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 #25178  by Francis Friis
It seemed there was nothing the healer could say that was not springing another of Francis's traps. At least, that was how he saw it. Here she was denying his ability to patient. If only she knew..

"Patience is the opposite of success, for me. You do know we met at a race? And I was the one doing the racing? Hesitation is defeat."

Francis straightened himself out a bit in his bed. A healer of worth would note subtle displays of discomfort.

"Who needs the meds when I've got Odgen's? Take a couple more swigs. Let me know when you're feeling it. Then give me some more. Then have some more for yourself. And then maybe we'll see about your 'healing duties.'"
 #25180  by Tamsin Villiers
The healer had met some difficult patients in her career, but this was perhaps, no, certainly a first.

Tamsin tilted her head, regarding the athlete with something between interest and suspicion.

"Are you trying to get me drunk, Friis?"
 #25182  by Francis Friis
He almost lunged to grab to bottle back, but it was just too far, dammit.

"I'm trying to get you to try and get me drunk! Understand? Go on already, or I'll have to bust open the second bottle."

It didn't particularly make sense, but perhaps this was some sort of odd Francis logic that was beyond understanding. Anyway, he seemed quite sincere, whatever that meant.

"You ever going to introduce yourself properly? Or does that come after a few more sips?"
 #25183  by Tamsin Villiers
Sharing his absurdly expensive limited edition liquor with her seemed counterintuitive to his objective of getting himself drunk, but who was Tamsin to question a high-priority Very Important Patient? For once, the young woman obliged to his demands and took another swig out of the bottle.

"You know my name, and you know that I am young, and you know I get paid to do my job. What else is there?"
 #25184  by Francis Friis
"I got your name from your boy in the damned bathroom. I know you're young, yes, very fresh, you are. And I know you're not on the clock now! So you're not working. This is your leisure time, here with me."

Francis, with his better arm, slowly massaged at his other arm that had been twisted and shattered just a day before. He winced a bit, though not with too much interest in displaying his pain.

"Come here. Give me that."
 #25185  by Tamsin Villiers
Any quasi-competent healer could discern that the patient was experiencing discomfort. Her compound potion last night may have mended his bones, but new bones required more time to acquaint to their new home, and ligaments and muscles required more time to restore. It did not help that for whatever mystifying reason, he had forgone most of his medication today in his wild hunt for her.

Perhaps he did have a crush on her.

It was either too good to be true or her worst bloody nightmare.

Suppressing a sigh, the young woman swung her legs back onto solid ground, hoisted herself upright, and shuffled closer to the male sprawled on the bed. Bottle still in hand, she stared down at him with an expression that held an unexpected hint of seriousness.

"Take your medication, Francis. You're not married anymore. There's no reason to crash and burn."
 #25186  by Francis Friis
What his goal was now, who knew. If this wasn't a win, then what was? Did he want his healer to quit sassing him and give him his medicine for the satisfaction of victory over some verbal battle? Or maybe, now, he just wanted her to seem to care. For all the careful planning he'd thought he'd done, all the traps he'd thought he'd set, even Francis wasn't really sure. He wouldn't be without a push into a more thoughtful state of mind, and he wasn't going there voluntarily. The booze would have helped.

Francis attempted to scoff, but something she'd said cut deep and it was clear.

"What? What are you talking about?"

It seemed to be clear denial as he swung for the bottle again, but a sting in his side halted his progress.
 #25189  by Tamsin Villiers
"You heard me," she dug her heels in and jolted the bottle out of his reach, though it did not appear that she needed to. His jilted movements brought a brief frown to the healer's brows. Tamsin suspended the liquor bottle in midair as she reached for the vial of potion sitting forlornly on the chest-of-drawers next to the bed. Briefly and out of habit, she skimmed the label, as if to be certain it was the correct potion and dosage.

"Listen, your ligaments and muscles have been overstrained. The damage needs to be treated, the sooner the better. And the sooner your bones acquaint with your body, the stronger and better they will serve you down the line."

Tamsin looked toward the older male who seemed to have reduced into a petulant child resisting their bitter medicine. The lines of her face softened slightly.

"I don't know what she did to you, but I'd think whatever she took is enough."

She uncorked the vial and held it out to him.
 #25207  by Francis Friis
A closer look at the broken man would reveal a flicker of something deeper, something true that was trying to break through, but only the most observant eye could catch this. It seemed as though he might be ready to concede. Why push this any farther? What was the point? Finding the answers to these sort of questions was likely the greatest game that Francis would never win.

Francis released a shaky breath and his eyes glared up at the healer. He slowly reached for the vial, apparently prepared to submit. But this false display only contributed to the contrasting horror of his true intentions.

The vial found it's way into Francis's fingers very carefully, and just as carefully, he teetered his arm over and dumped its contents, slowly into the nearest bouquet.
 #25228  by Tamsin Villiers
Slowly but certainly, her expression hardened.

For the first time in the longest time, Tamsin found herself at a loss for words. For all her quick wit and silver tongue, and for all her experience with patients from all walks of life, something about this particular patient, his particular move, stung like a whiplash.

She wondered if she might allow the bottle of liquor to smash onto the ground, but it was a pity, even in the circumstances she found herself in. Tamsin was accustomed to luxury, but she was not wasteful by any means.

"Why are you here?" she finally asked, her voice holding vitriol.

"Why take the potion yesterday? Why bother staying around today?"
 #25249  by Francis Friis
Francis grimaced, and his tongue rolled in his mouth, like it was digging for a darkness that it wanted to regurgitate. But his lips remained pursed until only words spilled out.

"Why do our meetings always go from being so pleasant to so dire so quickly?" he asked without looking at her. The taste of scotch lingered in his mouth, though it was as fleeting as the decency of the pair's encounters.

"Not going to give it back?" he asked, finally affording her another glance. "Fine." He carefully began to turn over again, appearing to make good on his claim of there being a second bottle.

This hadn't been the most tactical evasion, but Francis didn't have an answer. Not that he would have given it up if he did.