A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #25842  by Ambrose Noble
"And I'll be handling the books. I'd like some help in that. of my choice." He countered, wanting both someone he personally knew and someone who was like a sister to him to bond with in the process. .
"I'm sure Kawazaki is a talented man, but he'd your man." He added. He had nothing to say on the money part of it, as it had been Shiro's cash that bought the house.

"Yes, but I have a layout planned. And no time to make a new one."
 #25843  by Shiro Takayama
"Mr. Noble," His voice now underlying annoyance as he crossed one leg over. His claws tapped on the wood table, the tea now forgotten. He didn't like being questioned, he didn't like being told what to do. If Ambrose was one of his men, he'd be punished for even questioning this. In a way, Ambrose was lucky he wasn't one of his men. He was lucky he was a partner and nothing more. That didn't help the Japanese man's patience though,
"Why am I here?" He asked. "To loan you money smile? Let you take control and trust you wont mess up my investment?" He continued.

Ambrose was barking up the wrong tree.
"No one will go near my money without my ok, Is that understood?" He asked. "Unless you want me to take the rest of my money with me, and expect payment back." He paused. "Or my take the buisness for myself, as per the contract."