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In the brief lull, her rouged lips bowed in a growing smile as Zi Shang absorbed her victory. Her expression revealed a hint of surprise when Albie stood up. Nonetheless, his client did not hesitate for long before she, too, stood and gently took his arm.

"You ask a great deal of trust of me, Albie," she remarked with some equal measure of curiosity and amusement.
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"Leaving a party with a tall handsome stranger, what could go wrong?" The Financial Advisor poked, far too amused by her trepidation to offer reassurance.

They went down their tower and into a narrow corridor. Two men with broad shoulders were guarding a door at the end of the hallway. He took out a small card from his pocket and showed them. After a small nod, they opened the door and let them into Harpies' broom room. "We can walk on the pitch or fly," he looked at the brooms on the wall. They would use the maintenance crew's brooms of course, but the thrill of being surrounded by the victorious's brooms was quite energizing. "Let's call it a victory lap, hidden from everyone of course." He took two of the maintenance worker's invisibility cloaks.
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Plenty could go wrong, especially with a tall, handsome stranger.

For once, however, the woman was reasonably intoxicated and adequately distracted from such a consideration.

She wandered to the walls as Albie spoke. Zi Shang regarded the broomsticks that lined neatly in a clean row. Her placid gaze, though curious, held a genuine and natural element of respect, as if a magiphilologist, too, knew the sentiment and value of a broomstick to its rider.

"Not the players' brooms, surely?" the magiphilologist who had nearly married a broom racer eventually inquired, looking toward her companion from over her shoulder.

"I must confess, I am a terrible flier on a broomstick. It would do them no justice."

Though humility was, perhaps, one of her better qualities, it was also true that she did not exaggerate. Perhaps it was the fact that broomsticks were not a common mode of transportation in her homeland, or perhaps it was the lack of living quality as opposed to a winged horse, Zi Shang had never quite mastered the art of flying on one, even with all the coaching from a world-class broom racer.
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While the Albie had learned of her past relationship with the broom racer, he remained mute. Perhaps he had been greedy with his passion or maybe she had not harbored an interest for it. Either way, he knew better than to think that the best flyers made the best teachers.

"We can fly together then," he took one of the longer maintenance brooms thus answering her question about using the players'. The finance man may not have been the finest flyer, but he was a confident one. He gave her an invisibility cloak and let the broom fly beside him as he placed a cloak on his shoulders.
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That was one solution, if an unexpected one.

A pulse of adrenaline coursed through her spine. Vaguely the thought stole its way into her mind—whether this was appropriate, whether they were overstepping themselves. She did not always relish breaking rules, especially not after what happened in September, and Zi Shang knew too well that they were not supposed to do whatever Albie thought they should.

It did not stop her from accepting the invisibility cloak.

Or from shrugging it around her shoulders.
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Before she disappeared completely he gestured for her to approach the broom. As she had confessed that her flying skills left to be desired, he had decided that she was to sit in front of him. That way if something were to happen, he could steady her and make sure they kept their course.

"Once you are seated, I will place the cloak over your head," he offered. The workers' cloaks were tailored skilfully, while they would be hidden, they would not hinder their movements.
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He wanted her to ride in the front. It should not surprise her, after her own admission to being less adept at flying on a broomstick. That did not diminish the necessary implication of that seating arrangement, the possibility of which had eluded her till now, and caused her step forward to briefly lull with hesitation.

Somehow she had it in her mind that she would ride behind him.

Somehow, it had made sense, as if one was less intimate than the other even though they would be equably close in either arrangement.

But did she want to keep that distance with Albie? Or had she wanted more from the moment he had approached her with his crooked smile, from the moment he indulged her curiosity with his sister's story?

Though thoughts flurried through her mind, to anyone, she merely looked to be anxious about the prospect of flying. It took a moment, but Albie's companion then stepped toward the broom, moving to straddle it with enough grace to make up for the absence of familiarity.
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Using her head as a point of reference, he delicately joined her on the broom. After placing the hood of her cloak atop her head and doing the same for his.

Arms framing her sides, hands wrapped firmly around the broom Albie was surprised to realize just how petite she felt against him. Delicate but not fragile, he thought as he shifted so his feet could be firm on the ground. "Ready?" He spoke gently somewhere close to her ear.
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It was strange to not see her hands, despite that her grip around the broom handle was very real, or Albie's arms, which felt just as real around her sides. The woman shifted slightly as his breath fell upon the nape of her neck, tickled by strands of her own dark hair that had fallen loose from its low chignon. Zi Shang nodded, but just as quickly realised that he could not see.

"You do ask a great deal of trust of me," she answered in place of permission.
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"You just have to trust that I wouldn't put myself at harm's way," he offered as reassurance.

With a firm push from the ground, he sent the broom onto its path. His thirst for speed constantly nudging at him, Albie had to actively refrain from putting his full weight into his movements. Once they had reached the middle of the pitch and were aligned with the hoops, Albie couldn't help but grin widely. Seeing the view bequeathed to the world's top quidditch players blinded him with a sense of childlike wonder.

"Have you ever flown over a quidditch pitch before?" He inquired slowing down slightly so the wind wouldn't stifle his ability to speak.
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There was a smooth surge, instead of a winged horse's lurch that she was accustomed to, and then they were hurtling into the illuminated night. She felt the tail-ends of the invisibility cloak flap around her ankles. The thought fleetingly occurred to her—of what trouble they would be in should the wind rip the cloak off of their persons—but it was just as quickly discarded to dance like a loose hat in the wind as they climbed higher and higher above the trimmed grass ground. The whistling of wind, interwoven with distant echoes of music and chanting, quietened only a touch when Albie slowed to a hover at the hoops. It was enough that Zi Shang could hear her heart beating like a low drum. Her gaze was bright as it sought to swallow the entire view of the stadium, the lit towers, the dimmer pitch beneath them.

"No, I don't believe I have," she answered him over the sounds.

She was no stranger to heights. She had flown over mountains and valleys, forests and deserts, and all at once, the stadium and the pitch seemed small and larger than life. This was the view of winners and losers alike. If she closed her eyes, she might hear again the phantom uproar of thousands swelling into a crescendo as the Harpies' seeker plummeted to within a hair's breadth from the ground and emerged with the golden snitch between her gloved fingers.

"Can you do what the seeker did?"
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"We can," he answered already focusing on the ground. "Lean closer to the broom," he instructed already initiating the movement by gently pressing his chest against her back.

Without hesitation, he sent the broom towards the ground. The world around them dimmed into an afterthought. His breathing muffled the cacophony surrounding them. His heart pounded against his chest like a metronome giving a frenetic beat to their descent.

Everything seemed to blur except for her. The defined arch of her back, the single strand of hair that had slipped from beneath the cloak and was tickling his cheek, her delicate hand against his...
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We can. Not, I can.

She did not have much time to dwell on it before any coherent thought unfurled and scattered into the wind hurtling against them. The warm spring air turned brisk against her cheeks, even though strangely she did not feel cold encircled within what that was necessarily his embrace. The ground loomed before her to the sound of her own heart pounding in a staccato drumbeat in her ears.

Zi Shang could not help herself.

Sharply, the woman tilted her face away and closed her eyes tightly as the ground came near.
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At the very last moment, he pulled on the broom handle and lurched them out of their barreling decent. Trimmed grass tickled the tip of his shoes, the abrupt change in direction made his stomach leap towards his throat. Laughing as they glided close to the ground, Albie bathed in the thrill of the maneuver.

Eventually reaching a smoother pace Albie moved his hands behind hers. "Your turn," he told her relinquishing control of their broom.
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When the high, thin cry of the wind slowed to a lull, and she felt her feet graze against the ground, and the male's exuberant laughter rang in her ears, Zi Shang dared herself to open her eyes. Her smile came slower, but came nonetheless in a gradual bloom, with more awe at their temerity than Albie's outright exhilaration. Trimmed grass unfolded and rolled out in a vast expanse before her gaze, stretching further than she pictured from a bird's eye view, and the stadium with its thousands of vacated benches loomed down imposingly—a giant beast awaiting its next fill.

She did not immediately answer him, instead allowing them to float as her hammering heart ebbed. It took a moment, but eventually she carefully steered it to a steady halt. Zi Shang shook her head.

"I could never outdo you on a broom," she admitted.

"Perhaps I may reserve my turn for another time, on a winged horse."
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