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Re: [Binx Manor] Sssshhhh!

Anubis Binx Jr, The Blue Lagoon

Magical ★ Part-Time barman
Anubis stood there sipping his coffee, and rolled his eyes at the other men and their comments. "And I reckon this kitchen is more mine than either of yours, so if I want to stand around in the kitchen and drink my brew, then I think I can without anyone giving me shi--" and before he could complete that sentence, Melody came in. It was probably best Anubis chose his words carefully around the nine year old.

Played By: Binxyboo
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Re: [Binx Manor] Sssshhhh!

Cairo Binx, Aristocrat

Magical ★
Ah yes, speaking of Cairo having moved in with Shiro, he had to talk about that with the other man. He chuckled at Shiro's words, then said "well I should have known you didn't want me to move in for my excellent tea brewing skills. But on a more serious note, there is something I should tell you..."

And before Cairo could finish what he wanted to tell Shiro, Anubis responded. Cairo looked more and more irked as Anubis spoke, but before he could react or before Anubis even finished his sentence, Melody came skipping in.

Cairo grabbed Melody and propped her onto his leg while making the noises like she was heavy for him to lift. "You're getting too big these days, kid" he said, then went on to respond to her question about November. "Soon, princess, soon. In fact-.." he paused to check the time, then added " you could go and wake her up now, if you like? Because I need to talk to uncle Shiro about something".

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Re: [Binx Manor] Sssshhhh!

Shiro Takayama, Knockturn Betting Co.

Magical ★ Debt Collector
He merely chuckled, saying nothing at the joke. Something normal for him, the fact he was chuckling meant a lot in terms of him finding the man funny. He simply had his eyebrow raised as the kid talked back, in his mind the child had a point with him. He wasn't family - at least he wasn't accepting he was. Cairo however was, and had lived in this house all his life. If there was anyone in the room who had a rebuttal it would be Cairo. Watching the girl come in, he wondered what the man wanted to talk to him about...because in truth he wanted to tell Cairo something involving the home. And it had nothing to do with what he thought the man was going to ask him, him and Hiro had been talking about it a week before hand. A week before he even had an inkling something was going on.
"What is it Cairo?" He asked, taking a sip of his tea before putting the cup back down.