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Gemma Batsu, Aristocrat

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She was all smiles as she walked down the streets in her Flower dress, making sure to wear shoes that for once would only give comfort due to her growing belly. Her soon to be born child needed clothes and that gave the former pop star a reason to shop and a reason to get out of the house that was becoming a lovers nest with Prue and Dexon still in their honeymoon mode. Not that she was upset with them, she loved seeing them happy, she needed her time.

Looking at all the baby clothes, all she could feel was joy the ring on her finger reminding her that she was finally going to have a family of her own. Something she'd never thought she'd have. Her hand took one of them, going over the soft fabric gently.

She went for a green one after picking out the light pink one, 'Benji would love this', she thought he smile growing not noticing the person walking past her.