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Rixius Rains, Hogwarts School

Magical ★ Sixth Year • Slytherin
Location: The Great Hall • Date: January
Time of Day: Dinner Time • Weather: Cold & Snowy

Rixius was currently sitting at the Slytherin table. He wasn't feeling particularity hungry at the moment as he received an owl from his mother, which didn't give him any good news. He played with the food on his plate while he watched his younger sister sitting over on the Ravenclaw table, she was happy laughing, and taking with her friends, she had no idea what was going on at home... That their parents had split up.

Rix sighed heavily, turned his gaze back down to his plate and continued to play with his food.

Played By: Binxyboo
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Damon Ainsworth, Hogwarts School

Magical ★ Seventh Year • Ravenclaw
Food was the last thing on his mind, as he looked down at the book that he was sopped to be a master of if you went by what people thought about ravenclaw house the thing he was really concerned about was the next round of grades that was going to pop up before he was even ready. He had studied this, he had enjoyed studying why was he getting mind blocked now of all times? Running his hand through his blond hair he exhaled and breathed in at the same time.
"Bloody hell, it's like they went from 2nd year right to 7th and skipped the years inbetween." He mused, meaning more so the level volumes more than anything.

He looked around, almost afraid someone would see the 'stud' off his game when he saw the young man on Slytherin table. He blinked, looking at the girl beside him who was ingulfed in her friends.
"Love, I think your brothers wanting to speak with you." He nodded his head, towards the young man after he got her attention.

Played By: Maki