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Location: The Blood Moon Inn Bar • Date: 13 February 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Light Snow

In the months since he'd moved to London, Nika had spent a lot of time in the Blood Moon Inn. It wasn't so much that he liked the bar there anymore than others. Compared to his brother's bar in Moscow, for example, it left a lot to be desired. But since he'd come here that first day with Kolya, well, the Blood Moon was one of the few places in the city Nikita felt he could just...be. He was too afraid to be open about certain parts of himself in the other parts of the city. But the people here hadn't had a problem with Kolya, and they hadn't appeared to have a problem with him. Or, rather, them together. And that is what mattered.

So after work, with Reiner out of town, Nikita had found a spot at the bar at the Blood Moon and surveyed the crowd. Tomorrow was Valentines Day. In his 34 years, Nika had never had a date on Valentine's day. That hadn't been in the cards for him. Which, now that he was older, was starting to get to him more. Instead of doing anything about it, though, Nika was content to just sit here. At the bar at the Blood Moon Inn. And drink.
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Nikolai had finally finished his shift. Thank. Merlin!

It had been a huge order, and apparently, security had to pitch in as a favour for when the warehouse workers covered some shifts over New Year. He could understand the sentiment, but it didn't make it any easier. Sure, magic would help...if only the warehouse wasn't rigged to prevent spells like that just in case someone tried to have an easy getaway with very valuable, and sometimes illegal, items.

Stepping into the main bar area of the inn, Nikolai spotted Nikita, causing his brow to raise. They'd been seeing each other a little bit, dating here and there, but mainly seeing each other at the inn to keep away from any strange prying eyes. Although, Dice could be a handful at times, though. Even so, seeing Nikita coming back time after time still got Kolya's heart fluttering a little - he had never had a man visiting so often. Not that he had anything against that.

Nikolai approached the other, smiling. "Evening, Nika. Good to see you here again." He nodded to the bartender for a drink before taking a seat next to the other. "How are you? Vhat brings you here tonight?"
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Nika looked up, startled. He hadn't expected to see Nikolai here. Maybe he'd hoped, a little. But expected? No. They'd seen each other casually for a while, but Nikita still got that little stutter in his chest every time he remembered that he was "seeing" a man. It was a little shock to his system that not only had he "seen" a man, it had happened more than once. And people knew about it. The bartender, for one. But Nika had spilled the beans to Rey a while ago.

Clearing his throat, Nika smiled "Kolya. Good to see you too. I have been well. I, um, my friend is out of town. Just looking for to keep busy tonight. And you?"
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Nikolai smiled, nodding to his words.

"I not long since finished my shirt. I was zhinking of coming for a drink anyway, but I vasn't sure. Seeing you here?" He shrugged. "Is good to me. Gives ore reason to stay around."

He glanced around the place.

"I don't know if Misha if vorking tonight...maybe, maybe not. Hopefully not as I am sure you don't vant headache from constant yapping. Like little dog, you know. He keeps saying to me 'Nik and Nik, so cute!' and I tell him no, ve are big strong men vith big strong muscles. Not cute." He laughed a little and then shook his head. He glanced around again. "Vhat are you planning? Vone drink? Two? All night?"
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Nika could feel his cheeks heating, and knew he was blushing. Man or woman, anyone showing interest in him - even someone he knew was interested - made him feel all fluttery. He tried to ground himself as he chuckled. "Right, big strong security men with the strong muscles, da." He winked, or at least tried to. "Nik and Nik is manly, not cute." Though - and he would never admit this aloud to anyone - maybe he did kind of, sort of think, just a little, that 'Nik and Nik' was cute.

"Plan was for drinking until I am not bored." He shrugged, sipping from his beer not taking his eyes off Kolya as he sucked down a gulp of the bitter beverage. "Now that you are here, maybe that is faster than previously thought." God, he was flirting. How was he still this awkward about it at his age. It was almost shameful.
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Nikolai smirked a little, giving a nod to the bartender as his drink was brought before taking a sip of it. It really did help the mood for him; what was better than some strong burn in the back of your throat to match the burn in your chest? The only thing that would make this better was a cigarette, or maybe a hit of Euphim.

"Vell...you can still drink vilst I here. Maybe is better - you can let loose vith no vorries...alzhough, I cannot promise zhat I vill be sober." He smiled a little. Being around Nika felt like a jolt of confidence. "Maybe tonight you try somezhing new vith me to cure boredom for good."
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"Letting loose is good, da?" A smile curved up Nika's face as he remembered the last time he'd "let loose" with Kolya. Hell, every time they let loose together had been a good time. Nika had been finding it easier to do that these days. "New is also good. With you is always good time." He meant it, too. "What you have in mind?"
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Nikolai smirked.

"Vell, I have friend. He gives me special access to new potions. You ever try zhat? Liquid luck vas good time, but zhere is new potion zhat gives pure euphoria. I am happy to share." He smiled, leaning in a bit. "Might make night vith me all more enjoyable, da?"
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Nikita cleared his throat, and could feel the skin on the back of his neck heat under the hand rubbing it. He'd spent more of his life working 'underground' but, almost embarrassingly, he'd never really dabbled much in potions for pleasure. Reiner, of all people, was always so straight-laced. And Nika didn't have many other friends with whom to fall down that rabbit hole. His experiences were relatively unremarkable compared to most. But the since moving to London, Nikita had been all about trying new things and experiencing things he'd never experienced before.

He glanced at Nikolai. Curious, but cautious. "All nights with you are enjoyable." He managed, "And I am all about new things these days. Da. Sounds like would it make a good time." He nodded, taking a long sip of his drink. "If you are there it will be fun. Let us give it a try, da?"
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Nikolai smirked, his eyes lighting up. He knew dice liked to enjoy these recreational potions, but sharing them with another man would be a lot of fun also. Sure, he was supposed to be on the straight and narrow now, but what Ivan didn't know won't hurt him, right? Besides, he slyly been building up his drinking again, nowhere near to the same extent, but enough to have a good time. Ivan didn't need to know about anything else he was doing.

"Come. I know a guy, not far from here. Zhen ve can go to club or back here or mine. Anyvhere you vant. Gives strong, good feelings." He spoke lowly, nodding to the other before downing his drink and placing the glass down.

He glanced to the bartender.

"Take bill out of vage." He said before taking a step to the exit.
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Nika nodded, not sure which sounded better. Nika had come here with the intention of enjoying a night out. With one of his few friends in the city out of town he thought it would be too depressing to sit at home alone after work again. But if Kolya was there, he would not be alone. And therefore, it would not be so depressing.

"Let us see how tonight goes. With you, any place would be fun." He wasn't sure how he was flirting so successfully - at least he thought it was successfully. But he wasn't going to question it too much. It would be awful to ruin a good thing such as this. "You are expert, da? You lead, I will follow." This wouldn't be the first time Nika took direction from his younger companion.

Standing from his stool at the bar, Nika followed Kolya out of the bar to adventures unknown.
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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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"Okay, da, no problem." Said Nikolai, gesturing for Nikita so follow as he lead the way out of the door. He glanced around, just making sure there wasn't anyone particularly troublesome around before pacing down the alley to a small ginnel to the side. It wasn't at all spacious, but inside was was a cloaked figure waiting.

"Nil." He greeted, stepping up to the figure. "Vant usual...double zhis time. Good stuff you have."

The man was tall and broad, silent with barely a nod. Nikolai knew him regardless due to him actually being another member of Watchdogs, but most needn't know this side job. Apparently Nil was christened with the name by Viola, and now it had just stuck. Before long, Nikolai was passing over galleons for a small tub of lilac paste.

"Spasibo." Kolya muttered, clearly now far more interested in the product he's received. He flipped the cap off, and then took a pea size amount on the tip of his finger. "You do as I show you; take on finger, push to roof of mouth. Only use more vhen it dissolves." He spoke before doing just that.
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Nika followed, feeling his nerves creep in alongside anticipation. For someone who spent the majority of his adult life working an illegal trade, the mix of emotions was almost embarrassing. Choosing to hang back while Kolya did his thing, Nika kept a close eye on what was going on. He watched the trade carefully as galleons passed from his friend to the stranger in exchange for a purplish tube.

"What does this do?" He asked, doing as instructed and pulling a small amount onto his fingertip. He inspected the purple paste slowly, pulling it to eye level and giving it a small sniff before following directions and sticking the substance onto the roof of his mouth. "You said good feelings, da?" Good feelings was so vague, Nika had no idea what to expect. He was positive his mother had taught him better than to stick unknown substances into his mouth when he was just a tot. Hell, Reiner had probably lectured him on it sometime himself. But he trusted Kolya. If the man said it would be fun, he had no real reason to doubt the other Russian.
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"Da, plenty fun. Makes everyzhing more brighter, vivid, music pumps through veins, air tastes sweet." He smirked and then leaned forward toward Nika, lowering his tone, just out of earshot to the man in the alley. "Makes night activities more intense. Is good, you vill see. But before ve jump into deep end, I vill take you to a club. Come vith me."

He nodded, gesturing for Nikolai to follow back into the Blood Moon Inn, heading straight toward the fireplace for the floo powder available. He glanced around, giving a nod to a couple of security as he entered. None would suspect anything just yet...better that Ivan didn't know at all, ever.

"Ve go to Paradox Nightclub."
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A shiver worked its way up Nika's spine as Kolya leaned in and whispered those words. He wanted very much to get to that part of the night. But he was new at this, he'd follow Kolya's lead. If the other Russian said they should go to the club first before getting to the good stuff - to the club he would go.

"Da." He nodded, rolling his shoulders back and trying to relax. But the anticipation for what to come was too great, and Nika's body felt stiff and rigid as he followed Kolya towards the fireplace. He'd never been to the nightclub himself. It wasn't exactly his scene. But tonight he'd make an exception.

The nightclub was loud. And dark. There was a mass of wriggling bodies moving in time with the beat on the dance floor, and Nika was suddenly feeling overwhelmed. They emerged from the club's fireplace floo connection and stepped out into the chaos.

"When does this ... thing. When does it start to feel good?" even though he was nearly pressed against Kolya's side he had to yell to be heard over the noise in the club.