Location: Ministry of Magic, The Atrium • Date: 07.02.2002
Time of Day: Mid Morning • Weather: Frost warning

Emilia hated London. Absolutely hated it. She had only visited once before and the whole place had left a sour taste in her mouth. Growing up California, Huntington Beach to be exact, had not prepared the girl for this kind of weather, not that it had prepared her much for Washington D.C weather either, but at least in Washington the snow sticks, painting the city like a winter wonderland. Here, here it barely lasted a day, leaving the ground muddy and all sorts of disgusting. It also rained too much, and Emilia had already had to magical dry off her robes twice that morning, yet no matter how dry she became, she was never able to shake off the coldness that had seeped into her bones because of it.

She really did hate London.
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"Charlotte has asked to sit next to you on the flight home," Ava said, out of nowhere as she came to a stop near the fountain. The meeting she was about to head to was on Level Five in the Department of Magical Cooperation, she had a few moments to spare however and just wanted to take in the beautiful atrium. It had always been one of her favourite places when she had been working here, and it had been quite awhile since she had been here, so she just wanted to take a moment. Something that apparently confused her assistant because Emilia had gone very still.
Emilia blinked and then got a very bad feeling. Charlotte, was Ava's daughter, and whenever the woman had to travel abroad, which wasn't too often, she always took the young girl with her. This trip had been no different, but instead of bringing the girl's nanny along with them, Emilia picked up the slack. So when she wasn't chained to Ava Darlington's hip, taking orders and murmuring names of important people into her ear, she was playing nanny which could be much worse, considering Charlotte was probably one of the sweetest eight year olds she knew. Sitting next to the girl on the flight back would have been great had Emilia actually managed to secure herself a seat on it.

"Um," She said
Craning her neck, she gazed at the Fountain of Magical Brethren just as a flock of memos flew by in an array of colors.

"She appears to be connecting with you," Ava said, and snorted. "In her way."
"Oh, good," Emilia said weakly. Charlie was a wonderful girl, shy and incredibly spoiled but a good girl nonetheless. Having Ava Darlington as your mother brought a slew of complications that Charlie had to deal with on a daily basis. "But, I mean, you know I'm not on your flight. Right?" Ava turned to look up at her with wide eyes. "I--when I bought my ticket they copied you on my itinerary. At least, they were supposed to. I told them to. I gave them your memo code."
Trying her hardest to hold onto the confidence that she usually radiated (when not in Ava Darlington's vicinity), Emilia refused to look away, "It was full," She said. "The only flight I could get was Monday."
"Yes," Emilia said, and added quickly, "but that's good, right? It means I'll get back a day earlier and I can take care of, of things before you arrive. Right?" Ava did not look one jot less outraged. "Did you really not get my itinerary?" Emilia said.
"Congresswoman Darlington, your flight was full. Completely full. I didn't think one day would make any difference." Ava opened her mouth. "I've got everything lined up for you," Emilia added quickly. "There'll be porters waiting to take your bags at the airport, and you'll get priority boarding. And the VIP Lounge. And Max will be ready and waiting to pick you up. You won't need me for anything." She tried a cajoling smile. "I even told the girl at the VIP Lounge to have decaf coffee waiting when you get there. And juice for Charlotte."
"Cranapple juice." Emilia confirmed as she felt relief flood her system. She relaxed her hand where it had been gripping the handle of her brief case in a white knuckled grip. God this woman.
"Yes, Congresswoman Darlington," Emilia said as she envisioned wrapping two slender tanned hands around the fragile pale neck in front of her. "Sorry, Congresswoman Darlington."

A audible snigger was heard from her right, "Get over yourself, Congresswoman Darlington," said a man. Emilia whipped her head around to glare at the daring fellow. She might hate Ava, but no one got to speak to her boss like that. No one. Out of her peripheral vision she watched as Ava turned and disappeared into the throng of people crowding the atrium.
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