Hera nodded in response.

"I...have to admit that I'm in the same boat. The twins are a big priority in my life, obviously, and then my business, and other than that, I've been spending time with you. I suppose if there was anything out of the ordinary, I did go to the wedding of Zara and Hugh...well...I would have done had they not split up the night before. I don't blame them, but that was a lot of fast organisation to be there, only for it to be a waste."

She pressed her lips together.

"That sounded selfish. I don't mean to be...I think I've been to a few weddings that ended before or immediately after; Zara and Hugh...Ciceron and Marzia. Heck, even Zara and Levi." She rolled her eyes. "But thankfully, I'm finally fitting into a routine somewhat normal. I should fly more, as that's a passion of mine, but I'm quite happy with my situation."

Played By: Vyreia
Kristoph took a sip of his drink, letting the flavours roll of his tongue before swallowing. He liked his lips and looked to Hera, "very nice, very smooth." That was something to remember.

He couldn't help but look surprised at what Hera said, "The Cleary's certainly attract..." he paused for a moment trying to find a diplomatic word but soon settled on "drama."

It was a wonder they got any business done.

"I understand what you mean though, and yes, I'd agree it would be quite a waste to end a wedding before it even begun. Well, perhaps in regards to your passion maybe that's one we could both partake in, I do enjoy flying myself, so that's something we could try, if you fancied it. Of course, if it's something you prefer as a solo activity I would quite understand."