"Good." Zara scorned through gritted teeth before shoving him back and retracting her knife. She took a long breath, staying quest a moment before finally standing up to leave.

"I'm going to get my stuff together." She spoke, dragging the glass of alcohol with her. Clearly, she had some thinking to do.

Played By: Vyreia
Magda blinked at the group. They wanted her to say something interesting?! Errrrmmmm...not a lot was coming to mind.

"Uhm...I guess..." She glanced around the room, scrunching her nose for something to say. Clearly she didn't want to keep bringing up Zara, but she also didn't want to seem boring. She had kind of hoped that maybe with a few drinks, Ivan would finally give her another chance, maybe let her redeem herself as more than just a work colleague. But that idea had gone down the drain. She saw Lily and Marcus talking, flirting, doing whatever a couple did.

"I'm still looking for someone to kiss at 12am...is that interesting? Is there anyone here you'd recommend or should I go to another bar and find a random guy? But how would I even approach a guy?"

Played By: Vyreia
“Exactly the way you did just now,” said Caleb with a laugh, happy to let the Zara topic go for the moment. “No guy is going to turn you down, but trust me, you don’t need to be leaving here to find someone. Just take your pick of the room!” He said, gesturing about.
Magda stiffened a little. Pick of the room? The one she really wanted was elsewhere right now. She was a little surprised that Simon offered, but she soon shook her head at that. It felt weird - he may only want to because she looked like Petra, and then thinking about that reminded her how possessive Petra was over him. And Dice well...she had heard of his reputation. She glanced around before looking back to Caleb.

"Are you offering too?"

Played By: Vyreia
When Dice heard her question he harumphed, rolled his eyes, and said, “Well I see where this is going... Well I do have other opptions...”

He remembered Caleb commenting on how cute Magda was when she fist came to Iver Hall. So at long last his long distance wish would be fulfilled. Probably never made a serious move before because of Ivan...
Caleb’s brows jumped.


“Oh, erm...” he cough and cleared his throat. “I... would... for sure... but...” he shrugged apoligetically, his mind finally hitting an answer as he said, “Ivan is like a brother to me. I couldn’t... well you know how it is...”

All he knew was if he was kissing anyone at midnight, it would be Robin!
Simon didn’t even react as Magda over looked his and turned to Caleb. Wasn’t as if he had his heart set on the girl.

“If Dice doesn’t make the cut look around. Egan is over there across the room, oddly no new lady of the night on his arm. And then there is Hugh... You should go find him at midnight. Probably in his office. I could let you up. Bet he wouldn’t mind a kiss from a beautiful, mysterious veela at midnight. Or there is Anghel, or Ivan even, Tom....”
Magda furrowed her brow a little when Caleb turned her down. Well, it did seem like a good reason. At Simon, she pursed her lips, thinking, then glancing around. Hugh would be interesting but...maybe not if she wanted to be a good friend to Zara. It was perhaps now the same as Ivan. She sighed, then looked around again. Downing her drink, she stood up.

"Hey!" She called. "I need someone to kiss at midnight! Anyone wanna do that, er...with me?"

Played By: Vyreia
“Well now I wouldn’t kiss you if you paid me...” said Simon, getting up and walking away from the group.

Anghel looked up from where he sat at a table with Reef, Lily and Egan. Waving at Magda he said, “ you vant to be kissed? You come over here missy. We vill take care of this...”
Could anyone really blame her fro picking someone else? She scrunched her nose as Simon spoke, but she shook her head. He couldn't really expect her to want to kiss him after everything, right? Surely not. She cleared her throat, looking to the man that called her over, considering for a moment.

Eventually, she made her way over to the other group, looking over the people there. Lily seemed to offer a small smile, but clearly wasn't familiar enough for anything more.

"You'll take care of it?" She lifted a brow at them.

Played By: Vyreia
“Of course,” said the tall Romanian. “You vill not be alone come midnight...”

Looking up from his mug of beer, Egan looked at the young woman a moment with dull eyes before focusing and saying as he did,

“Do I know you?“ he blinked at her again, then said, “Wait.... you were at the talent show. You did a striptease.. or, er, burlesque show? I had a lot to drink that night. It’s a bit of a blur... I remember enjoying it, but oddly it wasn’t the highlight of the night.” He took a sip of his beer, then added, “The highlight was Viola revealing Caleb had gotten her pregnant. Now that was funny. Only I think it’s clear by now she made the whole thing up...”
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