A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #22369  by Michelle La Fratta
Location: Slug & Jiggers Apothecary • Date: 8 February 2003

It'd taken Michelle a very long time, but she was enjoying her time in England again. So many scars ran deep and hurt for so long. The more distance that grew between she and the war, however, Michelle found herself missing Diagon Alley, Manchester, and other places she frequented in her youth. So, when she realized she needed to restock her basement apothecary, Michelle decided to do her shopping while visiting her adoptive parents.

Michelle took a bit longer than she liked but she eventually remembered how to get to the apothecary. She greeted the clerk on staff before picking up a basket. She walked up and down the aisles and perused the fresh ingredients.

However, a cauldron caught her eye. Michelle stopped in front of it to get a better look. Did she really need a new one?
 #22504  by Emilia Vargas
Kennedy, or rather Emilia as she went by now, had never really been the best at potions. While attending Ilvermorny, she had nearly failed potions class many times, only passing because one of the professors had taken a particular liking to her. That same professor had helped her get a job with the Bureau which had landed her where she was now....in a potions store buying stuff she couldn't even recall the name of for her boss slash mark. Thankfully she had a list and wasn't too lost wandering the place.

Her basket was looking a little sparse and she still had eight items on her list. The shop was generally well organized with labels jumping out at her where ever she looked, but the forth item, something called Hyena tree leaves, was nowhere to found...and apparently so was the shop clerk. Emilia frowned.

Well, that certainly wasn't helpful.

Looking about the store, she spotted a pair pursing a section of organic...something, a boy who couldn't be more than sixteen and a woman not much younger than her. Deciding the latter was probably the best option, she weaved her way to her and then stopped an arms length away.

"Sorry, but I don't suppose you know where I could find," She looked back down at her list quickly, "Hyena tree leaves? Or even maybe tell me what they are? The store clerk has disappeared and if I don't come back with everything on this list, my boss might have an aneurysm."
 #22544  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle was startled when someone spoke to her, immediately turning her head. She recovered quickly enough, however, to hear what the woman was asking. "Oh, sure," she said, taking note of the woman's accent. American tourists were far from rare in England, but an American shopping in the depths of Diagon Alley? It was somewhat rare; at least, Michelle couldn't remember the last time she'd run into one in the country.

"They'll be around here." Michelle moved away from the cauldron and down a side aisle. She glanced down one aisle and then another before turning down a third aisle. She stopped halfway and pointed to a large jar filled with dark purple leaves. Their veins were a distinct orange color.

"Here you go," she said. "They sell these by weight because they're a little pricier than eye of newt."