Lucia put all her weight on one side, watching the two men interact just out of earshot. It seemed like things were okay between the two of them, even though she could tell Harry wasn't entirely happy with things.

When they returned, and Perecles spoke, her eyes widened.

"Sweet Merlin, you sound so different!" she squeaked, glancing at Harry. "Doesn't he sound so different? I've gotta learn that spell."

She beamed at Harry, clearly impressed.

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Re: [London] Pocketful of Sunshine

Harry Potter,

Feeling more at ease, Harry put away his wand and rejoined Perecles and Lucia.

“He does sound different,” mused Harry as he looked down at a beaming Lucia, “That was the point of the spell.”

He winked at her before rounding on Perecles.

“It’s a weak charm and only intended to last for an hour,” he sounded much friendlier now, “Any stronger and we risk damaging that songbird voice of yours, and I’d like to avoid the repercussions of that happening.”

He took a deep breath and glanced around. Diagonalley wasn’t terribly fascinating, and now that his day out with Lucia was compromised, Harry didn’t really have a preference on where they wandered to next.

“So, where to?”
Perecles offered a weak grin. He really hoped Harry was right about the charm, since his voice was legitimately all he had going for him at this point.

"I wouldn't..." he stopped short, still adjusting to the different voice, "I wouldn't mind checking out, uh..." he trailed off, trying to figure out where he actually wanted to go. It was weird to think about an afternoon where he could just be himself, without worrying about anyone recognizing. Where would he want to go?

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The hesitation was written all over the pop star's face, and Lucia looked at him with sympathy. She stepped over to Harry, slipping her arm around his waist. "What about that magical museum they just opened around the corner? I heard they have some artefacts from the time of the four Hogwarts Founders... that could be interesting," she offered, glancing over at Perecles who was nodding weakly. "Well, then, let's go!" She couldn't wait to get to know yet another celebrity.

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