[The Blood Moon Inn]

It didn't take long, naturally, for the rather inconspicuous pair of Iris Thorne and Viola York to enter the inn, and they didn't exactly do it quietly. Between the two of them they had knocked back a fair amount of alcohol at the last venue, and now they were looking for entertainment. And with mischief in mind they came to the one place where they possibly could find it. If not? Well they'd make their own or sod off elsewhere. They weren't fussy.

"Now, your turn to order." said Iris looking to her vertically challenged associate in crime, Viola.
"Oh I know exactly what I want." Viola boasted, striding into the inn with confident, swaying hips and a smirk to match. She could feel eyes on her as she led the way, and if she was honest, she didn't mind it. Some were likely to know her, some likely to know of Iris too - but that didn't much matter when there was entertainment on the cards.

She stepped up to the bar top, leaning on it, alcohol fuelling her intentions as she called over Dice.

"Hey! Rogan! Two Dementor Kisses." She ordered, glancing over to Iris with pride before looking back at the Rogan. "And keep them coming; we're having a girl's night."

Played By: Vyreia
Dice looked up from the old Daily Prophet, brows raising a bit as he saw Viola with Iris Thorne of all people!

“Well now...” he said slowly, “This is different...”

Setting about making the drinks, his eyes glancing back at the women, he said, “You two... are the last people I would expect to get on well together. One of you slipped something in the other’s drink for sure.”

Looking directly at Iris as he slid his drink over to her he said, “You do realise Vi is basically the female version of me, right?”
Iris followed after Viola and joined her at the bar in leaning it against while they waited for their order to be mixed. She didn't immediately look or respond to Rogan. Instead, Iris turned so that she could look about the room. Nothing had changed. Nor had she it expected it too. Then, when she could put it off no longer she turned and looked to Rogan.

"Different perhaps but here we are out drinking together," she paused to pick up the glass that had been slid her way, "and yet, I still prefer her company over yours.

She smiled and then took a long drink of the concoction, it certainly packed a punch. She looked to Viola, "I approve."
Viola smirked at Iris' comments, even more so when she seemed to like the drink that she had picked. Good; she knew what was somewhat decent, even in a place like this. It was about time she showed off her knowledge with the amount of times she had been here over the years. She took a drink of her own, thinking for a moment. In a way, she was allies with Dice - internally, she felt like showing off for Iris and slating him, making fun of him. But...perhaps she had finally realised that to keep him as a friend and ally, she needed to show some decency. Afterall, she had betrayed him many times in the past.

"He's not so bad, Iris." She started. "A bit weird and overbearing sometimes, but he means well...most of the time. There must be a change in him; he's even started tying his hair back! And he has the best stories - some are really ridiculous but I can believe they're true regardless." She shrugged.

"Regardless, we're not exactly here for you, Dice. Have you seen Hugh around?"

Played By: Vyreia
Dice chuckled at Viola’s words about him, saying, “I mean well? Sure.... we will stick with that story.”

Handing Viola her drink then he raised a brow at her request, saying with a glance towards Iris,

“Yes... he is here. I think... You ladies here to cheer him up or something....?”
Iris gave Viola a sideways glance as she spoke rather complimentary about Rogan. Sure given what they had spoken about earlier it was to be expected but at the same time she wondered if it wasn't also the drink talking. They had after all drunk quite a lot.

She looked back to Rogan, and even she couldn't help but shrug her shoulders, not really knowing what to say. She could easily have said a cutting remark, given Rogan a back handed compliment but instead she just took a long drink.

"Cheer him up or bring him crashing down, who knows? And where is everyone else?"
“Bring me crashing down?” Said the voice of Hugh, “I always knew I could count on you in a pinch...”

Hugh stood by the back door, having only just entered and caught the tail end of he conversation. But he did not look too distressed by it.

Walking further into the room, and towards the women at the bar, Hugh gave Viola a polite nod, saying as he did, “I hear congratulations are in order. An engagment to Gavin Iver. I wish you happiness inyour choice.”

A choice she hopefully would not regret but... it wasn’t as though he worried himself over what Viola York of all people chose to do.

Looking to Iris with a half smile he said, “You have been a stranger to these parts. Why the change? Come to mock me have you?”
"Yeah yeah, happiness in my choice." She spoke back, almost refrained from mocking him, but not quite. "Not really a choice; with an offer that good, you're damn right stupid not to take it. It would be criminal not to jump on him. And once we're married, look out for my name in the headlines. I have some real good stuff coming up." She smirking, offering him a wink before taking a drink.

Played By: Vyreia
Iris glanced over to Hugh on hearing his voice, she didn't say anything at first, instead she just watched him approach them. Her mouth twitched into a smile and then she took along sip of her drink.

"Careful Hugh, anyone would think you have a big ego. My being in London has absolutely nothing to do with you. I am in the country due to my boss, and I here because I am out drinking with Viola."

She took another sip of her drink, looked at him for a moment and then said, "I can certainly mock you but what's the point? Have a drink instead."
Iris looked to Viola for a moment, eyes glittering, "you could almost say that this is an early hen party...though I am not entirely familiar with the protocol of that."

Let's face it, Iris was the last person you'd invite one too and probably the last to accept if offered.

She looked back to Hugh, "Thank you, I feel it too. Busy as usual so all is good with me. In regards to you I'd say you look a little rough around the edges."
When Iris said “hen party” Hugh looked surprised for a moment, almost thinking she meant herself but... he quickly realised she meant Viola, nodding along with this and smiling at himself in amusement. Iris would never marry...

“Fair enough statement,” said Hugh, taking his drink from Dice and raising it to his lips. “With my fiancee leaving me the night before our marriage, and now apparently her plans are to leave the company...” Hugh shook his head, then said, “I should have taken your wise advice from the begining... slept with her, got her out of my system and moved on... Instead I am left nursing my wounded pride and losing one of my best employees.... Ah... but I suppose we can’t all be as perfect as Iris Thorn.” Hugh took andother sip of his drink, then said, “You will have to teach me your secret some day.”
Viola scoffed.

"Following Iris' advice is usually the smarter option...of course, if you ever felt you needed to get me out of your system? I can keep a secret." She smirked at him, winking before making a kiss at him. She was very evidently mocking him, maybe.

Viola then turned to Dice, eyes leering at him.

"What about you? Need me out your system? Pft, who am I kidding? I'll always be in there somewhere. If only you was rich..." She sighed.

Played By: Vyreia
"No you can't, otherwise it wouldn't be much fun for me" she said dryly, she glanced over to Viola at her comment and smiled.

Looking back to Hugh, "I won't teach you anything, Hugh. Mostly, because you wouldn't make a very good student. You don't listen, or rather you do but something up here.." she lifted her hand up, extended her index finger and tapped him on the forehead. "..you seem to register it in an entirely different way or you hear only what you want to hear."

"So you've lost your secretary, lover and future wife all in one hit. You're not the sort to be morose about anything, why start now?" she lowered her hand back to the bar, and with her one wrapped round her glass she raised it and took a drink of it.