A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #25115  by Albie Rees
He had not intended it as a competition, but he could respect her ambition. Albie had always been of the mind that things were better left untouched than unwon. Heads abutting, he pulled away slightly so he could face her without feeling like he was invading her space. "I wouldn't mind experiencing that," Albie responded, grin still wide.

Looking towards her, though invisibility made it unclear where exactly he was looking, he pushed on the broom slightly and sent them towards the door from which they had come. If flying in tandem had been a challenge, the landing was even more difficult. Stumbling forward when his feet hit the ground he secured his companion by wrapping one of his arms around her. Chuckling when he finally found his footing, he shook his head to push off the hood of his cloak. "Sorry," he apologized realizing his hand was resting on the general region of her stomach.
 #25137  by Zi Shang An
She had not expected the push from the jostled landing, and elicited a soft gasp of surprise as she found herself slipping forward dangerously close to the hilt of the broom. Zi Shang braced herself, but instead found an arm reaching from behind to wrap around her middle and secure her from a fall that would doubtlessly be as graceless as it was unfortunate.

Her breath hitched in her chest, even as the risk was averted.

Or at least, one of the risks was.

He was stronger than he seemed in the sharp, tailored dress suits and robes that he wore. And she was distracted, even when she should not be.

Zi Shang shook her head, removing her own hood and turning to regard her companion, or what half of his head that revealed from underneath an imperfectly shrugged-off hood. The sight made her laugh, dark eyes sparkling with amusement in the torchlight.

"Let me," she said gently, reaching with her hand to the top of his head.
 #25159  by Albie Rees
Proud of himself for luring her into his illicit adventure, Albie smile mischievously. The drinks consumed and the deed committed vivid in his veins seemed to ignite his senses. The petite frame that had been a twinge of temptation while they had flown now felt like the nudge of a sin.

He let her push off his hood. Focused on her eyes and lips, he barely realized that the rest of her body was still invisible. Not that it mattered since his mind had already trekked through the depths of suggestive thoughts and had conjured more than enough to make up for the invisibility.

The arm that had caught her was still loosely around her, he only had to lean slightly to feel the soft skin of her cheek brush against his lips. Not the least of the evening's temerarious movements, his lips then trailed towards hers.
 #25164  by Zi Shang An
The hood fell away from the back of his head, but her gaze had wandered elsewhere in the flickering, amber light—to the stubbled silhouette of his jaw, the curve of his mouth, his darkened eyes that held a certain look.

She recognised that look from once upon a time on another man.

She did not remember the last time she had been looked at this way.

But it did not matter that it had been a long time, or that it was not the first time. It was the first time, and it was Albie, and her heart thudded feverishly in her chest even though her breath came slowly, tremulously. Any thought that crossed her mind were imperceptible, a nebulous haze, as her hand lowered to briefly trace his brow.

Momentarily, her hand fell away, as did her gaze, and she turned her face back, only to feel his lips brush against her cheek. Her smile was soft and fleeting as she swung one leg over the broom so that she was sitting sideways with her knees touching one another. She turned her face toward him fully, her gaze all at once tentative and bright.

Zi Shang leaned forward and gently pressed her lips to his.
 #25215  by Albie Rees
With all the self-restraint he could muster, his movements became slow and gentle; an antithesis to how controlling and sudden his movements had been when he had taken charge of their broom. Gentle intents infused with adrenaline made for a peculiar kind of boldness.

He let her sit on the broom and moved to stand before her. Lips never quite leaving hers, he placed both of his hands on her hips. Feelings her knees against his thigh he gently pressed his hip against them, hoping it might pry them open.

Once access had been granted he would lift her from the broom.
 #25230  by Anna Cresswell
Though the team seemed to lose more often than they deserved they were not immune to the disappointment of defeat. Once the match had been so suddenly won by the Harpies the teammates had quickly gathered their things and they had left the stadium before the towers had turned into pillars of debauchery. Unlike the rest of the team Anna had stayed behind as she had intended on catching up with the Harpies healer who happened to be an old mentor.

They had discussed their respective families, mutual friends and old times, but once the sound of celebration had almost gotten too loud to hear each other, Anna had decided to call it a night and head home to her family.

Intending on gathering the healer’s kit she had left in the changing rooms, Anna showed the guards her badge. Though the sound of mouvements alerted her of someone’s presence she did not expect what she found when she turned to corner. “Oh blimey,” she exclaimed as she covered her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she added, as nervous laughter hugged her words.
 #25232  by Zi Shang An
They were being foolish.

There were guards outside the door.

She shouldn't. Thoughts passed fleetingly in a hazy delirium, but still she leaned into her natural instincts. Still her face tilted up toward him as he moved. Still she let him lift her as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Still his touch enlivened her.

Then, a female's voice ripped her back to ground.

In brief disorientation the woman drew it a sharp breath and turned away from her companion. Her cheeks that held a healthy flush tinted even deeper at the sight of a stranger, and Zi Shang immediately moved to return to her own feet, resisting the urge to fiddle with her dress.
 #25252  by Albie Rees
Pursuing the thrill he had felt when they had barreled towards the ground, Albie was fully enticed by the risk of getting caught. Feeling her legs wrapping around him, fastened the suffusion of lust invading his body.

Holding her tightly Albie barely registered the voice of their intruder. Frustration quickly gave way to laughter as he was forced to accept that at times the risk of getting caught turned into a reality.

Instinctively afraid she might leave him, Albie grabbed Zi Shang’s hand. Quick to squash the feeling and rewrite it as a simple way to diffuse the tension.

“I’m sorry, Healer,” he apologized with a charming smile as he sent the broom and their cloaks towards a closet. “I think we should return to the celebrations,” he added before leading her towards the door.
 #25279  by Zi Shang An
It would not be her first time being caught with a man in a locker room, but that did little for the scorch of embarrassment which swarmed from her head to the tip of her toes. Her battle to not appear fidgety swiftly came to her loss as polished hands twitched to smooth over the front of her dress, but even that did not last for long.

She startled slightly as her companion's larger hand wrapped around her own.

Zi Shang had little time to think, and instinctively did not attempt to retrieve her hand from his clasp. "Sorry," was all she could manage with a small smile of apology as they passed by the woman whom Albie addressed as a healer.
 #25280  by Anna Cresswell
Laughing as the two lovers left the locker room, Anna was brought back to her younger days. Days when she and Henry had been caught in similar dispositions

Longing for days when they had been more spontaneous, the healer shook her head and quickly grabbed what she had been looking for.
 #25283  by Albie Rees
Not quite certain if he should reassure her or laugh with her, Albie remained silent but kept his hand around hers. When the dull noise of the party reached them Albie finally turned towards her. "Do you want to go back or?" He gambled unable to resist. An impish smile tugging at his lips he walked in the direction of the celebrations but awaited for an indication that he should change their course.
 #25308  by Zi Shang An
His question brought her to a brief hesitation as the muffling cloud of adrenaline and hazy desire lifted.

Did she want to return already? Let the moment that they shared pass by as a momentary lapse of judgment? Was it just a momentary lapse of judgment, or had it been what she wanted all along? Was it all that she wanted? Was it all that he wanted? She did not know what it meant except for that it happened and part of her yearned for it to happen again.

Perhaps here was not the time and place for it.

And she could not leave without her friends, even despite the temptation.

He still held her hand, and she did not feel inclined to withdraw from it. "I should. My friends must be wondering about me," she answered, though there was a hint of reluctance in her voice.
 #25323  by Albie Rees
He had not considered that she might have been accompanied. Perhaps it was for the best, he thought as they finally reached the top of the tower. Now that his brain was not foggy with lust, he was more inclined to consider the complications they would have risked had they given in.

Already feeling his walls building themselves back up his fingers loosened their grip.
 #25426  by Francis Friis
"And then she said, 'no, darling, that was my broomstick!'"

There was a roar of laughter that's likelihood of authenticity would in itself have made for a great bet.

Francis's timing was impeccable, he thought, as he topped off one of his favorite jokes with a hearty chuckle and deep gulp of ale. He'd managed to separate from both of his initial companions to the sporting event, but he was in a good mood and didn't mind doing the rounds while he touched base with old acquaintances and enjoyed a few drinks. He found himself in the spotlight of a small gathering of regular ladies and gentlemen of the sporting scene.

Riding a pleasant buzz and feeling quite smug with his celebrity, Francis pondered which story might make a good followup. He knew he didn't have much time before someone else stepped in to steal the show. However, a familiar shape emerging into the top of the tower caught his attention. And even from his peripherals, Francis was instantly aware that there was a leech loosely fondling the shape's hand, like a vampire slinking it's way towards the neck. Or was it retreating under the sudden light of the sun?

Francis was suddenly in the immediate presence of the pair, the group he'd been entertaining now only a backdrop to his flat expression. His eyes drifted from their clasped hands to each of their faces.
 #25428  by Zi Shang An
Amidst the lights and sounds re-enveloping her senses, the loss of his withdrawal in more than simply a loosening handhold seeped through like a shadow creeping in from the setting sun. The moment was past, if it had not already come to pass when they were interrupted. She did not know when she would next see him the way he was than this charming but shuttered man whom she had been accustomed to before tonight.

Perhaps it was all the alcohol and the adrenaline. She did not have the time to consider it as her gaze met with another in the crowd. It did not linger on her for long before passing toward her companion, even as she drew away her hand to lift it slightly as a greeting.

By now, it would be strange to not introduce them to one another.

"I am not sure if you might already know him, but..." Zi Shang trailed off as they each advanced toward one another.

"Francis," his once-upon-a-time fiancee greeted with a small, tentative smile. "I seem to have lost you and Aidan for a moment. This is Albie, a good friend of mine. And Albie, I imagine you may know Francis, if you bet on all sports equally."