[Hogwarts] Turn it to rain

When they'd received the floo call from Professor McGonagall requesting that he and his husband were to visit the school to discuss a situation concerning their eldest daughter, Lucas' stomach had fallen. He was certain he would never get used to the fear that accompanied being a father.

They'd spent the first ten minutes trying to decide what to do about Nora, who was already tucked into bed. Ben had insisted that Lucas stay with her, and whilst he understood the reasons behind it - that Nora would undoubtedly seek Lucas out before Ben, that Sienna was more comfortable with Ben than she was Luc - it didn't change the fact that Sienna was his too. Following a late night floo-call to his parents, Katherine Stokes was in the living room of their home within a matter of minutes, handing both Lucas and Benjamin their cloaks and then disappearing upstairs to check on her granddaughter.

Lucas looked at Ben, whose knuckles were white, and then took his hand. Whatever faced them when they arrived at Hogwarts, they would face it together. Lucas swallowed, threw a handful of floo powder into the fire and then stepped into it, and out into the Headmistress' office.

Played By: Cat
Glasses on the tip of her nose, the Headmistress was reading the slew of owls she had received during the day. Overcautious parents, concerned Ministry Officials, opulent Board Members; everyone seemed to think their grievances should be heard by the busy Headmistress.

Before she knew it an hour had passed and the sound coming from her fireplace announced the guests she had been expecting. Minerva pushed her glasses up and stood. "Please sit," she invited the two fathers hoping she would be able to talk to them before they bought in their daughter.