this conversation at all...they both seemed to be supporting her antics or tastes. Did they not think she was weird for being involved with the making of these photos? They were now staring at her, looking her in the face as Astrid caressed her knee with her thumb.

"Uhm...I uhm..." An expectant look from Astrid. Hera looked to Nathan carefully. "I...yes, I suppose a couple of times. There was uhm...there was one time - the time I was asking for money for the reserve...I pulled your tie in anger and a part of me uhm..."

She hesitated. This was someone's husband she was talking about! It was torture despite the nice words.

"I guess I hoped you would take that as an invitation to bend me over your desk." She said quickly, slapping her hands to her face in pure embarrassment, daring not to look up.
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As Astrid spoke, a sudden concern hit Nathan. What if this was all a test...? She wanted to find out if Hera secretly wanted her husband... And then she would kill her for it and derive some sort of sick pleasure from the entrapment.

Or what if... she truly was setting up Hera too make love to him... but the test was to see if he would refuse...

For this to truly work... It seemed he should at this point give Hera something in return... But the last thing he wanted was to make Astrid jealous.

He needed to trust that this was what Astrid wanted, and not deviate from the plan or where she seemed to be leading it. This was in her control. Viola was not. She had picked Hera. He had picked Viola... Very different.

When Hera spoke of her little fantasy with him, Nathan raised his brows, then said, "And I would have. Don't think for a moment the thought wasn't there.... Had I known your reaction would have been to accept and not scream and fight me... ? We would have had a very steamy memory between us apparently..."

He was definitely going to enjoy seeing the red in her cheeks grow at his words...
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Astrid flicked her eyes to Hera as she spoke. The poor, sweet girl was so embarrassed that she could barely keep her face uncovered. Perhaps she really was so inexperienced, and yet the photos said otherwise. Were strangers really less intimidating than them? Or maybe it was more because of what she said...

'Once they got going'

The talking was uncomfortable. And although Astrid was thoroughly enjoying the building excitement from the conversation, she had to start making her move.

"Look at him." She ordered, though her tone was lulled and seductive. "You are attracted to him; you have wanted him; you know him. And I understand, Hera, I really do."

She lifted her hand, turning Hera's head, cupping her cheek as she slid her other hand further up her leg.

"This is scary for you. You are convinced, from this little incident, that the world is out to get you and that you cannot show your raw emotions. It is what entraps us all as part of high society - we must behave in a very specific way for respect. But here is a secret, my dear." She leaned a little forward. "We are all depraved and lustful. It can be mild, but we all have it in us; all have private times of release where we can be ourselves and discover what helps us relax and compose ourselves. Nathan and I choose to be hedonists behind closed doors to prevent ourselves from doing so in the public eye. I think you have had some trouble with this..."

She gave a knowing look.

"You and Egan...you aired all your problems to the world; Egan liked to speak at length about your tastes, I'm sure. You felt like nothing was private, didn't you? And because of that, you didn't allow yourself to explore and try new, perhaps risque, things. So you sought someone outside of the circle to help, and then when that ended, you desperately wanted to finish what you started with strangers. I believe you have been mislead...but I think there is something utterly intoxicating about you."

"You are beautiful, intelligent, alluring, radiant...with yours and my husband's permission, I would like to kiss you."