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Having agreed to meet up with Johnny in the Blood Moon for a drink, because he just had to go and try it on with the barmaid he has a thing for, even though he's supposed to be barred, Brook could never say no to seeing Johnny be rejected by a woman and possibly get thrown out on his arse, she agreed to meet here and entered the inn.

Johnny said to meet at seven, it was seven and Johnny wasn't here! "I swear if he stands me up..." she muttered to herself, but on seeing who was behind the bar, she soon shut up and headed over. "You?" she said pointedly to the mutt working. "Isn't this a bit of a small world",
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"Gotta pay for my hotel room somehow." He mused, the full moon was soon and so was his irritation levels. It was a good thing customer service wasn't a big thing here, probably saved him his job a few times. Someone standing her up? Her? He couldn't imagine why someone would want to turn her down.

"What are you having?" He asked, not seeing someone come in here just to sit in his whole time of working here. He went back to cleaning the glasses, keeping his focus on her as he did so.
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"You live in a hotel?" she questioned curiously. "What's that like? It doesn't sound fun, unless you're living it up in the penthouse?"

Brookie pulled up a stool at the bar, then pondered for a moment over a drink. She wasn't the biggest drinker, she always liked to keep away from the unhealthy things in order to keep in the best shape for work. But a couple of drinks wouldn't hurt, she didn't have any games coming up, she had no training to do tomorrow, so why not. "Just a light beer, any kind, I'm not fussy".

As Brooklyn waited for her drink she glanced around the rest of the room, looking for a possible female member of staff working. "I don't suppose that Nicole's working tonight is she?" Johnny was going to be gutted if he actually did turn up and then found out the mudblood wasn't working.
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reaching into the magically cooled cooler, he got out one of the light beers and opened it. Sliding it to her he shrugged, hotel living for him wasn't horrible. Made it hard to eat unless he wanted to eat out everyday but it was a roof over his head and normally had a shower to clean himself. He had learned at the start no to rent one without that.
"You do what you have to do. Not like I have parents to help.." From the start. "And most places with high pay rates wont hire a wolf." He added. Really werewolves were given a hard way to go.

"No, it's emm." He always worked with Emm, they got along and made it to where their shifts were always together. He didn't dislike Nicole, but she was too...'nice' at times for his temperament. He was shocked she'd worked here as long as she had without getting hurt, their place wasn't exactly gentle.
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Brook tried to hold back a guilty frown that wanted to appear on her face, but she failed. Hearing Dillian mention not having parents to help him out made her feel so spoiled, and guilty because she spent her entire life up until a few years ago having her rich daddy pay for everything for her. But wanting to be independent and get away from that kind of life style, she left Manchester and moved to London.

“Having parents supply everything for you isn’t that great, I was pretty spoilt as a kid and got everything I wanted. Now I do it all on my own and wouldn’t have it any other way.” She left everything behind, even her car. She grabbed a few essentials in a bag and moved in with a friend temporarily until she got on her feet. “I will admit though, I had other reasons for leaving my family behind and wanting to make it on my own. But a big part of it was to leave my dad behind”.

On the mention of high paying places not hiring wolves, Brook got curious and asked “can’t you hide that bit of information? I don’t know how it works, but is there no way around hiding it so you can get a better job?”

Brooklyn took a sip of her drink, then nodded about Emm. “Right, shame. I was really looking forward to seeing Johnny get rejected tonight” she snorted a little laugh, “he’s suppose to be meeting me here for a drink, but he just wanted me to help him keep up appearances that he’s just here for a drink and chat with me, when he really just wants to ask Nicole out”. Brook found it kind of weird Johnny having a thing for Nicole... she’s muggle born, a thing he despises... Maybe he didn’t know? Maybe he was in denial... she’d Have to burst his bubble if that was the case.
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Her little pity Story about her parents wasn't amusing him. But, as a bartender he had to listen to other people's problems. So he did so say nothing to her little sob story.
" how does one hide they are a werewolf, when they are registered by the ministry?" Had she never heard about background checks?

He could care less about a person's blood status, but it he knew a bit about the binxs and knew nicole was muggle born.
" purebloods I take it?" he asked.
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"Well why did you tell anyone you were a werewolf in the first place?" she asked, "couldn't you of just kept it a secret and taken potions to help with your transformations?" She genuinely wanted to know! "I don't know how it all works, and I wouldn't want to hide being a werewolf if I was one, but if doing so helped me get by, I think I would... If I was able to hide it that is".

"Why do you ask?" she asked when Dillian commented on her and Johnny's blood statuses.
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He'd gone back to cleaning dishes, his ruff hands cleansing them of past patrons. Looking up he raised an eyebrow, hiding the fact you turned into an ugly beast wasn't possible...wasn't logical. And asking for the full moon off every month to hide this was a dead give-away. One he wasn't going to do all his life.
"Have you seen what we turn into?" He asked, his tone suggesting she was crazy. "And no potion stops that, the only potion we have only keeps us sane." He added.

Setting the glasses in their holders to await his next customers he added,
"There's no way a job wouldn't connect the dots, us having to take the full moon off and all."

"Because I know she's muggleborn, Purity claims are not yet out of date." Though they honestly should be after the dark lords fall he knew some purebloods kept hold of that.
"I also know a bit about the Binx's, they come in here often. Why else would he reject her? I mean that is what your in reality hoping for down the road it seems." He'd known the man had been going after Nicole for years...and they even ended up having to ban him because of it.
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Brooklyn nodded when asked if she'd seen what werewolves were like in their wolf form, then replied "unfortunately. And I say unfortunately because it wasn't the best experience. However, I thought with this one wolf his behaviour toward me was a one off. I thought maybe some of you were a bit more calmer, seeing as he turned into a raging beast during an argument we were having. I guess you're all just naturally like that then, and nothing helps to stop from coming out?"

With a little shrug and an amused tone, Brook replied "you never know. Cross your fingers and hope somewhere where the money is good the man in charge is a thicko".

She gave a little nod over purity claims not yet being out of date, then looked quite amused at Dillain's last words. "Oh you misunderstood me, I mean I can't wait to see Nicole reject Johnny... She rejects him all the time, and it's hilarious... Well I think it is anyway. It's about time someone other than me doesn't give into his cocky advances".
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"If he was violent before being turned...the wolf gene would only make that worse." He explained. While he had a temper....he had control.to a point. Made all the difference in the world.

He allowed a chuckle. He wished....bit sadly most checked, after the war people had become skittish. Probably because of wolves being used by the dark lord.
"Sadly times of skipping the background checks are over." He mused. "The war ruined that."

"Hmm...i see." Honestly he was glad she was off shift. Kicking out a Binx? Not an easy thing to pull off.
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“He was actually not that bad. He might have gotten stressy from time to time and had a mouth on him, but physically letting his temper get the better of him only seemed to be an issue when he was turned”, she explained with a deep frown on her face.

She understood about the war, and simply gave a little nod but didn’t comment. Brooklyn remembered hearing how there was a fair few there, and how they were all pro-Voldie. Brook wasn’t at the war herself, she didn’t have a side. She’s team pureblood, But wouldn’t hurt someone if they wasn’t pure blooded. She didn’t agree with Voldemort, but she wouldn’t fight against her friends. So she stayed out of it.

“So tell me, shouldn’t you have some scars on you somewhere?” She asked while looking his pretty damn perfect self over. “I see nothing. You’re kinda perfect, and I thought weres were full of scars, or is that a stereotype thing?”
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"Then he didnt take the potion." He logically assumed. Wolves tended to lose thier minds if they didnt. Hed done it a few times. When he had no money for His potions.

"Under the clothes." He confirmed. He was lucky. His arms only had a couple, and you really had to look. His chest and legs? Not so much. They took the worst of the beatings from his transformations.
"Potions also help with scarring." He added..
When he could afford them.
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“He probably didn’t. I don’t think he ever knew about it, he was new. Hopefully he’s learned about it now and has started taking it”.

Brook’s eyes looked Dillian’s clothing over when he mentioned his scars were hidden under them. Her mind suddenly went a little impure as she wondered how buff he must have looked underneath, and sexy with scars.

Now being very aware of her thoughts, Brooklyn downed some of her drink, then turned her gaze down at her beer bottle in her hands. She began picking at the label, and asked “how much does the transformation hurt?” The entire time her eyes stayed glued to her beer bottle.