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 #22911  by Juno Mudge
Location: British Ministry of Magic, Muggle Liaison Office • Date: February 20th, 2003

Juno was doing well in her internship so far - even if she did have pangs of missing Hogwarts. The Ministry of Magic was an immense upgrade from the castle that had become so familiar to her over the years, and suddenly Juno went from being well known by most of the students, to being a very small fish in an enormous pond.

Though today, her line manager had arranged for her to spend some time in the Muggle Liaison Office, and she would be shadowing a Mr Mac Bradaigh. Juno knocked on the door and entered, suddenly realising that she had no idea what he looked like.
 #22941  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
It had been over 20 years since Rian had first started working in the Ministry of Magic. Fresh-faced out of Hogwarts with not a clue where he wanted his life to go in life, Rian thought it easiest to get an internship in the Ministry and see where he went from there.

Being born into a muggle family, the Muggle Liaison Office was one that instantly stood out for him. Over the past 20 or so years, it had been an interesting job, especially with the Second Wizarding War. However, during the height of that time, Rian decided it was best for his safety to go back to the green countryside of Northern Ireland until things died down. And so, afterwards, having been through a low-level war in Ireland which saw the death of his dad and brother and being through the Wizarding War which saw him isolated from society, Rian knew he wanted to work hard at promoting wizard-muggle relations upon his return.

Today, Rian would be having a young intern, like he once was, shadowing him for the day. He would give them a small taste of what he did every day and help them choose their own path in the Ministry.

Rian took a sip from his black coffee as he scribbled down vague to do notes for the day:
1. Meet Ms. Mudge
2. Show Ms. Mudge the offices
3. Call Mr. Harringford
4. Send owls to EU offices

Just as he finished writing his list, he heard a knock on the door. He jumped up, taking one last sip of coffee before answering the door to the young lady.

"Ah, Ms. Mudge" he said, his thick Northern Irish accent showing, "Come on in, I'm just finishing m'coffee." Rian turned around and headed back towards his desk, stocked high with pieces of parchment and old books.

"Apologies for the mess." he cleared the seat at the other side of his desk for her to sit down on. "Rian Mac Bradaigh," he held out his hand for her to shake, a grin on his face. "Or Rian Brady if it's easier."
 #24574  by Juno Mudge
"Nice to meet you," Juno smiled, as she shook his hand. She wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but at least he seemed friendly. Having spent all this time in the Ministry, she had come across her fair share of oddballs, and people that to put it gently, were not friendly.

""Don't worry about the mess, I don't mind," she said, I'm Juno Mudge, but you probably already know that."

Ah, the stress of having to conduct herself professionally on a daily basis. Brilliant. She sat down on the other side of the desk, where there was space.
 #24989  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Yes, I was told you were coming. Doesn't always happen I'll tell you that." Rian sat down behind his desk, facing the younger woman.

"So there are a few things to do today. Thankfully you've come n a day when I'm not just doing paperwork so hopefully, it'll be a little bit more exciting." The Irishman smiled, taking a sip of his coffee and writing a mental note down on a piece of paper beside him.

"First I can give you a small tour of this department. I don't know if you've got to shadow with any of the other areas yet like the Obliviators or that but if so I can just introduce you to the rest of the Muggle Liasion squad. Most of them are super nice so no need to worry about that."

"Then I'll be expecting a call from Mr. Haringford who is involved in a case where he's going to need some information from us, some Obliviators, stuff like that. So that'll be cool to see how we work as a department and not just our own separate little groups."

Rian smiled at the younger girl. "How does that sound?" he asked. "After we get all that done we can get into the boring bits like paperwork and sending owls."
 #25059  by Juno Mudge
"Sounds great," Juno smiled, having decided that she liked this guy. The department seemed pretty laid back too, which she had assumed, from people who liked working with Muggles, like she did.

"I've spent some time with the Obliviators, not loads, haven't met any of the Muggle Liaison team yet though," she told him. "Mr Haringford's issue definitely does sound more interesting than paperwork."
 #25195  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Fantastic, well that can be our first job of the day then." Rian stood up quickly, the coffee finally kicking in. "Let's go and ew can meet the rest of the team."

Rian held the door open for the younger girl before walking along beside her. He brought her through mny long corridors, stopping along the way to introduce her to the nicer people in the department.

"So, Juno. How are you finding Accidents & Catastrophes?" he asked. "I know when I started working here first I was terrified of being here. But it's great here. You really get to feel at home."