Ivan sighed, then said, “I have talk to her one on one. And she is more tolerable then. I just...”

Ivan shook his head, then turning to Kyle he spread his arms out and said, “You tell me honest. The way she sees me, thinks of me, how much truth is there to that? Vile, chauvinistic, entitled, patronising, sex-driven, and all the rest she ever says... Ok, I can admit to being patronizing a bit but still. Be honest. She gets along better vith York and I think those vords fit him better zhen me...”

But rubbing his chin he thought, Maybe that’s because she has never actually wanted to sleep with the man...

That was definitly a win over Ciceron!!

That he could never tell him about, damn it!
Looking to Magda, Caleb said,

“He doesn’t like Ivan because back when Nathan pulled a fast one and took the Russian branch from him, it became known Ivan was loyal to Nathan over Hugh. That and when Miss Shepard got into some nasty spats with Ivan well... again... it didn’t exactly make him a favorite person of Hugh’s... But no, I don’t think you know him. And he left. But he was the one that started the fire over there with Miss Shepard a moment ago.”
Still looking confused, Simon looked at Zara and said,

“Is that... why you hated him all this time? I have to say... I am really surprised Ivan never said anything about that all this time. Didn’t even hint about it once... did he?” He said, looking from Caleb to Dice.

Caleb knodded “no”, wondering how long it would take Simon to figure it out.
“I know, weird...” said Dice, pretending to think it over wile glancing at Zara. “Never told anyone in private. Never bosted of it, despite what a show off we all know he is. And never even hinted when you two would throw a little verbal abnter about.... untill tonight... coincidentally the same night you slipped up about it. Almost like this didn’t happen a long time ago...”
And with that, Zara had had enough. She had said what she did to be as subtle as possible, but clearly, they wanted to press the issue. Without warning, she lunged forward at Dice, gripping his shoulders and shoving him to the bar top, a knife slipping out from her sleeve and now being held at his throat.

"Shut. Up." She scorned through her teeth. "Do you understand me? You shut your fucking mouth right now, all of you!"

She was seething, her eyes raging at him, the knife pressing to his skin.

Played By: Vyreia
Kyle sighed.

"Well...those are some of the more severe things she's said. Yes, sometimes patronising, but I think that has more to do with teasing her than anything else. I think she finds you irritating, perhaps annoying. You're nowhere near to the point of Iver chauvinism, so she likely doesn't find you that sexist but more...uhm...well, the situations you put yourself in make you seem a little opportunistic. I mean, it seems to me like there's a constant battle between you."

"The women in your life that you've had romantic relations with all seem to rely on you and aren't all that well-versed in how to be independent. Not really your fault. And then the men that Zara has been with have always been challenging her to work harder and take the bull by the horns; she hates the idea of being protected, so maybe she finds you entitled in being the big-strong-man. She likely feels you act entitled to her respect because you can protect people? I don't know, that's confusing."

He shrugged, taking a drag of his cigarette. Yes, there was a reason why he didn't do this often.

"I think you're more similar than you realise, even in those insults. To me, it sounds like she's yelling at your for the exact flaws she sees in herself. We already know she's extremely disappointed in herself, disgusted even, for her actions. She is very biased about men, and has shown multiple times that she has some bad stereotypes about them. She believes she deserves respect, but even more than what is expected, usually - often the reason why she blows up on people. She mocks people for the way they act and who they are, often speaking down to them for not having her history. And...well..."

He cleared his throat.

"She's...very sex-driven. She hates to admit it or show it...but she does love to oggle men. Like...a lot." He lifted a brow at Ivan. "I believe she is so cold, arrogant, aggressive, nasty, and walled-off from the men in this company because she hates being attracted to them. I don't know if you ever heard this but...she um...used to pay for it. A lot. I think when she was with Simon, it sparked it back up again after so long of shunning everything."

Kyle took a breath, and leaned forward to Ivan.

"Listen to me, Vanya. I want you and Zara to get along, to be friends, to work together. But I'm advising you not to try and seek anymore romantic connections with her. Don't have flings, don't try flirting, don't try dating. She will chew you up and spit you out just like she did to Simon, Levi, Hugh, and likely others. What happened to Felix all those years ago has broken her so hard that she is likely unable to recover without intense therapy - and we all know she will never do that. I think this is why she is quitting and wants to work for Astrid...at this point, she want to be a pawn, used to kill, so that she can get out all this tension and stress. So although at first glance I thought you two could be a good match...I no longer think that. She will have you for a time, and then she will leave you in the dust."

Played By: Vyreia
Well... at least the man was advising him against persuing anything, unlike Hera who seemed to think they should explore that more. But...

Ivan sighed and said, “I have no real romantic interest in her. Was just lust and... maybe hoping I could help her commit to feelings she did not vant to be with Hugh Cleary. I don’t habe interest in being converting a man hater. And no woman is chewing me up and spitting me out. So have no fear. But I think she is one who needs to try harder if we are ever going to get along.”

Grinding out his cigarette on the ledge and tossing it in the old can, Ivan said, “I disagree with you when it comes to women I chose. Nicole seemed lost and needed protector. But Marzia?” He smiled. “Definitly not. I needed protection from her. Hera? Maybe... but before her Nadyanka? No. Very independant. Cecile? Magda? Hardly count as almost nothing got really started with them. I do not have some pattern of going after women who are lost. Right now it would just be nice to be with one that appriciated me for who I was, did not constantly judge, was free to love... But for a wile I think I vill avoid getting into any relationships. Besides...” he said with a sly smile,

“Seems I have dated or slept with almost every woman we know so... have to wait untill new ones join our scocial circle eh?”

Pauseing then and looking thoughtfully at Kyle he said, “Do we even know anyone in a happy, commited, relationship? Where it has worked out?”
Kyle shrugged.

"Ana and Levi? Maybe Nathan and Astrid. Me and Chris. Even Wesley and Perrine were working until he died." He pursed his lips, then looked to Ivan with a smirk. "You know...you talk about wanting to be appreciated and a woman who can look after herself, likely who has something more than just charm and vivaciousness, right?"

He smiled coyly.

"Ever thought about Robin? Have you ever even considered her? I mean...you've already kissed her, so that's one hard part over with. But I think she's pretty fun and laid back, and likely won't cause any trouble for you at all."

He had a feeling he knew exactly why Ivan wouldn't want to be with her. It was still an amusing thought, though.

Played By: Vyreia
“Glover?” Ivan looked at Kyle to see if he was even remotely serious before saying, “I could easily say is because she is my subordinate. But you joke because you know she is not remotely my type at all. Let me add to list of what I want. Feminin in dress and manerisims. Robin is fine woman but... no. Not my type.”

Ivan shook his head at Kyle, then said, “You think Wesley and Perrine were happy? Had healthy, properly functioning relationship? Let me assure you they did not. I know Perrine very well. I know what went on. There was nothing healthy about them. Was not even all that happy. And you and Chris?”

Ivan smirked, then said, “Yes... perfect example. And where is he tonight? Or night of any other special occasion? Forgive me but... You have too many excuses for not bringing him around. And if you don’t think he can handle being around your general crowd then... I would say you an he are far too casual and distant at this point to judge. When you are still at point of being afraid you might scare someone off... you can not call that true, commited relationship.”
Kyle's face hardened as Ivan began to comment on his relationship. He found himself irritated, aggravated that he was suddenly being put in the spot light.

At least Chris was single when he started dating him...

"The last time I brought a guy here and introduced him, Dice rifled through all his personal belongings, practically stalked him, and kept turning up on our dates. I'd like Chris to be prepared for the sudden third wheel we'd gain." He frowned and looked away. "That and...well...he's a muggle. Even so, Chris and I are very happy."

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan’s brows jumped significantly. It wasn’t that he had anything against muggles... exactly... but... well... they were muggles!

Ok, maybe he was a little prejudice.

“I see....” he said thoughtfully. “Still doesn’t explain why you are basically spending New Years Eve with your ex, but who am I to judge? You say you are happy. Then I will believe you.”

He paused, then said curiously, “What do you even talk about with a muggle?”
Kyle blinked at him.

"Why, do you just sit and talk about magic all day with any girls you flirt with? You don't talk about hobbies or interests or even weather? It's exactly the same only they don't go to work on a broom." He rolled his eyes, stamping out his own cigarette.

"We don't have to spend every moment together. His workmates were having a dinner or something, so we made a deal to spend Christmas together, visit families in between, and then do our own thing on New Year."

He shrugged.

"Why? Are you that desperate to meet him?"

Played By: Vyreia
“I am not,” said Ivan with a shrug, “Just think is interesting when you list yourself as being example of a good relationship when you don’t introduce to friends, and apparently he vould rather keep you seperate from his friendship circle as vell. To me seeing how someone interacts with those I associate with, or are close to, is vitally important. But maybe is just me. What works for you works for you. Who am I to say.”

And maybe Kyle was embaressed he was a muggle. Ivan understood.

Taking out another cigarette Ivan noded to the door and said,

“Why don’t you go back and enjoy party. I vill be down again in a wile...”
Kyle glanced to the door too. Apparently Ivan planned to stay for another cigarette. With that, he nodded.

"Sure...and remember what I told you. Speak to Zara privately to clear the air; I don't think she really means what she said. But don't sleep with her, for Merlin's sake." He rolled his eyes and then turned away, heading back down to the party.

Played By: Vyreia
“Ok, ok,” said Dice, holding his hands up. “Not another words. You are just the most interesting thing here tonight I couldn’t help it. But ok. Lips are shut.”

He made a motion across his lips, then gently placing a finger on the blade he tried to gently push it away as he said,

“Who should we all talk about? Magda? I bet she has stories to tell... Say something interesting Magda...”
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