[United Kingdom] A lone bridge

As the cool wind took over the bridge lightly blowing his hair back he pulled his glasses back up on his nose, leaning more so on the thing keeping him from the water he watched the sunset as it slowly vanished from earth for yet another night. His jacket pulled from his body at the same time his hair pulled from his neck before falling back into place.

He was....happy. Right? He wasn't sad, that's for sure. He was seeing another sunset when he never thought he would. Because he never thought he'd have sight.

He realized this didn't make him look any less odd, a lone man on a bridge's sidewalk area looking at the sunset for no obvious reason. He took a breath, it exiting in a puff of white air due to the coldness. Something else that wasn't bothering him.
"A photograph will never compare to this..." He said to himself smiling.
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Played By: Maki
The air was very cool. Perhaps not bone chillingly cold, but very cool nevertheless. Marietta Edgecombe was wearing a heavy coat over her blouse and skirt, but she still regretted not wearing tights or something under the skirt. Let that be a lesson to her for being too fashion-conscious and not paying attention to the weather.

As the wind whipped up a bit, she found herself looking down at the ground instead of straight ahead. The redhead came to a bridge and scurried across it. Unfortunately, that meant she nearly bumped into a man who seemed to just be standing there staring off into the distance.

This definitely caused her to look up. "Be careful," she said, her high pitched voice said. As she looked up, she realized she knew who him. This wasn't a random muggle. It was another wizard. A classmate of her's in fact.

Played By: Pamela
Glad his glasses were on his head tighter, thanks to almost losing them a week ago when Benji bumped into him; his hand fixed the little movement they had chosen to do before looking at who had bumped into him. Instantly he recognized her, after all who wouldn't? The one girl who had messed with Potters little army. At least the army he managed, while naming it after the headmaster and letting him take the blame once it was found out. He raised an eyebrow,
"Good evening ms. Edgecombe." He said, seeing what people meant by mentioning her face.

This was the first time he was seeing her, though he wasn't about to judge.
"I'm one for being very careful," He chuckled. "If you don't go by the record Ms. Batsu was so kind to give me." He added, his mind starting to wonder why she was choosing to walk a crossed a bridge herself. Surely she wasn't as odd as him to want to see a sunset from here, though...he couldn't judge. He was here talking to her because he was doing it to begin with.

Played By: Maki
Marietta smiled back at him, disarmed by his reply. She didn't quite understand what he was referring to, but she did recognize the Batsu name. Composing herself she took a step back, noting his appearance, glasses and all.

"Sorry about that," she said. "I don't usually walk this way. But it seemed silly to apparrate so short a distance." She pointed to the other side. "What are you doing out here?"

Played By: Pamela
"That's fine, I assume a guy standing on a bridge is either an odd sight or depending on assumptions a depressing one." He chuckled, "It's also not commingly seen." He added, reasoning that normally she could just walk past without risking someone being in her way. "I think that's a great idea. Fresh air always beats smoke."

"Finally watching a sunset." The wind blew past them a bit, but he didn't flinch. A bit of wind was worth a bit of chilly weather. "I could watch it from home, but this is the best place I've found so far to see is clearly." He explained.

Played By: Maki