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 #24820  by Reese Killigrew
Location: Holyhead Harpies Quidditch Stadium, VIP box • Date: May 2003

Of course, Reese Killigrew's career as a broom racer came with certain negative elements, hard days and pressure - but today she could remember none of that. She was giddy - giddy that she was offered access to the VIP box to watch the latest Holyhead Harpies match, giddy that they won, and a little bit giddy from the copious amount of alcohol she was in the process of consuming.

Today was a day off - a day away from training, where she could focus on her love for Quidditch as a fan. And she needed to blow off some steam, badly.

Dancing around like a lunatic with a drink in hand was a mission destined to fail, though, and Reese ended up getting carried away, throwing what was only meant to be one arm in the air, when the drink she was holding in her hand went flying.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Reese yelled to her friend, who was with her, "I'll get us more drinks!"

Getting more drinks didn't correlate with the fact that she had spilled only her own drink, but Reese didn't care.
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 #24821  by Cristopher Arundael
"I'm sorry, she's had a lot to drink!" Reese's unfortunate friend shouted and wildly gestured his hands at the disgruntled, rum-soaked witch behind them. For a split moment, he wondered if the poor lady was going to toss her own drink at them. Instead, she merely harrumphed and made her way to what he presume were the lavatories.

Cristopher turned back to the clearly inebriated female athlete, narrowly dodging her now-empty glass from smacking him in the eye. Unsure whether to laugh or to cry at her antics, the Beater plucked the glass out of Reese's hand, drained the rest of his own, and leaned over to discard both glasses aside on a nearby table.

"All right, let's get you another drink."

Or rather, off the dance floor where the racer was swiftly turning into a menace.

Besides, it was one thing to support his ex-girlfriend's victorious match and quite another to watch her shimmy dance with... well, whoever it was. Cris was eager to put some physical space between Xanthy and him, and perhaps even more eager for a drink of his own.
 #24822  by Reese Killigrew
Reese was just staring wide-eyed at this poor Witch she had somehow soaked with her drink. She felt a little bit guilty, but she also felt like her dance moves couldn't be contained, and sometimes accidents happen.

"Okay, good plan," Reese happily went off with Cris when he grabbed her hand and led her away.

Once they were well away from anyone who had seen her little scene, Reese burst out laughing. "Do you know who she was? What if she's with the press?"

It all seemed funny to her now, but if an article in the Prophet came out in the morning portraying Reese in a negative light, she'll have one angry manager to deal with as well as a hangover in the morning.
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Cristopher ran his hand through his hair as the pair wormed their way out of the thick of the crowd. Heavy music pounded still in his ears and the ground itself seemed to shake so much that one might wonder how the tower remained standing. Behind him, the crowds were beginning to form a congo line that snaked around the colour-changing dance floor.

Once upon a time, it would all have made the boy from humble origins starry-eyed—the lights, the sounds, the free-flowing liquors and star-studded crowd. Cris still found himself awed from time to time, but certainly much less often.

After a while, the bright lights melded together and all seemed the same.

He wished it were different, but wondered if it was the price that fame paid.

"Yeah, I don't know, what if she's with the press?" he replied facetiously, though his tone held every ounce of bemusement and none of ire. "What are you going to do then?"
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"I'm not sure," Reese said slowly, frowning a little bit, as if she was really thinking about it. What would she do?

"Probably just obliviate them," she shrugged, as if it was the most casual thing in the world, "you know, or punch them."

It certainly wouldn't have been the first time that Reese had opted for punching someone in a fit of anger.
 #24833  by Cristopher Arundael
The male gave Reese a look as they approached the bar.

"Are you sure you need another drink? I mean, it's the drinks talking, right? Do you even know how to cast an Obliviating charm?"
 #24860  by Cristopher Arundael
"And doom you to the heartbreak when I inevitably forget you?"

Cristopher patted his shorter friend on the head empathetically whilst they waited for the group in front of them to receive their drinks and leave.

"I would never do that to you, Killigrew. Don't even think about it."
 #24863  by Reese Killigrew
"Yeah, I probably wouldn't have much control over what I made you forget," Reese laughed, "maybe best save my attempt at that spell for my enemies."

She was then quickly distracted by the open spot at the bar, after the group in front of them left with their drinks.

"What are you having?"
 #24865  by Cristopher Arundael
"Occamy's Bite for me, cheers," the Magpies' Beater raised his voice over the music at the bartender.

He waited for Reese to place her own order, briefly turning his head to observe the crowds. If he strained his eyes enough, he could make out his older sister, head bent and wildly gesturing with her hands as she engaged in some debate or another with the Harpies' Keeper.

And, of course, Xanthy was still on the dance floor.

Cristopher glanced back towards Reese, "Do you wanna get some fresh air after this? I could use some."
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Reese ordered both of their drinks, after having stared the bartender down with what she considered expert eye-contact making skills, so that they came over and served her before anyone else standing at the front attempting to do the same thing.

"Sure, so could I," Reese nodded.

She handed over some money for the drinks - considering that he had dragged her away from causing chaos, it was only fair to buy him a drink.

"Let's go," she said, holding out Cris's drink for him to take.
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"'Scuse me." Each with beverage in hand, Cristopher squeezed through the throng of celebrators, employing his free arm to ward off from Reese the occasional person who was clearly not paying attention as to where they were stepping. It was not a far way off to descend the tower and cut across into the tunnel.

"Oh, bugger," he halted short as they came to the Harpies' locker rooms. A towering, burly guard who clearly had giant's blood in him shook his head at the pair, clearly well versed in turning away any hopefuls from misusing the space.

'Sorry, mate.'

"Don't worry about it," Cristopher waved a hand dismissively as he turned back toward Reese. "Come on, I know another spot."

Clearly familiar with his ex-girlfriend's workplace, the athlete deftly navigated the tunnel, which curved around the circumference of the pitch, with Reese trailing behind him. The din from celebrations above came thin and muffled. Torchlights flickered on both sides of the walls, illuminating their way and drawing out their long shadows. Eventually stopping before one of many wooden doors that they had passed by, he pulled out his wand and tapped it on the lock.


He turned back to glance at Reese with a slightly smug smirk as the lock snapped open and fell to the ground.

"The only space which they forgot to ward against intrusion spells."

Cristopher pushed open the rickety old door and gestured for Reese to head in.
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Reese was mindlessly following Cris as they navigated through the crowds, more focused on not losing him than where they were actually going. If she lost him in this crowd, there was no going back, she'd be stuck on her own.

She smiled at the security guard at the locker rooms, not really too surprised that they weren't allowed in there.

But then they arrived at Cris's actual idea for a place to get some air - which he apparently needed to use magic to get into.

"Where the hell are you bringing me, Arundael?" Reese asked, jokingly, "a cupboard?"
 #24905  by Cristopher Arundael
"What's wrong with a cupboard?" the male protested just as facetiously as he continued to hold open the door.

"Plenty magic goes on in cupboards. The Boy who Lived grew up in a cupboard, didn't you hear?"