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Location: Gringotts Bank • Date: December 2002

Making sure all her files were in order before she left for the holidays, Jane patiently thumbed through the pile of parchments stacked on her desk.

December was her least favorite month of the year. On top of forced holidays that put a considerable dent in her routine, clients seemed to become more and more frivolous. Apparently, the holiday spirit was supposed to extend to her office and suddenly she was expected to offer loans as generously as Santa rewarded children. The foolish thought made her snort.
He stood in the doorway silently. She seemed frozen in a meticulous stillness. Without the twitch of a single muscle, she went through a whole parchment at an impressive speed. She was quite pretty, her eyes as observant as they were blue.

After a quick knock, he waited to be invited in.

Played By: Kay
Unsettled by the knock given her empty planner, Jane frowned as she looked towards the intruder. Though she recognized the man standing in the doorway her incredulous expression did not dissipate. "Mr Rees," she did not stand from behind her desk as she did not feel that intruders deserved to be welcomed politely. "Can I redirect you towards your destination?"
Having observed her unceremonious behaviour before this moment he was not surprised by her tone. "Actually I am here to see you." He specified while taking a step towards her desk.

She remained silent and showed no signs of interest. Just as Flavia had predicted.

"I have come to seek your expertise." He reached into his cloak to take our a parchment. "This is a friend's business plan. It is an opportunity for me to invest though I think his predictions are far too ambitious. Could you look at them and perhaps tell me what you think?"

Played By: Kay
"You are not wrong, though my hope would be that my friend might be more open to listen if the weaknesses of his plan were seen by more than one person." Again he took a step towards her desk.

Played By: Kay
She stopped reading the document she had been reading. Albie had sought after her for a second opinion, hoping that she might be able to show his clueless friend's the error of his ways.

"Leave the parchment on my desk, I shall look at it later." Being a stickler for the rules never would she do so while at work.
With a gentle smile he left the parchment on her desk. From Jane's initial resistance to her approval, Flavia had predicted the exchange perfectly. Phase one of their plan was in motion.

"Thank you, Miss Hadley" he stayed in front of her desk. "I will be back in a few days to discuss the plan."

Played By: Kay