Olivia knew she shouldn't be here. She knew it was against school rules. But ever since coming to Hogwarts, and being immediately forbidden, she had been desperate to see why. What was so dangerous about some trees? Of course, she hadn't quite been brave enough to venture out in the middle of the night; she had waited until it was the weekend where she had more free time, and made sure to sneak off without suspicion.

She had considered telling Caid her plan, but if she really wanted to be like her favourite reporter, Kit Harper, she needed to show she was just as cool, brave, and awesome! Caid would likely try to talk her out of it. Pft! She didn't need him to tell her how dangerous it was; she already knew. But she was going to do it anyway.

Although, now that she was here, it was not so fun. Olivia wrapped her robe and scarf tightly around herself, wading through the weeds and roughage of the forest floor. In the distance, she heard a crack, a sound, and it made her halt. Eye wide, Olivia held her breath, looking in all directions for any movement.

"Um...Hello?" She spoke quietly. What would Kit do? "Hello? Uhm...anybody wanna do an interview for the school paper?"

Played By: Vyreia
As one of his tribe's warriors, Torin spent much of his time on the edge of his tribe's territory. He was rather vigilant when it came to intruders. The centaur did not trust humans, either. However, Torin's peaceful patrol was interrupted by a voice. He readied his bow and charged in the direction of the voice.

However, the centaur was not expecting to see a human foal there. Torin kept himself hidden as he watched the girl. He did not intend to reveal himself just yet.

Played By: Rune
Olivia felt like she was drowning in silence. This whole thing was incredibly scary, and she instinctively reached for the hilt of her wand, as little use as that would be. She had not long since made it into second year, and she barely knew any spells to attack or even protect herself. This was a dumb idea. Feeling hopeful, she called out again.

"Caid? Is that you? If this is a joke, it's not funny! I know I didn't tell you...is this some sort of revenge?" She snapped her eyes around, brows furrowed as she began to step back, the trees looming over her. "Emily? Tom? Charlie? If you guys are out there, just tell me. We can all laugh about it and get some pumpkin pasties!"

But she didn't really expect an answer, as much as she hoped to Merlin one of her friends would respond.

Played By: Vyreia
Torin continued to watch the girl as she called out some more. He had a feeling that the girl's shouting would soon attract potential predators. That was something the centaur could not allow, but it wasn't for the girl's benefit. Torin's tribe was more important. He decided to use the fact that the girl was now backing away to his own advantage.

The warrior leaped out of his hiding place, still holding his bow. Torin aimed to keep himself between the human foal and his tribe's territory. He also hoped the sudden appearance of a large centaur would be enough to send her running away in fear.

Played By: Rune
Olivia heard the movement of leaves, her head vaulting up to her throat, and her skin prickling with fear. The massing shadow that leaped out in front of her caused an immediate jolt of adrenaline to course through her. She jumped back, a branch hooking her ankle and causing her to plummet to the ground, a shriek leaving her lips.

She had fallen into a mass of thorns, sticking into her and drawing specks of blood. Her eyes remained wide and fearful as she looked up toward the centaur.

"Don't hurt me! I'll go! I'm sorry! Don't-" She cut herself off with a cry as one of the thorns dug itself deeper from her struggling.

Played By: Vyreia
Torin eyed the girl as she continued to move backward. However, she fell over a branch and landed in a thorny tangle. He was less than pleased with this as the human foal was still here and squealing like a stuck pig. The slightly irritated centaur slowly walked towards the girl. Torin did not intend to hurt her, though.

"I do not harm foals. I cannot say the same in regards to the thorns you have fallen into and it doesn't look like you are going anywhere." He did not like humans all that much. As a result, the warrior did not care how much the thorns hurt the girl. She ought to have paid more attention to her surroundings. Torin stared back down at the trapped human before him.

Played By: Rune
Olivia hissed at one of the thorns pressed in, and she tried to pull away. Though, of course, it wouldn't be that simple with magical brushes. She peered up at the centaur, her brows furrowed deeply, clearly unsure. As he spoke, she flinched, but tried her best to listen to the words. Was he really just going to stand there and watch her? She squeaked, attempting to reply.

Come on! She wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing!

"Do you uhm...help foals?" She asked hopefully.

Played By: Vyreia
Torin stared down at the terrified girl. He was unfazed by her hissing and squeaking. The centaur preferred that over the squealing. Torin flicked his tail as she finally plucked up the courage to ask a question. He had no reason to lie to her.

"I do help foals. However, that only applies to my own kind." Centaurs did not meddle in the affairs of humans, after all. The girl's well-being and safety was not Torin's concern.

Played By: Rune
Olivia whimpered, looking up at the large beast. Biting her lip, she looked down, carefully unpicking the thorns from her skin, her eyes watering from the stinging pain.

"Yeah well, I don't see any of my kind around here to help. You're really gonna let a human foal lay here and die out of pride? I haven't done anything wrong. Can't you just...make an exception this once?" She asked, trying to work her foot out of a vine.

Played By: Vyreia
Torin snorted in response to the whimper. Did this foolish human really think she deserved sympathy for her own blunder? She was not giving him any reason to help, either. The centaur was well-aware of his kind's pride. There was nothing wrong with showing it.

"That is because they were sensible enough to stick to their own land. If that is what the heavens have foretold, then so be it. Quite the contrary. We do not run around like common mules rescuing stray humans in our Forest." Torin replied, pawing the ground with his hoof.

Played By: Rune
"Okay, sure, maybe not but...I'm only a foal, remember? I don't know what my land is. I like all kinds. I just want to make friends - aren't your own foals curious? Still learning what the right thing to do is?"

She pursed her lips, forcing herself to sit up, wincing a bit.

"Okay, so say you don't help me...if I was like you, what advice would you give me right now?"

Played By: Vyreia
Torin was somewhat irritated at the girl's words. As far as he was concerned, youth was no excuse for ignorance. Even foals knew where their lands were. The centaur was not interested in making friends, either. Intruders were not friends.

"That is a poor excuse for ignorance. You know as well as I that you don't belong here. What you like is irrelevant. Make friends with your own kind, just as our foals make friends among our kind. They learn quickly, much faster than humans." Torin paused before answering the next question. "If you were like me, you would not be in this situation."

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Played By: Rune
"Yeah, well I don't think I belong with my own kind either!" She pouted, pulling at another thorn. "Maybe I'm just trying to learn about something other than my own kind. Is that not what you want? You want humans to understand and respect you? How are we ever going to do that if you won't even pity a child? I can barely unlock a door, let alone hurt you or any of your kind."

She pressed on a spot of her skin to try and stop the bleeding, frowning.

Played By: Vyreia
The girl's response took Torin by surprise. What human did not want to be with their own kind? That was like a mermaid wanting to walk and live on land. He let out a snort and peered at the human foal. The centaur was still reluctant to help her, despite his confusion.

"That still does not change the fact that you are an intruder here." Torin replied, staring down at the girl. "You can still learn without trespassing. I want humans to stay in their own lands. This Forest belongs to our kind. Only because the child is an intruder. That may be so, but that does not mean you are a friend to me or my kind." He pawed at the ground again.

Played By: Rune
Olivia rolled her eyes, beginning to pluck out the last of the thorns in her leg before easing her way out of the vines.

"Well maybe you're not my friend, but I would love to be yours. I don't know about your kind, but I want to. I want to understand you. I know you're supposed to be good at divination and telling the future. I know you live in the forest. But I also know that you clearly have your own thoughts and feelings - I'm not like every other person you've met. I'm cooler."

She soon began to stand up, wincing as she did.

"You know, even though you didn't really help me, I still feel thankful for you being here. Even if it was to scold me. But you stood watch over me whilst I untangled myself, and that means a lot to me."

Played By: Vyreia