Magda raised her brows at the Anghel, wondering whether he was offering himself, or going to be setting her up with someone else. She didn't really know him or many others, but perhaps that was the best idea. Either way she just...didn't want to be alone anymore. The last time she had been kissed at midnight was, well, never. When she was with Astrid's brother, he was of course dating a beautiful rich heiress, and he had to be seen kissing her. Magda often turned away when that happened. Just this once, she wanted to be remembered and focused on.

But it was then that Egan spoke. Magdalina physically flinched at the words.

"What? Striptease? U-uhm...Burlesque? I didn't..." She had never even attended the talent show. Which meant that Petra had, as Magda, stripped in front of the majority of the entire security team. She felt herself sit down, shocked with the revelation. "I think...you was watching my sister. I can't dance."

Played By: Vyreia
“Yeah? Well you are in good company,” said Egan with a wry smile. “I can’t dance either.”

He took another sip of his beer, then said, “How do you not have a date on New Years Eve? Recent break up with a boyfriend? You are pretty enough not to have to wait long between them on a normal basis I would think.”
Magda shrugged, seating herself down within the group.

"I haven't had a boyfriend in a couple of years. It apparently distracts me from my job...but I don't know. I had a crush on someone, still do, I guess. But he's not interested anymore." She sighed, leaning back in her chair. "But I also don't just want to go for anyone. Like I know I have options but I sort of..."

She grimaced.

"See, Simon offered to kiss me, but I know that my sister really likes him, or obsesses over him. Dice offered, but uhm...it's Dice...I feel like I'm starting to see him more as a little brother. Caleb didn't seem all too fond since he doesn't want to go behind Ivan's back, I think. So here I am. I just..."

She held her head in her hands, sighing.

Played By: Vyreia
Meanwile Simon had slipped off, finding his way into the back rooms in a search for Zara. Eventually turning up at her office he pushed the door open and saw her, pulling things from the draw of her desk and putting them into a box.

Simon cleared his throat but she has already turned her head at the sound of the creaking door. Catching her eyes Simon said,

“In a hurry to leave us then?”

Taking a few hesitant steps into the room then he said, “I kind of want to say, I told you so but...” he shrugged. He of course had in fact done just that.

Eyeing her box then he said, “You serious about working for Mrs Iver?”
Zara snapped her head around to look. Was it Ivan or...no. No, it was Simon. She let her shoulders settle and then cleared her throat, turning back to continue packing. She rolled her eyes dramatically at his comment about telling her so.

"Of course I'm serious. I don't know where I want to be right now, but I know for certain that being able to let go and just...kill things is what I'm good at. I hate Iver, but I may like Astrid. Who knows. Even so, I need to be away from Hugh. He looked so disappointed in me...I wish that..." She bit her lip. "I kind of wish he wasn't the owner of this place, that he wasn't trying to have children to carry his name. but then again, then he wouldn't even be Hugh."

Played By: Vyreia
As Simon leaned up against the door frame he turned his head a bit and tried to hide a sly smirk.

He had known it all along, said it all along. She was a killer. Like him. She needed it, loved it, couldn’t be herself with out it. She wasn’t with him because she did not like that side of her, yet here she was... looking to return to it as if it were theraputic.

Then again... maybe there was another reason she wasn’t with him other than the ones she claimed....

Looking back at her then he said, “Of course he wouldn’t be Hugh. And you wouldn’t have become infatuated with him if he wasn’t. He likes to be in charge, in control, the one with the power, the upper hand... That’s the one thing I didn’t catch onto about you Zara. I thought I knew you inside and out. I thought I could read you like a book. But I made a mistake. I was too close. I took much of what you said at it’s word when I should have looked deeper. Men like Hugh can never make you happy... but that is because you are attracted to them wile despising much of what they are. It’s quite a conundrum , isn’t it?”

Speaking before she could really answer, he said, “You find yourself deeply atteacted to men in leadership positions, even when their confidence screams over blown egos. Even if they can be hard headed, bossy, controling, arrogent... you find yourself attracted to the good qualities that come along with that... but in the end those qualities you despise keep making themselves known. I don’t know if you ever loved Wesley, but you made too many excuses to keep following him and even protecting him. Nathan you hate.... hate. A strong word. Maybe you also hate yourself at times for secretly understanding why so many women find him attractive and are willing to put up with his obnoxious personality. Hugh was a good solution. He didn’t wear arrogance on his sleave. He was a little more... subtile? in his ways but... if only he wasn’t “the owner”. If only he didn’t put you in a position where it was his way or the highway regarding children... despite the fact at one time you wanted them.”

“And then there was Ivan...” Simon looked at her pointedly, then said, “That’s what really sealed the deal for me. You can’t stand him, would never date him, yet you would bang him...”

He felt confident he was quite close to the truth, if not dead on...
The more Simon spoke, the more Zara seethed. She felt herself growing angrier, gripping the edges of her desk, breathing heavily.

"Shut up." She muttered halfway through, though he continued. "Shut up." She said louder.

And then he mentioned Ivan. Without hesitation, she swiftly turned, pacing toward him and lunged forward to grip him tightly by the collar.

"Shut the fuck up! Shut up, just shut up! Shut your fucking mouth!" She yelled into his face before shoving him back harshly, eyes blazing. "You don't get to tell me what I am! You have no idea what's going on in my mind, you don't know who I am! You saw only a snippet of me, so shut your damn mouth! Is that why you're here? Just to be all high and might? Just to pretend like you knew you was right all along?"

She shoved him again.

"Are you that desperate for a fight, or are you hoping and praying that I'll hate you enough to sleep with you too!? Is that it? You just want me to take my anger out on you? Because I'm far closer to beat the daylights out of you than sleeping with you!" She screamed, her teeth gritted and nose flaring in volatile anger.

Played By: Vyreia
Simon looked back at her with an unreadable expression as she raged, barely flinching as she got in his face and shoved him. But when she had finished her rant he said slowly,

“No... actually I hadn’t thought of that tactic... I rather wish I had but... I would have been far more tactful in my approach. This would have been a bit too obvious.”

Frowning then he said, “My words are not helpful? I just don’t know how you will ever be happy in a relationship if you don’t think on them. I do know you better then almost anyone I think. I know you are unhappy alone. So unhappy you will pay for companionship.” He paused, then said, “But you didn’t pay because you couldn’t have gone out and found some random hookup at a bar, did you? It was because you could entirely control the situation. You wouldn’t have to flirt and put on an act, and then wake up next to some egotistical jerk who thought of you as a prize peice of meat to be won...”

He knew she was angery, but these new realisations about Zara were too facinating to remain silent on! ... wasn’t she interested in them too?
Zara curled her hands into fists. But her face was not just showing anger; there was a strange appearance of desperation and fear in her eyes. Nobody had analysed her like this, or delved into her thoughts or ideas. It shook her cold, and she had no other choice but to turn away hastily shoving things into her box.

"You don't know that. I don't know that. I don't need control over everything. It's just a thing I liked to do...paying for it means they keep their mouth shut with customer-service in mind. It's just easier than having to make small talk. It's not that deep."

She said it all through gritted teeth, but dare not look at him.

"What is it you want? Can't you just fuck off, already?"

Played By: Vyreia
Simon sighed, then said,

“I just wanted to give you a friendly warning... one that could probably get me in a lot of trouble if you told anyone but... those games? Mrs Ivers Rings? The games are all fixed. And if you are fine with that go for it but... I wouldn’t want to see you on the losing end of a match. If you are set up to lose you will lose. There are other jobs besides ring fighting...”
“As Dice was saying,” he said with a shrug, “Security... and under that name there are many options of course. For her Rings, for Iver hall, general, personal....”

He thought to add trainer for her security but that was what he did. And he wasn’t about to lose out to Zara....

“I just wanted to make sure you had a heads up.” He said, kicking his foot against the ground a moment before adding.

“Need help packing?”
Zara shook her head, looking around her office, pressing her fingers to her lips. Private security, huh? Just as long as she was away from Ivan. But she couldn't help the sudden wave of emotion.

"I'm really going to miss this place, you know. I almost want to take it back, but I can't, and I know it's not what's best."

Played By: Vyreia
Simon nodded and said, “Because you are a killer. You need to be free to kill. You are embracing that now...”

It just all made snese to him. He didn’t know why she was so resistant still to his words. It was really all very simple.
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