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Katharine had made peace with the fact that her mother never turned up for Hogsmeade weekends, even when she promised she would. She barely even noticed it anymore; it was more a surprise when she actually turned up.

That was why the young Slytherin girl had gone to Hogsmeade that weekend, believing that she would do a little bit of Christmas shopping, maybe have a snowball fight with her friends and then go for lunch and a butterbeer.

It didn't bother her anymore. Honest.

Alicia had gone inside the Magical Neep to stock up on some of her favourite drinks and Katharine wasn't much bothered about going inside. She was rather enjoying the freedom of being outside; OWLs were stressing her out, and she often felt like she wasn't taking full advantage of her weekends because she was too busy studying. She had told Alicia she would wait for her, so she was now stood against the shop window, kicking the snow with the toe of her boots.

Played By: Cat
Fully aware of her sister's unreliability Emerson had taken it upon herself to spend a weekend with her goddaughter and organize a visit to meet with her other goddaughter. The oldest Costa sister had tried to convince their mother to join them, she had even bought a train ticket for her, but she had rightfully not carried much hope of her sister showing up.

Holding her niece's hand Emerson walked through the quaint streets of Hogsmeade, looking at the overexcited students trying to locate Kat. Eventually, she located a slim silhouette wearing Emerson's own house colors. "Look who it is." Before she could even point towards Katharine, her young niece was already running towards her sister.

Played By: Kay
Kat felt her sister's arms wrapped tightly around her, followed by her familiar scent, before she realised who it was that was attacking her. She pushed her sister away to hold her at arm's length, to check it was definitely her. When she realised that it was indeed her little sister, she couldn't help but feel the excitement build in her chest, realising that it must mean her mother was here.

She looked up to see the woman accompanying Mariya, only to realise that it wasn't Matilde, but rather Emerson. Her grin widened. "Aunt Em! What are you doing here?"

Played By: Cat
"Paying a visit to our favorite Slytherin of course." The aunt beamed as she joined her nieces' hug. "You must be taller than Al, now." She pulled away slightly, to evaluate her own statement. The thought of Alessio pouting as he realized his cousin was taller than him made her smile.

"Taller and more intelligent," chirped Mariya who was merely repeating a sentence she had heard her mother say before. Matilde was of a competitive nature, while she did not invest much time in her daughters' progress she did expect them to outperform Emerson's son in every field.

Played By: Kay
Kat took her little sister's chin in her hand and squidged her face together. "It won't be long before this little one is our favourite Slytherin," she chuckled. Not that she really believed Mariya was destined for Slytherin house. Letting go of her sister, Kat twirled and then curtsied, showing off her height for her aunt to see. "I actually haven't seen him today," she commented, glancing around as if her cousin would suddenly appear. She threw her arm across Mariya's shoulders. "Don't let Al hear you, you'll no longer be in his good books." She leant in and stage whispered, "but it's true."

She glanced towards the shop, where through the window, she could see Alicia beginning to check out. "I was just waiting for Alicia, but perhaps we can all go for a hot chocolate?" Kat smiled, thinking of the steaming cup of liquid pressed between her hands. They were so cold, they felt like ice cubes.

Played By: Cat
Her nieces were not wrong, In many regards, Katharine was sharper than Alessio, but Emerson would abstain from commenting. She loved her sons to death but was not one of those parents who are blind to their children's shortcomings. Alessio was not dead from the neck up, but he had not inherited the Costa cleverness either. "No, he stayed at the castle. He has to work on a transfiguration essay." Case and point. The boys might have been away at school, but if Emerson said they were not to attend a Hogsmeade trip to focus on their school work the boys listened. Or so Emerson thought.

A single look into Mariya's big expectant eyes and Emerson knew she would soon be having a cup of hot chocolate. "As soon as Alicia is ready." The aunt agreed, happy to be able to spoil her nieces.

She moved closer to Katharine. "Do you need anything else, love? A winter hat?" Emerson took the time to inspect her oldest niece trying to guess her every need.

Played By: Kay
Kat high-fived her sister as Emerson agreed to the hot chocolate and glanced in through the window of the shop. Alicia was walking towards them. Her friend shot her a sheepish grin when she realised they had been joined by Kat's aunt and younger sister. "Hey, since you have company, Alex asked-" Recognising straight away what it was that her friend was going to say, the Slytherin waved her hand.

"Go and see your boyfriend," she replied, rolling her eyes good-naturedly. Alicia quickly hugged her and ran off in the direction of the Three Broomsticks. "Looks like it's just us," she added to Mariya, throwing her arm over her shoulder, to which the young girl replied with a grin and an excited squeal. She began to lead them in the direction of her favourite hot chocolate spot.

She loved her aunt dearly, but if there was one thing that Kat would absolutely not accept, it was charity. She understood, somewhere in the back of her mind that her aunt being family meant that it was perfectly acceptable to admit she might need something, whether it be help about something, or material goods, but Kat was too pride. One of her greatest weaknesses, though she would reject the idea if anyone were to suggest it. "I don't need anything," she replied, forcing a bright smile.

Played By: Cat
"It was lovely to see you, Alicia." She chuckled as the girl ran off to spend time with her boyfriend.

All too familiar with the Costa pride, Emerson did not push the topic, but she did take a mental note to add a winter hat to her niece's already impressive Christmas stocking. "I will be at King's Cross to pick you and the boys for the start of your Christmas Holidays," Emerson explained as they walked towards the Three Broomsticks. "Your mum is not sure if she will be able to take time off." Emerson smiled apologetically, mostly because she wasn't being completely truthful. She had not consulted her sister regarding her holiday plans, Emerson had simply concocted the plan on her own, hoping that her niece's mother would make an appearance at some point during the holidays.

Played By: Kay
"I'm sure she's tried her hardest," Kat replied, brightly enough so that Mariya would feel better about it, but with an eye roll to let her aunt know exactly what she thought of her mother and her absence. "So are we spending Christmas with Emily?" she wondered aloud. She knew the pair were getting closer, despite Alessio's disgust.

As Kat pushed open the door to the cafe, the strong smell of cakes and hot chocolate met her. There was a spot left close to the fire, and the young girl rushed quickly to it to save the seats for her aunt and younger sister.

Played By: Cat
"I hope so," Emerson and Emily hadn't quite decided where they would spend the holidays, but they had both expressed wanting to be together. Knowing that her sons, especially Alessio would put up a fight, Emerson had been reluctant to agree to the options presented by the blonde.

"Anyone opposed to having a mountain of whip cream on their hot chocolate?" Emerson asked as she approached their table with cups of hot cocoa that contained a ridiculous amount of sweet sugary toppings.

Played By: Kay
Kat grinned as she saw the drinks presented to them by her aunt. She couldn't lie; there was something special about a warm fire, a hot chocolate and being with the people she cared about. Not that she would ever admit that to her friends. "That looks so good," she replied eagerly, happily accepting the drink from Emerson.

Kat was still feeling a little wary about Emily. She'd met her only a handful of time for a short period of time - Mariya had spent more time with her than she had - and she had seemed lovely in that time. Yet, having known and loved Julian, Kat was cautious about getting overly attached to someone who might be gone soon. She wanted to like Emily, despite Alessio's feelings towards her, but she was struggling with losing her Uncle from her life. She hadn't yet expressed that to Emerson. "So, Professor McGonagall says I'm likely to get an Outstanding in my Charms OWL."

Played By: Cat
Used to resistance whenever Emily was mentioned, Emerson was relieved to see her niece be so receptive.

The aunt grinned from ear to ear. "I am so proud of you," she gloated. "What about potions?" Emerson remembered her sister struggling with the subject when she had reached her OWL year. Severus Snape had seen through Matilde modus operandi. For so long she had gotten away with putting as little effort as she could to reach great results, that she had truly struggled when finally a professor had decided to challenger her. "You know your mother will ask."

Played By: Kay
Katharine shrugged. Her Potions grade was not particularly wonderful, and the young Slytherin was somewhat hoping she would be able to drag it up before her mother became motherly enough to ask. "I'm not enjoying Potions as much," she admitted. "I should pass, but it'll be nothing astonishing." Kat doubted she would carry on to NEWT Level. That didn't phase her, although she knew the subject would come in handy for a variety of jobs, and as she wasn't entirely sure where her future was headed, it was a little frustrating to know that she couldn't take Potions as a back-up option. "How's the office at the moment? Are you still working yourself to death?" The little witch raised her eyebrow at her aunt over her steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Played By: Cat
Busy trying to make his girlfriend laugh Alessio had not noticed his mother sitting amongst the busy establishment. In fact, he noticed his youngest cousin first, for a moment he thought he had been imagining things, but when the young girl chuckled as she wiped off whip cream from her nose the young boy snatched a menu from one of his friends and his behind it. If his little cousin was here, it meant his mother was likely here as well.

"Oh dragon dung," he mumbled as he melted on his seat. His mother was right there! Her last owl had been clear. Al was not to attend another Hogsmead outing until deemed his academic standing passable. Seeing only one way to escape the situation Alessio discreetly tried to catch Kat's attention.