Viola had been given strict rules by Ciceron; she was not allowed to wear red, white, or black to their wedding. It was bullshit in Viola's opinion, since those colours definitely looked the best on her! She had considered wearing one of her favourite green dresses, but apparently Astrid had removed that out of her wardrobe without her knowledge beforehand - why did everyone have such a problem with cleavage!?

Eventually, she had decided to wear a navy dress with gold patterns on the bodice and the underskirt. It was great for when the slight breeze caught it. Sure, she would have preferred to wear the old-faithful red, form fitting dress. But maybe this was a bit of a change. It was couture and expensive, so Gavin had at least better appreciate it!

The wedding itself had been boring. Same old vows, same old speeches, blah blah blah! Thankfully, that was all over, and Viola already had a glass of champagne in her fingers, looking around the large ballroom of York Manor. She would have preferred Iver Hall but no, this was all the more relevant for making it clear of York-Iver partnerships. That, and it wasn't done for a huge statement, in reality. It was her wedding that would be the statement.

As far as she knew, Gavin was off speaking to the bride and groom, and Astrid was keeping her hawk eyes on Nathan. He would be no fun to talk to with her around, especially with those pregnancy hormones going insane. In the corner of her eye, she spotted Caleb. Finally, someone fun! Sure, he was on duty, and they hadn't spoken to since she made it evident she no longer wanted to see him, but now was a good time since she was so much higher in authority now.

She stepped up to him, lifting her chin. "Are you going to compliment me or not? Don't pretend like your security work is more interesting, but it isn't. Go on. Say you like my dress or something."

Played By: Vyreia
Caleb turned and stared back at her in surprise.

Really?! These were the first words to come out of her mouth? After months of silence? After getting engaged to him, telling him she was pregnant with his child, trying to embaress him in front of all his friends and associates, and then dramatically breaking up with him with a promis to make him pay for everything she imagined he had done to wrong her!!!???

”Erm...” he looked her over quickly, then looking back in the eyes he said in a nutral tone, “You look stunning Viola... as you well know...”

His eyes slid to her waist then as he added, “And... not pregnant I take it...”

That had been the worst part about the entire matter. Not knowing what had even happened to her pregnancy. Had she ever been pregnant? Had she lost it? Had she... terminated it? Had it even been his?! All he knew was he had never seen a growing belly on her... and it couldn’t help but bother him.
"No, not pregnant. My fiance would likely disapprove of that." She commented, taking a long drink. "Don't let your eyes linger too long - Gavin is quite possessive, you know. Would probably skin you alive if he thought you was trying to court me." She smirked at him.

She looked Caleb up and down, lifting her chin.

"Still security here, I see. I had asked for your position to be terminated, but clearly you're not so easy to get rid of. So...tell me your price. How much?"

Played By: Vyreia
He could see she was going to be evasive, so instead of pushing the matter he simply looked away, out into the area where the guests were, and said,

“Thankyou for letting me know my service to Mr Iver is valued more than your passing whims....” he cleared his throat, then added, “Price for what? Leaving my employment?” He shook his head, smiling wryly as he said, “There is no price Vi. You should realize that by now. “

Shifting a bit on his feet then he said, “You hate me as much as all that? I tried to do my best by you.... isn’t it easy enough to continue to ignore me?”
"I don't hate you. I hate your presence." She said coldly, pretending to look out into the crowd. "Let me make this very clear to you Caleb...you knew me very intimately, too intimately, in fact. The fact your knew about the pregnancy at all is a risk in itself."

She glanced at him, though her expression was unreadable.

"I genuinely thought we could be something, and you can say you tried to do right by me, but if you truly meant it then you wouldn't hesitate to take my offer. For your own interest, it would be better. Now, leaving your employment? I can't expect that...but moving to the Russian branch? Much better - see how reasonable I am?"

She turned to face him again.

"Here are your options, Pryer. I pay you off, say a 500 galleon deposit, and you go to Russia. I secretly hire a team to obliviate any unnecessary information on me. Or I demand that you are put under my command exclusively and I actually make your life a living hell like I promised before. What's it gonna be?"

Played By: Vyreia
Caleb's lips pressed into a thin line.

It wasn't a simple as that. She's thought that he could just up and leave and drop everything. Maybe when he was younger. It didn't make so much difference where he was. But now he had Robin. Everything was going so good. He just had a promotion! One that could slowly overtime increase his pay, not to mention his respect in the company. And he was a part of Watchdogs now. Not just a pawn to be shuffled between Iver Hall and the black market ring in Russia. He was a Watchdog damn it! He would still be one in Russia, but he would not be part of the company that was based there in England. He was a part of that growing and blossoming at the moment. He was their trainer. He couldn't be if he was in Russia...

He was silent a moment, turning her words over until finally saying,

"You have no idea how hard that would be... It would look far more strange and suspicious for me to suddenly ask to exclusively live in Russia." Turning and looking at her he said,

"My friends and my life are here now. But that is small compared to the fact that I now hold a higher position at Watch Dogs. I got a promotion to trainer. Something I very much wanted and very much appreciate as you know. I told you about it when it happened! Kyle and Ivan depend on me. To suddenly tell them all that I want to be in Russia, drop the promotion, leave my life here? That is going to raise far too many brows... Viola..." Caleb shook his head, then said,

"I am not going to speak of anything I know. You have my word. And as important as information about you might seem... Trust me, no one is kidnapping me and torturing this kind of information out of me. Those who know know... those who don't won't know. Or it won't come for me."

The very thought of working under inside, and so he added,

" As for your threat... With all due respect I don't think Nathan cares about fulfilling your every whim so much as he once did in the past..."

He spoke the words with complete confidence... But it was a confidence that he did not feel beyond the tone of his voice. Nathan was entirely unpredictable when it came to such matters... especially matters that involve Viola.
Viola's eye twitched at him.

"You always try to worm your way out of consequences, don't you? You can never just say okay, you have to always find another option that wasn't even offered." She pursed her lips. "Maybe you're right; he wouldn't let me torture you mercilessly. But I can influence decisions. And maybe he won't want me to have direct control, but he knows how much I despise you having a jolly old time. So maybe I can just take away any rewards and privileges."

She leaned forward to him.

"Or, I could just innocently request the use of all your little friends and let them know exactly why I'll be mistreating them. Nothing too bad...just degrading them to the point of polishing shoes. You think that because of your promotion you're someone to be reckoned with? Dead wrong, Pryer. I'm coming up to Iver level. I am your superior. I don't want any cracks in my plans, and you are a gaping flaw."

Played By: Vyreia
Caleb felt his blood boil at her words.

How did this woman have the ability to bounce from something to nothing to somethng even more significant!

He looked away for a moment. He could feel his face starting to turn red with anger, especially as he pictured Robin falling under her eyes. But taking a deep breath he said,

“Yes, I never did get to congratulate you on your engagement. Good for you... sleeping your way to the top. I am sure you will be very happy. How about you just get one of the powerful men in your life to kill me for you? Eliminate the problem. Scream right now and say I put my hands on you. I’m sure Gavin will make a quick end of it.”

He didn’t think she would. He was trying to take away her power. Show she pretended she would do more than she was willing. But if she really started to... he would probably slap a hand over her mouth and drag her to the side before a squeak could get out!
Viola's face twisted, eyes darkening as she stepped forward to him.

"I don't need a man to come and help get rid of you.You're forgetting that I'm one of the most talented and treasured potioneers out there.I could be poisoning you right now and you wouldn't even know. I can get rid of you and make it look like you just ate some bad chicken. Don't mess with me Caleb - I'm a far greater threat than any man you've been in contact with."

Played By: Vyreia
Caleb looked her back in the eye, then sighing he said,

“How about instead of focusing on how to erase every poor desision in your past... you remember the good times. You did care about me once. A great deal. Don’t you still have fond memories? Isn’t that worth anything to you?”

Well it was certainly worth a try...

“And look...” he said, going on, “You’ve won at life Viola. You have everything you wanted. Iver money flows so that you can experiment and make potions and do... whatever it is you do in that tower. You are engaged to a powerful Iver. You will have your hands and mind in everything! But me? Hell... I am below your notice Vi. Or I should be. I’m just security. One of many. Probably will still be doing this, and working for all you powerful people for the rest of my life... I envy you really. I have nothing, you have wealth, power, and you found love.” He doubted the last part but... the point still stood.

“I wish I could be in your shoes.” He said, “Can’t you at least leave me be in the shoes I do have on?”

Maybe appealing to her humanity would work...?
Viola stared at him for a long moment, but soon tipped her head.

"When did you become so stupid?" She asked pointedly. "I'm not trying to erase the bad times. I'm trying to erase the good times. The last thing I need is for someone to recognise you from a time we partied together, or had dinner, or made out in a back alley. Nobody should know that I was with you for so long, or that you was the father, or that we ever did anything more than screw around a couple of times."

She looked out to the other people.

"You might be tempted to speak fondly of me to my rivals. I need them to fear me, and you are one flaw in that plan."

Played By: Vyreia
Tempted to speak fondly of her eh?...

She was dilusional...

“Oh is that the issue?” He said, raising his brows, “Well then I swear on my honor,” he held up a hand and placed one on his heart. “ I shall never speak fondly of you to anyone. Won’t slip up once...”

He had a feeling that wasn’t what she wanted to hear either, but she really was being difficult about this...
Caleb reached out and put a hand on her wrist, not roughly but enough to stop her,

“Viola!” He said quickly, closing the gap between them as he said, “What do you want me to do? I can’t go to Russia. It will cause all sorts of issues that I would have to explain. But you need to leave my co workers out of it. Has nothing to do with them. But you want something else? I’ll do it. An unbreakable oath not to speak of our past? Say the word. And agreement not to protest an assignment to work security at your new home so you can keep an eye on me? Done.”

And this was exactly why he was keeping his relationship with Robin a secret!
Viola pursed her lips, her eyes boring into Caleb's.

"I want you nowhere near my new home, since clearly you don't know how to respect your superiors." She turned her face away, snatching her hand back and looking out at the crowd, concerned that someone had seen him man-handle her.

She scrunched her nose, highly irritated at this entire situation. What was she supposed to say!?

"Get on your knees and beg."

Played By: Vyreia