She was all smiles as she walked down the streets in her Flower dress, making sure to wear shoes that for once would only give comfort due to her growing belly. Her soon to be born child needed clothes and that gave the former pop star a reason to shop and a reason to get out of the house that was becoming a lovers nest with Prue and Dexon still in their honeymoon mode. Not that she was upset with them, she loved seeing them happy, she needed her time.

Looking at all the baby clothes, all she could feel was joy the ring on her finger reminding her that she was finally going to have a family of her own. Something she'd never thought she'd have. Her hand took one of them, going over the soft fabric gently.

She went for a green one after picking out the light pink one, 'Benji would love this', she thought he smile growing not noticing the person walking past her.
Even after getting out of the main quidditch scene, Aidan couldn't quite get out of the style he got for himself over the years. Though being in the heart of London meant he wasn't carrying his famed Nimbus 2001 with him. Instead he had a nice black blazer with a bright yellow necktie. Being able to retire this early in life was fantastic for the Irish quidditch star.

Fortunately in muggle society, he could walk around for a bit without being accosted by fans left and right. Which meant he saw another familiar face of fame. He even managed to walk right past her enjoying his nice day out with his thoughts. Putting on a winning smile of his own, he ran a quick hand through his chocolate hair before he spoke again.

"Gemma Batsu, my my. It has been way too long. How've you been?"

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Still looking at the green little jump suit that was about the size of a newborn, she only realized she had her head in the clouds once she heard her name. Jumping a little she looked back to see who it was, not reconizing the voice.

Her Brown eyes did however remember the face, his voice coming back to memory. Hed just started to get reconised a couple years before she had to retire early, it was a welcomed sight. But then an old face always was to her.
"Aiden," she smiled. "I've been good." Which wasn't a lie. Since mr. Takayama had taken care of the problem her life had gotten much better.
"You are as sharp as ever. Glad to see your doing well." She countered.
Aidan was pleased to see he retained some star power, even if it was among other celebrities of his time. Truthfully he was a bit of a fan himself, it was just nice to be be able to get closer than most people. One of the many perks of fame that Aidan enjoyed. He raised his arms slightly then turned his hands down as she complimented his appearance.

"I try, but you look fantastic. Can't be surprised from the songbird of our generation. What've you been up to? I don't think I've seen you since that charity thing some years back."

At least Aidan hoped that was her. Admittedly he could have been completely wrong about who was and wasn't there. The former Seeker was trying to wrap his mind around the memory trying to recover what details has currently slipped his mind.

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"As sweet as ever." She smiled. He'd been one of the nicest to her,she was glad to see that hadn't changed.
"Preparing for the new generation," she laughed. "And you. You still playing?"

She had chosen to keep her brothers mess out of conversation, still loving him but not yet accepting hed been so stupid.
"Had to retire temporarily, but I'm hoping to return to the scene within the year."
Aidan chuckled at the question. Singing was kinder to age than athletics it seemed if Gemma was planning on getting back into the scene. He hoped that the songwriter would find success. There wasn't anything he knew of that'd keep him young and spry. Nothing that the International Quidditch Association would allow anyways. He took a quick look at the watch on his left wrist to examine the time.

"No, I'm out of the game. Not many teams want an old man on and old broom. The Nimbus 2001 was an old model even while I was playing. By today's standards it's ancient. I mean that broom was popular back in the mid 90's. Actually I was out for a bite. Wanna join? Maybe see if we can't make the front page of the Prophet? If nothing else Skeeter will probably write something interesting."

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She frowned slightly at that, he'd bee a great player. She'd really enjoyed seeing him play...nor did she see him as old...because that would mean that she was old and that was not an ok thing to recognize for her.
"That...would make me old, so I'm just gonna disagree." She chuckled.

"Oh um..." That sounded good actually. Other than Mark and benji she hadn't actually sat down with anyone since the start of her pregnancy. "Yeah that sounds wonderful, Just let me check out." She smiled, and went to do so.
Aidan nodded and gestured for her to take care of business. He reached into his jacket pocket and flipped open his cell phone, beginning to dial a few numbers. Admittedly he had planned to dine with muggles for a bit, but arranging for something where they could speak about their careers (well at least his career) more freely would be undoubtedly nicer.

"Definitely not old, but for quidditch we burn bright and then flicker out quick. I'm sure if I pushed for it the IQA would find some job for me. I'm just gonna make a quick call. Hello? Yeah get an owl to the Phoenix Feather, set something up for two... I dunno, call it a half hour or so."

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She nodded, smiling before going to finish tje shopping process. The woman at the counter agreeing that her choices were adorable.
"Thank you." She said as she took the paper given to her and returned.

"Where were you thinking?" She asked, not hearing his phone conversation. Hopefully whatever he had in mind had some good sweets, something Gemma had been craving of late.
"Just had my House-Elf set something up at the Phoenix Feather. You know that spot up north? I used to spend tons of time there with the Bats and Wasps whenever we had to do some formal function or whatever. We'll use Tom's fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron and pop out right there."

Aidan stuffed his phone away as Gemma wandered back. The trip was a ways away, but nothing his broom wouldn't manage. Seeing as how he had a guest and was without said broom, the Floo network seemed like the next best thing.

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she had been looking at the broom when he mentioned that, imagining her on a broom in her state seemed harmful to the unborn child so when he mentioned the floo she was relieved. Nor did she have a broom with her. She had left hers back in Japan and needed to actually replace hers, sure that it had gotten taken when the white monkeys bombarded her home looking for her.
"I've been there, the food is amazing." She said with her usual bit of excitement.

"Shall we?" She asked, motioning to the door. "Unless you want to help with baby clothes shopping." She joked.
"Kidding me? Still haven't even married. Let's go. I'm interested in who you're in here for."

Aidan moved to open the door, wandering into the London air. Aidan immediately wished he had a slightly heavier coat on, but he'd be inside soon enough, and this was nothing compared to some of the games he's played in. Besides going through the Floo network would warm him right up.

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She laughed,
"Myself." She smiled. "I young man am to be wed." She teased.

She pulled her coat to her, following him down the street while watching the people.
"I wonder how they....get along. You know without..." She didn't want to say magic in public. "There amazing and strong you know." Not having hatred for them in the least.
"Well bully for you! I'm looking forward to hearing more of the details."

Aidan walked down the street, just another face in the crowd as far as muggles were concerned. He dropped his voice to a nearly imperceptible whisper as he addressed her point.

"Hard to say. Dad's a muggle so I've seen it up front, but yeah. Definitely don't know what I'd do half the time without magic. Wouldn't necessarily say stronger. Just different than we are."

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She looked up at him, making it so she was beside him walking.
"Hmm...I see. Never looked at it that way." But then again she'd been born in a family that had been all magical since the samurai era, which was surprisingly strong even in the wizarding part of Japan back in the day.
"Plus, I like to see everyone as amazing an strong." She added.

"You'll hear about it, might even get an invite to the wedding." She smiled, she didn't have many people to invite and she as indeed starting to think about her celebrity friends. Though she'd not spoken to them in a long while it was better than having no one on her side.
"So, when did you officially retire?" She asked.