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At Nikita's words Nikolai gripped him by the shirt and pulled him close, amidst the squirming and dancing bodies, his face bright with excitement.

"Vhenever you allow it to!" He replied, and with that, he pressed forward, his hands on either side of the other's face. He pressed a kiss on Nikita's lips, dragging him closer. Thankfully, this place was rather dark, and nobody really seemed to be paying attention - so this faux privacy was the perfect solution for Nikolai to work towards confidence in public displays of affection.

That, and he particularly enjoyed kissing Nikita.
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No matter how many times it happened, Nika would always be surprised when a man kissed him. He was fairly sure of that, at least. Kolya leaned in for it, and Nikita's eyes darted around the dark room in a sudden panic. They were in public. They could be seen. Nika had thought Kolya would wait until they were back in the privacy of one of their flats to start this fun up.

But almost as soon as the panic entered his head, it melted away along with the rest of Nika's body. He practically melted into the kiss as he let the drug he'd taken take hold. He was feeling very good in deed. He pushed Kolya backwards, farther into the darkness. "I thought we save this fun for later?" He muttered against the other man's lips with a smile. He wasn't exactly complaining, but he hadn't expected the PDA. And it had nearly given him a heart attack.
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"Vell, ve save some for later." He smiled against him, wrapping his arms around the other man and allowing the darkness to envelop them. It felt good to let go despite the worry of stigma against them, but at least the substance he'd taken helped to banish the negative thoughts. Kyle had always been open and flamboyant about these things, even Dice despite his blurry sexuality.

Regardless, Nikolai sank deeper into the moment.

"Is good to pretend vorld does not exist vhilst in middle of it, da? People don't care, I do not care, vorld does not care."

Of course, he would not be saying as such if he was sober.
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"Da" Nika muttered, trying to nod his head without moving too far away from Kolya. Which proved to be difficult - if not impossible. Or, at least, not painless. He knocked their foreheads together in his attempt, and chuckled. "Whoops." He reached his head up to soothe the rise of Kolya's forehead where they'd collided.

He was much more relaxed now - much more prepared to let the world fade into the background. Whatever they'd taken had surely done its job well - maybe too well. He didn't right care about the couple he could see from the corner of his eyes just to their right giving them a strange look. Or the guy who'd brushed past him whose eyes bugged out a little when he'd noticed the two men together. None of them mattered, not while he was under the influence. Tomorrow - once the feeling had worn off - he'd likely not feel the same. But for now, he let himself joy the touch of another man in public for the first time in his 35 years.

"You do this often? Is nice."
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"Net, do not do it often." Nikolai responded, holding the other close and barely noticing other bodies shifting around them. "Maybe vonce before, but vas still hidden in alley some place. Not in open like zhis. But feels good."

And he was being honest. For years he had watched others be around their significant others without a problem, being allowed to kiss and comfort each other however they wished without a gawking gaze across the room. And perhaps the point wasn't that someone was looking, but more that Nikolai didn't care. At the moment, of course. Like Nikita, he would likely hide his red face in a pillow in the morning.

"Perhaps I give vone more hit before heading home, da? Might make everyzhing even better zhan already. Is hard to beat, but good times can get better."
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Nika nodded again - being sure that he was far enough away from Kolya this time that they didn't bump heads. "Da. One more." He was already feeling good. What would another hit feel like on top of what was already coursing through his system. He tried not to think too hard about Nikolai in a dark alley, touching another man. After all, it was him who'd asked in the first place. And, it wasn't like he didn't know what this was. They met up when they met up, there weren't many conversations about if they were fooling around with others. Still, even with the drug, the idea that the man he was currently touching having his hands all over someone else wasn't exactly a pleasant one. Luckily, keeping those kinds of thoughts from his mind, was easier with whatever they were on greasing the wheels. And the idea of getting home with Kolya and trying out what they'd been up to while he felt like this was a much more occupying thought.

"Here, or is too open?" he glanced around again. The couple had moved on, only to be replaced by a small group of three milling around by the wall of the large, dark room.
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Nikolai lifted his head, glancing around.

"I zhink too open. Is not fancy club and zhey do vorse zhan zhis but...is best not to risk vith law. Never know." He commented. A little time passed by for dancing and excessive touching, but eventually, Nikolai was finally feeling the urge to participate in more. He nodded his head to Nikita, gesturing for him to follow.

He led him to the bathrooms, slipping past a few men as they got to the far cubical at the end of the room, likely one with more space. Nikolai pulled the other in, smirking and locking the door behind.

"I am never so forward, I promise. But for you," He smirked. "Anyzhing."

With that, he brought out stash again.
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Nika nodded and followed Kolya without a word. It was easier to not be the one making decisions. He let himself be pulled into the bathroom cubicle, smiling as Kolya locked the door behind them.

"I like it when you are forward." He winked - winked! - and leaned in closer. Nika never winked. The substance had worked its way so deep into his system that he was actually winking at people. Well, not people. Kolya. But, still. He'd be mortified when he sobered up, but right now that wasn't what he cared about at all. Stepping in impossibly closer, till he was practically pressed up against Kolya, Nika took another small swipe of the substance and brought it to his mouth. "One more, da?" And then they'd get to the good part.
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Nikolai smirked back. He had definitely noticed the wink, and it made him even more giddy - he felt like a teenage girl with the way his heart fluttered at the action. But he shook his head at himself, pressing closer to Nikita and helping himself to the drug.

"Da. Just one more, and zhen ve go. Or stay. Vhatever you vant, however you vant. I have never done anyzhing like zhis in public place, but if does it for you..." He looked up at him, smiling a little, tugging at his jacket as though teasing himself. It really was something he had never even thought about; being gay wasn't exactly something he wanted to parade around, let alone showing any sort of affection with it!

"You tell me vhat you vant. I vill give." He spoke lowly.