Location: London/America • Date: February

Lucia hummed and hawed as she twiddled with her quill, staring at the blank sheet of parchment in front of her. Usually words came easily to her, and she had been meaning to write to Jaime for a while, but for some reason they wouldn't come. Then she glanced up at the calendar across from her, and the picture of her friend waving from some American landmark, and suddenly she had an idea.

The tiny blonde got to work, her quill scratching across the parchment in between dips in the ink well. As she wrote, she grinned to herself, thinking about the look on Jaime's face when he finally read the words.

It was an obvious choice to not give him all the information up front. She was sure it would drive him nuts, but that was her plan. The closure was obvious as well.
Hey loser,

Guess what? I'm taking a trip Stateside to come visit you! And I have news about... something. You'll have to wait until I get there to find out, though. Make sure Mr Doesn't Exist is ready for some kidnapping because I fully intend to see the Grand Canyon while I'm there.

Also, Sofia is pregnant. Yeah. I'm just as confused as you probably are.

Once she finished writing, she pointed her wand at the parchment and cast a quick-drying spell. Then she whistled, calling her owl to her.

"Now, this is going a long way, so just be careful with it, okay?" she cooed, rolling up the letter and slipping it into her letter tube. Then she attached the tube to the owl's foot and held out her arm. Her owl hopped onto her arm and she carried it over to the window.

"There you go, take care," she said, smiling fondly at the owl before giving it a boost to fly off into the distance...

She only wished she could see his face when he read it.
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Jaime was sitting cross-legged on his living room floor, writing nonsense in his journal when he heard a noise at his window. Looking over, he was shocked to find an owl sitting outside. He rarely ever got letters, especially at this hour in the evening. Regardless, he hopped up and hurried over to the window to let the owl in. What was the worst that could happen?

As he got closer, he started to think that the owl looked a bit familiar. His suspicions were confirmed when he caught glance of his best friend's name on the letter after he took it out of the tube. Before continuing to read the letter though, he brought the owl into his kitchen and poured some water into a small dish.

"Sadly, I don't have any food that you might like, but I'm sure you managed to cover that during your journeys," he said, placing it by the water. He then grabbed the letter and jumped onto his couch to read it, a huge grin gracing his face as he finished it.

After reading the letter, Jaime grabbed his quill from off the floor and tore a piece of paper from his notebook.
Heya Shortie,

It's nice to see you still know how to write, I was starting to get worried that something had happened. I want details about what has been taking up all your time. Especially this something that you won't tell me. In exchange, I will grant you details of my own life. Maybe when you get here though, since I'm a very busy guy, after all.

Don't worry about Mr. Totally Exists You Met Him Almost a Year Ago - wow it's been almost a year since I moved here, can you believe it? - I'll make sure he's good and ready for another kidnapping. The Grand Canyon will blow you away, by the way.

Also, wait what? Since when does Sofia have a significant other? I never gave anyone permission to date my other honorary sister.

- Jaime
After he finished dotting the 'I' in his name, Jaime turned on his couch to glance at the owl again, then slid the letter to the corner of his table.

"You had a long flight here, pal. Take the night off then you can return this to your momma in the morning."
A couple of weeks later, Lucia was sitting on her couch, reading a book while dressed in her chunkiest knit sweater and sipping tea when she heard a tapping at the window. Glancing up, she squealed with delight seeing her owl perched just outside. Immediately, she set aside the book and tea and stood up, walking quickly to the window and opening it to let the animal in.

"Look at you, you brave bird," she cooed, walking to the kitchen and getting some food and water ready for him. Only once she was finished with that did she take the letter tube off his foot and open it, sliding out the paper. She giggled. It was just like Jaime to use notebook paper instead of proper parchment. Then again, did they even sell parchment in America? She wasn't sure

Lucia's eyes scanned over the paper, reading what her best friend had to say. She laughed at some parts, and nodded sagely at his sentiments regarding her sister. Then she grabbed a fresh sheet of parchment and her quill and began scribbling out a reply in her tiny handwriting.

Jaime Reyes
Chicago, Il
United States

Dear Butt,

You had better have taken good care of Don Quixote while he was with you. He seems fine after the trip, though. I'd give you details but my arms hurts right now. Muscles are all crampy. Good news, though, I finally got my fireplace hooked into the floo network and I did some research and found one of those rare floo cafes in Chicago for you. Address is included. Let me know when the best day is to floo call and I'll tell you some of the things before I come see you.

Mr Doesn't Exist had better enjoy the kidnapping. I put a lot of planning into it. Esp. since he's stolen you for almost a whole year.

I yelled at Sofia for you and she told me to tell you she's very sorry but the guy was just too perfect. She was hoping we'd be the godparents, actually. Whadya say?

Can't wait to touch your butt,

After dotting the I with a heart, she added some hearts around the page, then set it to the side. She wasn't about to get Don Quixote to fly out again right away, not for that far of a trip.

The next morning, she finally pampered Quixote enough that he was comfortable, and her letter was on its way. She sat back and smiled, eager to see his response, and then possibly even his face through the floo.

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Jaime was dozing when more tapping was heard at his window. Forgetting that he was on his couch, he rolled over and subsequently fell onto the floor. He used the couch and his coffee table to boost himself up and walked over to the window to let the owl in again.

"Welcome back, bud. What happened there stays between us, okay?" He winked at the animal before allowing it onto his arm and bringing it into the kitchen. "I got you some food while you were gone, I hope it's a type you like." He placed some food and water on the counter, and Quixote beside it, then took the letter off his foot, sitting on the counter opposite to read it.

He read through the letter, grinning the whole time again. He then proceeded to dash over to his calendar, letter and address for the cafe in hand, to see what dates he was available and to pin the address beside the calendar. Then it was back to his couch to write a letter.


I am hurt that you would even think that I wouldn't provide the best care I could while he was here. He was very happy spending the night with me, thank you very much.

I suppose I can wait to hear details, only if I get to see your face via the floo network. If not, I will continue to demand details. Speaking of, I'm including a copy of my schedule for the next month or so. Most of it consists of writing, so I can probably just chill at the cafe most days.

Mr. Totally Exists blah blah you met him blah will enjoy the kidnapping as much as he wants to. Don't squeeze his face though this time, it made him uncomfortable. And technically he didn't steal me, the country did. So blah again.

Tell Sofia that I suppose I can forgive her. And that I will be the greatest godfather. And that the child will be so spoiled with gifts from me.

Stop trying to touch my butt,
Jaime <3

Once again, he waited until the next day before letting Don Quixote take off with the letter. "I'll maybe see you in a couple weeks pal. Take care and give her a cuddle for me."
When Lucia heard the oh-so-familiar tap tap, she slowly pulled out her wand and used it to open her window. Quixote flew in and hooted softly at her, and she nodded. "Yes, I know... it's a bad day today. Give me a minute," she said, closing her eyes for just a moment.

She woke up hours later, only to find her owl still perched on the back of her sofa, hooting every so often. Lucia sat up, rubbing her eyes, then reached out to take the letter tube. A small smile stretched across her face as she read it, and she picked up her quill. "I'm feeling a bit better now," she said to Quixote, pulling a piece of pink parchment towards her.

I don't want to write much right now, but I wanted to make sure I sent this out asap. I'm sending this on the 8th, and assuming it'll get to you by the 15th. So be at the cafe on the 18th at 3pm your time and I'm going to floo call number 18. I'm also sending a reservation letter to the Floo Cafe for you.

We'll talk then!

Much love and butts,
A week passed. On February 18th, at the time she had told Jaime, she picked up some floo powder and flung it into the fire. Then she crouched down next to it in her specially designed floo call chair and leaned forward, sticking her head in the green flames and speaking first the address of the Floo Cafe in Chicago, and then Number 18. Hopefully Jaime would be on the other end.

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Upon receiving the next letter from his friend, Jaime marked down the date and time that he was supposed to be at the cafe into his calendar. He then spent the next couple days impatiently waiting to see Lucia's face through the flames.

On February 18th, he pulled on his comfiest sweater and made his way down to the Floo Cafe. Once there, he made himself comfy at his reserved floo fire and waited for her call to come through. While waiting, he wondered a couple times if he had accidentally gone to the wrong fireplace and her face would appear elsewhere.

Finally, after what felt like a few hours to him, her face appeared in front of him. "Wusha Wu!" he exclaimed, grinning.
Lucia was so glad they both had the correct fireplace. She beamed, wishing she could wave through the floo. "Butt!" she exclaimed, then got a sly look on her face. "Guess what? I'm a lion!" She shook her head, letting the flames dance around her like a mane. A short burst of giggles later, she settled in.

"It is so nice to see your face. Turn around, let me see everything," she ordered, her voice stern.

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Jaime let out a loud chuckle as his friend pretended to be a lion, before catching someone at a nearby table give him a grumpy look out of the corner of his eye. Shrugging, he went back to chuckling at his friend. "The fiercest lion!"

"It's pretty nice to see your face too, I guess," he stuck his tongue out, "but I will not turn around and give you the satisfaction of seeing my butt. The most I will show you is the side of my shoulders." He attempted to make his voice just as stern sounding.
Lucia frowned, sticking her tongue out too. "Party pooper," she whined, giving him a mock glare before dissolving into giggles again.

"I'll see your butt soon, though," she reminded him, thinking over her travel plans. "I intend to be in Chicago for Mr Doesn't Exist's birthday, and then ours, of course. And I fully intend to admire every angle of you." Lucia smirked, fully enjoying being able to tease him almost face to face.

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Jaime gave a shake of his head. "I shall wear a pillow over my butt the whole time you're here. And just to bug you and your obsession with my butt, I'll put one on Mr Totally Exists I Saw Him Last Night as well." He wiggled his head before breaking into laughter again.

"Anyhoo, how have you been? Give me a spin. I've missed talking to you not on paper."