Location: Magical London • Date: December
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Wet

Evelyn Winters hadn't been seen at The Daily Prophet Headquarters in over three days. A rare event that had only happened once in the thirteen months Vivianne had been working there. Naturally everyone was in a panic, wondering what on earth had happened to their commander in chief to prevent her from terrorizing them all and rumors were beginning to fly. Had Evelyn Winters died? Had somebody finally given her what she deserved? Whatever it was, Vivianne had refused to listen and instead kept her head buried in her work.

Now it was Sunday, and Vivianne was out shopping. She had bought something for her small group of friends, Arnaud her co-worker and she had just finished paying for Kellan's gift when she spotted a necklace that screamed her sister's name. Everything about the necklace resembled Evelyn Winters and Vivianne couldn't help but stare. Should she bother buying the sister who had never wanted to know her a Christmas gift? Was it even worth it? Vivianne really didn't know but every fiber of her being begged her to buy it.

She snorted to herself. What would she do? Wrap the gift all nice and pretty and then present it to Evelyn with a smile like she wasn't acting like a complete idiot and totally overstepping. Evelyn would probably laugh in her face and then destroy the wrapped box with a flick of her wrist.

Vivianne sighed, finding herself gravitating towards the necklace with a confused look on her face. Torn, she leaned against the glass and stared down at it.
Shiro wasn't a fan of this weather, but he had things to do and he couldn't just lock himself away - He'd been doing that the past three weeks! Gifts weren't getting shopped for, food bought via house elves...who had no clue how to shop for Japanese people. That was his fault, he'd bought English born and bred house elves. The food he could deal with, but he wanted to buy his daughters and Yoru's gift personally. Feel it in his clawed hands to make sure it would fit their needs and likes. That was how he found himself in the little shop full of things his daughter would gush over, she was a typical female...and guying her a neckless or little ring was a surefire way to make her happy. He'd skip the ear-rings. He refused to get the little girls ears pierced.

As he entered officially he saw the woman, he saw the thing she was looking at but had little to no interest in it. No, his pale fingers found a pure gold kitten looking neckless. One a child wouldn't break so easily, and one that he'd love to see her wearing. His dark eyes were looking it over when he saw she was still looking but not going for it. Not really. It was as if she was contemplating it a little too much.
"The material is nice enough, the gem in it would be admired by all...anyone you'd give it to I'm sure would love it." Why was he saying this? Why did he even care? He had no idea,

And much faster than it took for him to speak...he shut up.