Torin snorted at the girl again. She did not seem to be bothered by his testiness. In fact, she wanted to befriend the centaur. Torin could not see that happening, though. His kind did not befriend humans willy-nilly.

"I can see that. Your kind do learn things at your school. No human is able to understand us. We are, although we do misread the signs occasionally. Obviously. Of course we do. Your body temperature is irrelevant." The human's following remark caused the warrior to stomp one of his back feet in anger. "I did no such thing. That was merely holding a conversation."

Played By: Rune
"Yeah, holding conversation so I wouldn't be killed and eaten. If you really hated me and thought I was a threat, you would have left me." Olivia stated confidently, standing up a bit straighter to get a better look at him.

"What is it that you'd want humans to learn about your kind? Other than just staying away...what I mean in...is there anything we can do to help? Put spells up to protect the area? grow more tress and plants? Offer materials for more regular divination stuff?"

Played By: Vyreia
"I do not hate your kind. I simply distrust them." Torin replied testily, pawing at the ground again. Her words caused him to snort again. The centaur's less than friendly attitude did not seem to put the girl off in the slightest.

"Keeping to your own lands would be ideal. Your kind do not wish to help us. There are already spells in place and we excel at concealing ourselves. A gesture like that would be looked upon favorably, provided it was sincere. We are more than capable of finding our own items for divining."

Played By: Rune
Torin shifted slightly as the girl put her hands on her hips. He was still not trusting of this human. The centaur had good reason to doubt, though. Humans were not the most trustworthy creatures. It would take more than mere words to convince Torin otherwise.

"Very well. I will believe that when I see it. You may have difficulty convincing others, as your kind do not care for my kind. They see themselves as superior."

Played By: Rune
"Nope! Not me and Caid! We're pretty much losers, only we're self aware! Caid doesn't want to be a loser at all, but he kind of is. One day he won't be though!"

She grinned brightly.

"But just you wait and see. I'm gonna get all these thorn scratches patched up and then I can write to the Niffler or something. We can do spells and everything you help you out." She nodded to herself, determined before turning as if to leave, carefully lifting her leg over the branch that had tripped her in the first place.

Played By: Vyreia
"I fail to see how the loss of something makes you self-aware." Torin was not familiar with the slang that humans use. He did not see it as an important thing to learn. None of his kind did. Centaurs were proud to be a race apart.

"Very well. I doubt your success, however. Humans do little to help our kind." The warrior shifted as she made to leave. Torin would not stop the girl from leaving. Instead, he would wait until she had gone before resuming his patrol of his tribe's borders.

Played By: Rune
Olivia laughed as he misunderstood her words.

"Sure thing, Mister Centuar! Don't you worry - I'll show you how much good little human foals can do!" She called out before turning and sprinting off, grin wider than it had been. She was definitely going to write to the Niffler!

Played By: Vyreia
Torin snorted as he was called "Mister Centaur" by the girl. Of course, he hadn't bothered to tell her his name. But then again, the centaur didn't know hers, either. That didn't bother Torin, though. It was not of great importance.

"Very well, Miss Human. Not much, I imagine." He replied, shaking his head. The warrior watched her run off before resuming his patrol. Torin was certain the girl's endeavor would fail.

Played By: Rune