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Ambrose Noble, St. Mungo's Hospital

Magical ★ Undertaker
Leaning on the counter that held his potions, he looked at the body that had been brought to him...a body that wasn't in his area of know how and a body that just gave an example to his point of saying that he was just an embalmer and not a medical professional. They hadn't listened, giving him a job that was meant for an unspeakable in the Ministry instead of him. Rubbing his face he was realizing that he wasn't really...going able to pull this off.
"For merlin sake..." He said as he walked out of the main room intro his office and took out a piece of parchment.

He'd have to call an unspeakable...get the body transferred...and from there when it was returned he could get it ready to be returned to the family. Or they could do the work in his area if they needed to, he really didn't care which they chose. His owl flew out of the hospital and the wait started, Ambrose figuring they would choose to transfer it for security reasons.

The wait he chose to do in his chair...having coffee, instead of looking at the body that he didn't know what to do with.