[England] Run Boy Run

Location: Bournemouth, Noah's Home • Date: 31.01.2003
Time of Day: Dinner Time • Weather: Drizzling

Truthfully, Noah had nobody but to blame himself. All those years of treating woman like trash had finally caught up to him. It obviously didn't matter that he had changed, turned over a new leaf and started behaving like a gentleman. No, and why should it really? He'd been a horrible person, and nothing could make up for that.

This. This was his penance and he didn't even have one drop of alcohol in his home to forget about it, even for a moment.

He was going to be a father, or rather, he was already father, and had been for the last six years. Her name was Olive, and apparently she looked 'just like him'. At first Noah had been skeptical, of course but as soon as he laid eyes on her, Noah knew immediately that this girl was his. She had his eyes. The DNA test had been a mere formality, but necessary if Noah was going to have anything to do with her because while he didn't feel ready to be a father, he owed it to the girl to be a part of her life, even if it scared him silly.

Noah hung his head in his hands and groaned. Why did he have no booze? Why?
Now it wasn't entirely unusual for Alexis to receive unexpected notes from Noah, what was unusual though was to find the contents of the note vague to the point of not being blunt but sounding more like a plea. A plea to come and see him. It raised an eyebrow on her part but didn't cause her any necessary concern or alarm. Noah after all did have a flair for the dramatics.

So having sorted herself out following another dreary day at work, she changed only so much as to replace her out robes with a warm snuggly jumper and a pair of jeans. She soon set about the Floo Network journey from bonnie Scotland all the way down to Bournemouth. In all it took about thirty or so minutes since she got home to arriving at Noah's.

She knocked on the front door, cursing the weather all the while.

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It took Noah a lot longer than it should have to get up from the couch in his sun room and make his way towards the front door. Having the piece of mind to run a hand through his hair and kick a stray boot out of the way before opening it and greeting Alexis with a incredibly forced smile.

"Hey, you got my note." The Chaser said, stepping aside and letting the woman enter his home. "Thanks for coming, Lexi."
"Oh dear, it must be bad..." she commented not long after Noah had opened the door. How she could tell so quickly something was off, was simply just how long it took for him to get to the door and opened it.

Alexis slipped passed Noah, and headed further into his house. Having been there on numerous occasions she was more than familiar with the layout and was comfortable navigating it without guidance. She glanced over her shoulder back at Noah and then forward, "sounds like a drink kind of problem?"

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Noah let a sad laugh escape his lips, "You didn't happen to bring any with you did you? My liquor cabinet is sadly empty." He'd also not had the motivation to leave his home to get any. He was a father, and that recently learned knowledge had kept him rooted to his sofa.

Following Alexis back into the sun-room, the only place with the lights turned on (muggle lights for your information) and slumped into the seat he had vacated. A pitiful sigh escaped him as he made contact.
Alexis paused mid stride towards the kitchen, "hmm, now that doesn't bode well...." she said trailing off, turning slightly to head in the trajectory of the sunroom and Noah.

"Okay..." she said surveying the pitiful scene before her of one dreary and depressed Noah. Two words she wouldn't thought she'd ever have to describe him as, "you know you could perhaps tell me what's going on, or I could talk about the weather?" she asked, moving to take a seat opposite him, scooting the chair a little so she could face him better.

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Suddenly finding himself unsure how to verbally acknowledge his new title, Noah shifted in his seat, an arm coming up to deal across the back of the sofa so that he could rest his chin in the palm of his hand.

“Did I ever tell you about Beth? We dated on and off when I was subbing for the Chasers.” Beth had been running a story on the teams latest win when he had met her. It hadn’t been love at first sight, no, their relationship-if you could even call it that-had been a whirl wind rollercoaster that had left Noah in a very confused and unfamiliar state when the girl had told him that she was moving to Japan. There hadn’t been a single declaration of anything between them, but Noah had always felt like the girl had been running from something. Something that had happened between them, and now he knew why.

“Well she got in contact with me. Has been dealing with some drug problems, is going into rehab or something,” Noah really couldn’t remember all the details. “Which is great you know. I’m glad she’s getting help. But she has this kid, she’s eight. Her names Olive and I’m her dad.” He scratched his head and turned to look at Alexis, his face pleading for her to help him.
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Alexis watched Noah closely, it was for a moment reminiscent of the days when she used to be an active Auror and the 'conversations' in the interview rooms. She stayed quiet, and waited. And as she expected, after a brief hesitation he spoke and she listened. And she did her best to keep any major expression from her face.

She shook her head as he mentioned someone called Beth, to be fair the number of ladies associated with the man opposite her was quite extensive and it was hard to keep a track of the names. He carried on and she relaxed into her chair.

There was a moment where she could tell where this conversation was going, and it took a lot to keep the expression of 'ooooh dear' from her face when he finally looked to her with a puppy dog/pleading face. Now it was her turn to speak, and frankly what was there to say. She almost wished she was opposite a possible murderer than dealing with Noah right now.

"Hmm...well now, question to perhaps ask and I think I know the answer, you're certain she's yours?"

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Noah nodded, "Yeah. When she told me what she wanted, that she needed me to take the kid, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it without making sure." He laughed, rubbing his two day stubble. "Her dad's muggle, like mine, so we had one of those muggle tests done. They're more accurate than the test they do at St. Mungos." Sitting in the muggle doctors office while they had waited for the results had been an awkward affair. Thankfully Beth had found a friend to watch Olive so the girl didn't have to come with them, but sitting next to a woman he hadn't seen since he was twenty-one was still very strange.

"She's being admitted on Monday. Beth that is, and she said I can either take Olive then or leave her with a 'friend' until I'm ready." His face twisted unpleasantly. "I don't think I'll ever be ready, but I don't know how I feel about just leaving the girl with one of Beth's friends. How can I even trust this friend?"
Alexis’ brow furrowed, “forgive me for being a little direct on this Noah, but this does all seem a little odd don’t you think? Does she not have any other family, why would she be so willingly give her child over to you, whom she’s not seen in years, who failed to let you know that the child existed?”

She leaned forward, “and what of the little one? Has anyone considered how difficult it will be for her to be handed over to a complete stranger, be it for a few weeks or…well how long would you be looking after her?”

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Alexis was asking all the right questions. Questions Noah had asked himself when he had found out about the girl, but he had only been able to come up with one answer; Olive was his daughter, and he her father. He had a responsibility to her and to Beth.

"I don't know Lexi, but Olive is my daughter, and now that I know that I can't just not do something." Noah sighed, licking his lips and shifting in his seat. Surely Alexis would understand what he was trying to say. "Beth said Olive has known about me being her dad since she was old enough to understand Quidditch. She just never thought I would be interested in being a Father and she wasn't wrong. I was barely twenty-one when Olive was born, and could hardly care for myself let alone a baby." Standing, Noah moved to the hearth and reached for the envelope Beth had given him the other day. Pulling a photo out, he stared down at the moving picture of a girl who turned to smile at the photographer.

Taking a seat next to Alexis, he handed her the picture, "She's beautiful."
Alexis' brow furrowed, it was all rather perplexing and honestly she didn't know what to say or even how to proceed, which was just as well as neither did Noah.

"Hmm, knew about you but probably wondering why you weren't around." She didn't want to sound grim but there was something about it that just seemed off, and while Noah drove her to distraction with his antics, he was her friend and she cared about him dearly. She watched as he got up to grab something off the mantle, then moved to take a seat next to her passing over a slip of paper.

Her eyes flicked over the charmed photograph of a little girl, with golden curls.

"She certainly has you're looks, well perhaps not the curly hair" she smiled tentatively, "she is a very pretty little girl" she finally added, handing the photograph back, "so how are you going to juggle looking after her and work?"

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Noah stared at the picture, smoothing a thumb over the picture as it replayed over and over, the same shy smile repeating itself beneath the pad of his thumb, "I've asked coach to keep my home for awhile, at least until we can come up with a permanent solution. I can play any games in the United Kingdom, and Armstrong can fill in for me for any games that take us further than that. He'll enjoy the exposure." With everything Noah had done for the team and for coach, the older man hadn't taken much convincing. Though Noah would have to come up with something else if he ended up with Olive for longer.

He looked up from the picture and gazed at his friend, "I was wondering Lexi, would you come with me? On Monday? I'm gonna go and get her on Monday. Spend the weekend setting up the spare bedroom, but it would mean a lot to me if you'd come with me."
Alexis listened as he explained how he was going to handle his work, on that side of things at least it appeared he had actually really thought about things., Perhaps he wasn't as lost at sea as he thought he was or appeared.

At his question, her lips parted she wasn't sure how she felt about this still but instinctively she nodded, after all he was her friend and she was not the sort to leave someone at their hour of need, "of course, I will. I will support you know matter what, you know that."

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The chaser deflated, the air whooshing out of him as if he had been holding it in the entire time, and really, he probably had.

"Thanks, Lex." Wrapping one large arm around her, Noah gave his friend a tight squeeze, lingering a little longer than usual as he blinked back wetness. "Now how about we go down to the local pub and grab a drink?"