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Sienna Denning, Young Adult

Magical ★
Location: Diagon Alley • Date: 03.01.2003

The size of a watermelon, the nurses at St. Mungos had told with such pure joy that Sienna had wanted to vomit just to see it wiped from their faces. Her baby, her child, her...daughter was the size of a watermelon which certainly explained why the young nineteen year old felt like she was about to pop at any moment. Though, being thirty-eight weeks pregnant and counting certainly didn't help. Technically she wasn't due until the 13th, but along with telling her the estimated weight and length of the child inside of her, apparently she could go any day now. Something to do with her 'underdeveloped pelvic', whatever the hell that meant. All Sienna knew was that she should be prepared to give birth at any time, and yet the girl still felt like she wasn't ready. What nineteen year old, newly graduate could be? Sure she had her fathers to help her, and the Rees, even Bowen had managed to surprise her with his willingness to be involved, but none of them was about to push something the size of her watermelon out of know. Merlin, she couldn't even say it without cringing.

She sighed, leaning back against the metal bench stationed outside Madam Malkin's. She must look like quite the sight. Heavily pregnant and obviously far too young. It certainly didn't help that the muggle parka she currently wore stretched awkwardly across her stomach. Sienna stood out like a sore thumb, and she knew it, but whenever she managed to catch someone staring too long, they quickly looked away before she was able to give them the finger. Pity. She could use a bout of outrage right about now. She could put her hormones to good use for once.

Had nobody ever seen a teen witch pregnant before? She snorted doubtfully. Sienna wasn't some rare being that people liked to pretend she was. After all, magical contraception was only as full proof as it's muggle counterpart, because apparently not even magic could do any better than abstinence.

Merlin how she wished she had abstained. Especially now as she stared down at her round belly, unable to see anything past it. She glared, but didn't prevent herself from lifting a hand and smoothing it down the top ever so gently.

A girl. Well, at least she was as educated as one could be when it came to that. How different could it be really?