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Knocking on the door, one hand in his deep pocket he waited. Cairo had messaged him about Ambrose needing to speak with him. He knew why, he'd been so busy traveling and trying to get the kagome case figured out he had put Ambrose's business on the back burner. What that didn't explain was why Cairo had been the one to message him.

The creek of the old house seemed to echo as it opened, Shiro patiantly wating before speaking.
"Cairo? Honestly, Ambrose I don't bite. Your a business partner, if you need to ask about the buisness...owl me." He walked in, looking at the old building. A bit of wood fell from a door frame,
'Or maybe I should have owled you.' He mentally thought. "Seems the old potions lady hadn't exactly...used a potion to keep her house standing." He turned. "So what's going on?"
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Waking up to a knock on the door wasn't normal for him, the hospital hours hadn't been working for him. In fact...he was starting to hate his job there, the guy who works with the dead was starting to hate working with the dead. At least with all the rules in place, not that his old job didn't have rules but the hospital had rules in place that made it all the harder to do his job. Now that he was working with the Ministry man on top of that...

He groaned, getting to his feet. His hair a mess he was sure that he looked like a caveman but he didn't seem to care as he opened the door. Shiro. Crap. Now he kind of cared.
"You people do bite. Remember?" He mused, allowing the man access to the house. "Actually it's more like you cut or hex...Really the same thing if yo want to compare human and animal habits." Sarcasm strong in his tone.

"No, she didn't. Which is the problem. If I want to open for business I need it not falling apart." He reasoned, motioning for Shiro to follow him to the makeshift kitchen.
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He followed, processing the sarcasm for just a moment.
"I find it amusing you believe the rumors about the magical yakuza so strongly. We don't attack people for no reason Mr. Noble." The shorter man corrected him. Ambrose hadn't done anything to him, or his people. Honestly the man was too cautious, and that was coming from Mr.paranoide himself.

"Yes, I'm aware of that." Not forgetting the wood falling a few minutes ago. "Got the plans written out like I asked?" He questioned, watching the man put the kettle on the stove.
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"Table." He motioned to the table in the kitchen, papers all over it. Some of them plans for the business, some for the private hosing that would be upstairs and then finally the papers he was working on which were meant for the Ministry about the cursed body. He had no office. There really was no where to put or organize them, so inwardly he hoped the other man wouldn't bring it up.

"You do know most of the population has only that to go off of?" He mused, reaching for the teabags.
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Disorganization wasn't commonplace for him, though it wasn't that it never happened either. Many a time when he had a few cases going at the same time his office desk would become a jungle. It was the mess coupled with the hairstyle that made him open his mouth.
"You alright?" He asked, looking over. "Hairs a mess, you look like you haven't slept in a month and the chance of my finding the right plans in this mess is nearly impossible."

"Yes well, if they knew what we really did..." He trailed off, Ambrose knew a bit. Not all, but enough to know it wouldn't be good if their activity's were public knowledge.
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Grunting, he turned away from the teabags and started looking for the papers Shiro was trying to find,
"I'm working two jobs...three if you want to count a corpse that came into my office cursed. Excuse me for a messy hair day." The fact he'd just gotten out of bed he didn't think need mentioned.
"You try starting up a business while still working another job."

"People would just see you for how you see yourself. Right?" He handed over the plans.
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"Mr. Noble. I currently have your account and five others I'm tryin to juggle. Cut the dramatics would you?" He mused, taking the papers just as the kettle hissed.
"Tea's ready." He muttered looking them over as he took a seat, shocked it kept him up. He couldn't imagine Ambrose sitting in he thing, he was small after all. Ambrose towered over him and probably weighed a lot more.

"I suppose." He simply said, "So basically were taking out two of the main walls on the bottom floor, first things first. Support beams, those need to be located." He looked up.

"Why I came here, other than your message is I am talking to Barbas and Benji about possible English contractors." He flipped he paper over. "When the old Batsu house was bought for me, no doubt a peace offering an attempt to keep me in England...Cairo's connections really helped getting it both safe and appropriate looking."
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Grumbling, he went for the tea. He didn't like people, the Japanese man reminding him why. He loved working with the dead, mainly because the dead simply had no come backs. No sarcasm or commentary for him to have to listen to. He nodded, pouring two cups before walking back to the table.
"I've checked that." Rummaging through some papers he gave Shiro the original plans. "Found this in the old owners papers, the original plans." He sat in the chair which was much more sturdy.
"Also found some old potions, I'd almost forgotten what expired potions smelled like."

He'd already had the cup brought up to his lips when he rose an eyebrow.
"I thought...you wanted to head this?" The man asked, now confused.
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Ignoring the tea, he took the plans his claws ever so slightly gripping the big piece of paper in question.
"Depends on the potion in question, if it was a healing potion it can smell....almost like infection. Beauty potions like mold...and don't get me started on pain potions." Even more so when one tweaked the potion. "I'd suggest you toss out a lot that's in that basement." He deadpanned.

"I don't have the manpower in England anymore. If you have forgotten along with your friends....I'm not English." He reminded him, he was heading this, using his partnership with the Binx's to keep things here under control.
"And even more to the point, I'm in a partnership with the family. Why have it if I'm not going to use it?" His eyes still looking over the plans.

One of the main support's was the far wall Mr. Noble intended on tearing down. It could still be done, but new supports needed to go in as they were tearing down the old. Or....
"Ambrose why don't we tear down the wall on the other side, It will have damn near the same effect without the ceiling caving."
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While he was tempted to ask why the Japanese man knew how expires cosmetics smelled like, he felt it would be worse knowing and simply chose to nod his head in agreement to tossing what things were in the basement.
"Misty came by, was going to ask to help I think. At least offer, until she found out you were the man heading this." He reasoned. "Which lead me to believe you weren't getting along with them."

"Because that would put the mourners in clear view of anyone walking by." While he wasn't a people person, he had to respect mourners privacy. If he didn't, he could see both poor reviews and unhappy people....well more so unhappy people.
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"Change the rooms purpose, make the showing room another room in the house." He really didn't like the idea of tearing away at the house's support system. Looking up, he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not getting along with Prudence. I've never gotten along with Prudence. This is nothing new." He mused, "No, they know I don't like personal connections but prefer business connections." He set the paper down. "And I'm not working with Misty in the partnership. I'm working with Benji and Barbas. " He corrected. Misty and him had never really met, he didn't know her. It was logical in mind that she'd not want to meddle in his affairs knowing what connections he personally had.
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"Which would in turn make me have to change these two rooms. It messes with the plan all the way around Mr. Takayama." He pointed to the parts of the house he was talking about.

"Hardly anyone gets along with Ms. Batsu." Even those that liked her, She was nosy and preppy....big headed and outspoken. All traits that even got on his nerves after awhile, though that didn't mean he didn't love her. It was that love that made her tolerable.
"She's opened her own buisness. I'd like her in on this." He suggested,
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"Which would be better than tearing down it's support beams don't you think?" He asked, not really seeing the problem with a new layout being made if it meant the building was safe for people.
"You do realize, something has to replace this. It won't be an open room." Magical or not, even wizards had their limits. No spell or charm was going to replace a support beam.

"Oh?" He looked up, finally taking his tea in hand. "Are we suggesting she cut into my profits Mr. Noble?" His tone one of bemusement.
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Something else could be put there. A magical fireplace maybe. It was possible, it had to be...though the way Shiro talked made him wonder.
"You've designed a house before Mr. Takayama? Because you sure seem to know a lot about this." He mentioned.

"No, not at all. She doesn't want money...she'd be advice. purely advice." His hands were up in surrender.
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If Ambrose wanted to walk in eggshells he was sure making it possible to do so, Shiro had a guy who could do that, his second in command was the money person in his organization. No outside person was needed.
"Mr. Noble, Mr. Kawazaki can handle that. I'm handling the money, remember? Not you, not yet. Mr. Kawazaki is my accountant and he'll always be the accountant. Mrs. Binx has no need to go near my money." His voice stern.

"The Batsu house was in the same shape, and before that...I had to set up hq's for my men. I have a history in making sure buildings stay up right." He explained.
"And you'd be wise to listen to my advise."