[Hogwarts] Meet Anonymous

Location: Hogwarts Grounds • Date: Winter 2003

The thin layer of snow crunching under his feet made him shiver, the same way nails on a chalkboard did. Going out had been a mistake Al realized as he felt the tears in his eyelashes threatening to freeze his eyes shut. Despite his gloved hand frustratingly dabbing the corner of his eye, the cold winter wind was quick to, once again, make his eyes water.

He had considered ignoring the note he had found in his potions book, but his curiosity had been victorious over his reluctance to brave the cold. The anonymous note had been clear:

Meet me at the Quidditch Pitch, Thursday when dinner is served.

Holding his cloak tightly around him, Alessio waited wondering who he was meeting.
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Maybe he should have put more thought into that letter, maybe. Leaning on the wall that lead to the pitch, his mind was just coming with this realization now. He pulled the coat he had on closer to him remembering that when this young man showed up they would either go back in, should his wording be taken the wrong way; or the two would be warmed up once they started playing on the brooms he brought with him.

Seeing a figure come out of the grey wind that seemed to take over the castle grounds he smiled....but the boy didn't look like he was smiling, suddenly he was reminded of his miswording. Taking the brooms in hand he gave a small smile.
"I know this was an odd method...but I was hoping you wouldn't mind a bit of broom riding?"

Why had he done this? He'd heard the boy liked sports and with his build he figured he also did them? He also didn't know how to ask if he wanted a sports buddy, though as he stood with two brooms in his hand he figured this wasn't the right approach.

Played By: Maki
Squinting as he tried to identify the person standing before him, Al wondered if he had made a mistake. What if this was a friend of Luciana? Their relationship had ended on bad terms, perhaps she had sent someone to set his beautiful hair on fire.

Completely taken aback by the other boy's invitation, Al frowned. He recognized the other boy as being older, but wasn't even sure which house he was in. "Ravenclaw right?" Al was a bit confused both by the method the boy had used and why he had chosen him.
He nodded, not seeing anything change in the boy.
"Yes, Ravenclaw. Damon Ainsworth, 7th year." He said, making himself not so much a stranger. He didn't know this...girl. Nor was he about to put the boys hair on fire. He knew how much he fretted over his own blond locks after all.

"Your probably wondering why the odd invitation. " He set the brooms back to leaning on the wall. "I didn't know how else to do it, you seemed guarded after all." He explained. "I do realize that note was probably not the best way now that were standing here...but I swear I meant no harm."

Played By: Maki
"Guarded?" Al was a rather social person. Unless the boy was referring to the fact that he was often surrounded by his many friends which perhaps made him seem unattainable. Either way, the situation seemed to be getting stranger and stranger.

"No, not the best way." He agreed. "Makes it seem like you have ulterior motives or like you're interested in snogging me or something." Al frowned again, what if that was why the boy had asked him to the Quidditch Pitch?
He almost choked on the air at the idea of this man thinking he wanted to snog him, he was the stud of his year and could get any girl he wanted. In fact he had a date that weekend.
"No mate, not into snogging other men." He assured him. The other boy had been correct about he meant the word 'guarded', due to the fact that getting two brooms with permission was hard enough. He hadn't wanted to talk to the kid, and have all his other friends jump on board. That didn't make this any less embarrassing though.

"You can imagine my lot really aren't all into sports and all, my only motive was inviting someone to join me who was." That was why the quidditch pitch, he took the brooms back in hand. "But I can see my method has freaked you out." He added, just about done with the embarrassment.

Played By: Maki
Alessio studied the other boy. The method had definitely been strange, but he was out now and a broom was being offered to him. How could he pass the opportunity?

He extended his hand. "Give me the broom."
Damon was a beautiful piece of art for a human being, but he had a feeling the other boy was still summing him up rather than looking at his pretty blues. All the same, when the boy asked for one of the brooms he obliged him. After all he had extended the invitation, and even though it had been an awkward meeting it was still gladly on the table for the Ravenclaw.
"What's your speed record?" He asked, starting the walk into the actual pitch.

Played By: Maki
"I'm more of a stuntman than a speed fiend, but I've been timed at 150 miles per hour acceleration in 10 seconds." He puffed his chest as he placed his broom between his legs.

"Had I known we were going to fly I would have brought my new broom." He said, clearly disappointed to use an older model.
Well he had mentioned the pitch...though as he thought that, he remembered the snogging comment. For all thig guy knew he could have been a girl wanting a make out session.
"Impressive." He said, while following suit with his broom. "I've made it 170 miles per hour, but my stunt skills are lacking." He admitted.

"Well, I did mention the pitch but...I can see how it was not that obvious." His feet now on the foot steps and his broom floating in the cool air. "Want to work on speed or show me some of those stunts?" He gave the option.

Played By: Maki
Ready to counter with one of his own exploits when the boy admitted to having gone faster Al's ego was stroked when he continued and admitted stunts where not his strong suit. "Sounds like a plan," Al smiled, eager to learn how to go faster.

Once in the air he made a few quick maneuvers with the broom just to familiarize himself with it. "What's the secret to going fast?" He inquired.
It was rare for him to sit and watch anyone actually fly, take out the official games the school held. A go getter he usually was one to join in, no matte what. However he had stayed still, nodding to the boy to do a few moves - which...he had to say was pretty impressive.
'Well...it's safe to say he'll be a good flying buddy...' He merely thought as he watched the boy come to a slow.

Him and his broom soon joined once the moves were finished.
"Impressive!" His tone honest. "It's all about the angle of flight and how the wind currents are." He explained, though soon was showing after a quick 'watch.' The wind coming from the left slight for the most part he tilted more to the right, picking up speed with less pressure stopping him from doing so. He stopped mid flight.
"Or, and the easiest way, Fly with it." His broom leisurely getting closer as to not scream on the field. "Any tips for the what you just did, I mean doing a 180 isn't easy." In fact that's how he's ended up in the medical wing....

Played By: Maki
Al studied the boy's pose as well as his advice before he gave it his own quick attempt. He wasn't sure he could feel the difference, but was of the opinion that a few attempts might be required before he saw results.

"It's all about confidence. A moment of hesitation and gravity will win. You can't hesitate, your motions have to be continual." Easier said than done of course, but Alessio had never been the most explicit teacher.
"Pay attention to wind currents." He reminded, during the boys attempt which wasn't bad. "Those are the key." He added, seeing a bit of a difference...though as the boy assumed it would take a few times to fully get. He'd taken a couple years to get his best result, a result he was having trouble beating.

"Continual..." He said more so to himself, his broom taking off a moment later to attempt the one move that landed him in the medical wing a year back. The air felt weird to him as he tried not to look at he ground, the 180 a bit rough but semi successful.
"Was that...as rough as it felt?" He asked, Pausing. "Wait...I'm still on my broom?"

Played By: Maki
"Rough, but not atrocious," Al offered as an encouragement.

Still on his broom, he tried to study the wind on his face. He then positioned himself and leaned forward to accelerate. Being one with the wind did seem to enhance his acceleration.

Rumbling in his belly reminding him of the meal he was missing he paused for a few seconds. "This is all fun, but I think I'll head inside and grab something to eat before they clear the Great Hall."