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Something he was not, so while everyone else was with family and shopping for gifts he was having the house elf do the shopping and letting Hiro spend time with the kids while he dove into work. That didn't mean he wasn't still going out from time to time to rest his eyes from the paperwork. As the car pulled up, he turned the headlights out and leaned back into his seat he watched as people went in and out before getting out of the car himself.

His boots hitting the ground, he fixed his long coat before entering and ordering a drink as he took off his coat revealing his silk black turtleneck. The noises taking over his ears he opened the paper he brought and leaned back crossing on leg to rest the paper on as he read down the Kanji that filled the pages.
"Interesting..." He said outloud as he read the title page, 'Young Okinawan girl missing'....something told him that was connected to Mr. Higarashi, the Oyabun for that region.

He was so focused on reading what details that were known he didn't see the people sit next to him. Not that he would have cared they were there, it was a free country.
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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!! It was finally Michelle's favourite time of the year, so that meant she was more hyper than usual and more annoying... And occasionally made the ones she lived with feel like they were living with an over grown Chihuahua.

There had been a few things annoying Michelle lately, but now it was the holidays those things seemed to subside from her mind a little. Christmas time was a good distraction. And being in a wonderful mood this evening, Michelle decided to go out and see Jaxon. However, on her way to Jax's place the little vampire had found herself in a completely different place to where she was headed....

Binxy walked into the inn with an extra little bounce in her step, and as she entered the inn she spotted a familiar face. So this was why her tracks had been changed, she sensed Shiro near by and had to annoy him.

Binxy was sitting next to Shiro in the blink of an eye, and he seemed a little distracted. She didn't like this, she wanted his attention. So to get the man's attention, Michelle leaned up and ran her tongue up Shiro's cheek, then sat back on her stool while having the biggest smile on view for him.

Played By: Binxyboo
If it was his attention she wanted...and if she didn't care what kind she got her wish. His face cool an collected her was internally livid with the person who just slobbered on him as if they were a child. The paper was sat down before his knife was on them in a warning way, he'd gained a habit of picking blade over wand since the vampire situations. That was when he saw it was Michelle and put the blade away, it re-entering the loop in his belt via a hook.
"Not smart." He simply said as he got back to his drink, looking forward.

"What do I owe this...pleasure?" He asked getting a napkin from the waiter with a soundless 'thank you' coming from his lips so he could clean his face.
"Bored with all your other toys?" He asked, sensing that people were amusement in her eyes. Honestly...whoever turned her and stopped her from maturing had made one stupid choice in the matter.
"I was on my way to see Jaxon, but I sensed you were close by and just had to come and say hello" she explained, the silly grin still plastered across her face. "I think pestering you for an hour or so would be more fun than getting.... My back scratched, if you know what I mean" she added while nudging him playfully over knowing what she meant.

Binxy leaned in a bit closer and whispered, "unless you'd like to give my back a good scratching? I'm sure Hiro wouldn't mind. In fact we could invite him to join us!?" She then clapped excitedly at the thought of that.

Played By: Binxyboo
And obviously by hello she meant annoy the living hell out of, she seemed to manage this each and every time she started in on him. He sighed, leaning back in his chair - really needing a smoke now that she was interrupting his evening. He cringed when she mentioned getting her back scratched.
"Does your culture allow such personal talk to be public or just you?" He asked curtly.

He about fell off the barstool when she pipped up about him and Hiro helping her out with the task.
"No. He's busy on a case and Michelle? I'm not into what you have." He sighed. The girl was testing his nerves. Time to try to change the subject. "How's the manor since we've cleared the trouble?" He asked.
Michelle looked like she was debating over Shiro's question at first, but she soon gave a shrug and replied "I guess it depends on the person. You might find a few people who are prudes and boring who don't like to be so open about things. But then there are people who are open books like me, and don't care and will talk about that kind of stuff so openly in public. The people who don't talk about it, are the boring people".

While making her index and middle finger walk up the side of Shiro's arm, Binxy said "I'm sure if you were a bit more open minded, you might find what I have is exactly what you want" she grinned, then let her hand lightly fall down and rest on the bar top. She was of course winding Shiro up, it was something she enjoyed to do immensely, especially when the winding up came in the form of flirting and making Shiro squirm a little.

"Things have been alright" she replied about the manor. "A bit too quiet, and boring... I kind of miss all the drama and action". She sighed lightly and gently drummed her fingers onto the bar. "Maybe we should shake things up a bit.... Make some new drama and enemies" she grinned widely at that idea, knowing full well it was bad and she'd get into trouble, she didn't care. It would still be fun and exciting in the young vampire's eyes to cause some drama.

Played By: Binxyboo
Obviously sarcasm went over her head. Lovely, she'd make him be blunt with her...which was something he didn't want to do with a member of the Binx family. Bluntness often led to being dead.
"Then I guess I'm boring." He mused. She was far too open sometimes...but in a way he had to respect that. While it wasn't appreciated most of the time it meant in some situations she'd be the most honest in a group of some people.

He moves his arm,
"I'm as open-minded as I'm going to be. Sorry for your loss in the matter." He cleared his throat and took a drink.

He chuckled, she liked possibly having a target on her back? A small smile on his face, before dropping he leaned back in his seat and raised an eyebrow.
"So let me get this straight...You want more enemies?" He inquired. "You are aware they want our heads because we helped you. There now focusing on us with their new numbers...and you want more drama?" He took a sip of his drink as he faced her, one leg crossed as he leaned further into the seat. He thanked his tiny stature for being able to do that. Any normally formed person would be falling backward.
"You want them back on you, just say the word." He mused...obviously being sarcastic. She would probably see it as a fun idea...but that crossed his mind only after saying it.

"I think it's both of our losses..." she replied, "but maybe we could both win a little if you were to say, I don't know... Let me have a nibble from you..." Her eyes slowly travelled to Shiro's neck, and they remained staring there as she spoke and imagined what his blood would taste like. "You do me a favour by giving me a snack, and I'll thank you by leaving you alone. That to me is a win win situation, don't you think?"

Eagerly, and with a little ferocity in her tone Michelle replied "I want them on me!" over the enemies. However, her tone soon calmed and was replaced with a more saddened tone as she added, "I'm just so bored! There's only so much entertainment a stinky mutt can give me, and boring human victims before I need more excitement. I need more drama and violence in my life".

Michelle probably sounded insane, but if Binxy didn't have some kind of drama and danger in her life, she wasn't happy. All her life has been filled with is violence, drama and danger. Now at this time in her life everything was kind of normal, and quiet. She didn't like it.

Played By: Binxyboo

Barbas Binx,

Barbas had been in the inn this evening, he was here to see Nicole as he knew she was working this evening and there was a few things he wanted to talk to her about.

Barbas sensed his granddaughter enter the inn, and now his attention had been split between Nicole and eavesdropping in on Michelle and Shiro's conversation. When he heard the last words exchanged between Michelle and Shiro, Barbas had to cut his conversation with Nicole short.

After excusing himself from Nicole, she went back to work as she had been on a break, and Barbas went down to the bar to butt in on Shrio and Michelle's conversation. He stood at the side of the two, then said in a low and annoyed tone to Michelle "that had better of been a joke, my dear..."
Snack? From him? No, That was not about to happen and it didn't take him long for him to be off the chair in a long fluid action thanks to the threat of it. He cleared his throat and took a drink.
"No, " And that's all he had to say about that offer... "You'll leave me alone...anyway because that's the polite and smart thing to do..." He said noting in his head man people wouldn't be...openly flirting with him after a rejection by him.

'Should have known she would turn it...' He mused in his head when his sarcasm backfired. Horribly. He wanted life to calm down, he wanted to rest or once, see his daughter more often. Not take care after case, but he had no option in that. As Ko-bun or oya-bun he was stuck in this lifestyle. For the most part he didn't mind that, he normally loved that. After the Batsu case however a break would have been great. "That was sarc-" He started before a voice boomed behind him. He sighed, wondering how fun this was going to be.
"Mr. Binx." He said his smooth voice calm but like usual to the point.
"But, Shiro, when have you ever known me to take the smart and polite route?" she asked, while a large mischievous smile appeared on her pale features. "Come on, one bite... One little taste and then I'll leave you alone forever?" she asked again, now getting off her stool and moving into his personal space again. "I promise I won't make it hurt-- Unless you want me to make it hurt? I know I always like it when it hurts".

Michelle was just about to lean in and further and playfully snap her fangs at Shiro, but stopped instantly when she heard her grandfather's voice. Binxy had been too distracted with Shiro she hadn't even sensed Barbas was there.

"A joke?" she repeated, then paused for a long moment. "Maybe?" she added, not sounding too sure about her response. With an innocent little smile on her face, and a shrug she added "does it really matter, though? I didn't mean for the whole family to get back into any drama. I just meant me".

Played By: Binxyboo

Barbas Binx,

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"Mr. Takayama" he replied back in the same manner, then glared annoyed at Michelle as she replied. All Barbas wanted to do was smack some sense into her, but he couldn't. Not only were they in a room full of people. but Barbas didn't like raising his hand to the women of the family... Even if they did deserve it.

He looked back to Shiro and gave him a look as if to say 'please help me, for fuck sakes'. He needed help talking this stupid girl out of getting herself into any new messes. If history was anything to go off, Barbas knew with what Michelle had said even without Shiro throwing some drama back in her direction, she'd go off and find her own.
"I dare say one bite will only get you a ticket into seeing in our world, and I mean that as friendly as I can say it." He said calmly enough for what was coming out of his mouth. As much as he feared the wrath of Barbas...he also knew he had the responsibility to keep it known he was to be respected - not someone's lunch.

His black eyes caught the older mans for a second, as he was once again called on to help in a situation that was being placed on him. Normally this would be annoying to him. He'd walk away. While he was annoyed with it...he respect Barbas enough to not walk away from it. The man had helped him and likewise he would help him. Or try to with his lack of social understanding included.
"Michelle, I spent two nights ago with my car wrapped around a tree because of said 'drama'. I dare say, if you want drama...keeping it to gossip with Prue and not going toward vampires of the Chinese sort that is once again gaining numbers...luckily with only my organization in their sights this time around isn't a good idea. Keep out of our business." He paused. "Or...did I find Prue again for nothing? I mean I could re-locate her again just be safe about things..." He added. hoping that would get her attention.
"Seeing our world?" she repeated curiously, "what do you mean?" She continued to eye his neck up like he was her next meal, and added "I'm surer whatever that means I probably won't care anyway."

On the mention of Prudence being re-located, Michelle couldn't help it and she hissed at Shiro. "Prue is going nowhere...."

Played By: Binxyboo

Barbas Binx,

When Michelle hissed and said to Shiro Prue wasn't going anywhere, Barbas put his hand on her chest, just below her neck and pushed her back away from Shiro as she had started to get a bit menacing. "Then perhaps think before you speak, child. If you start getting caught back up in that drama, you're just going to bring it to our door, where Prudence is, and she'll have to leave".