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Location: Madam Puddlefoot's Tearoom • Date: Saturday 9th November 2002


"Dammit..." muttered someone sounding decidedly miffed.

The tapping continued, there was no rhythm to it nor any pattern. It came sporadically. something that the person causing the tapping would say matched their state of mind.

They let out a sigh, lowered their self-filling pen down upon the table in front of her that was beginning to get littered with bits of paper and stared at a point across the room at Madam Puddlefoot's. Their eyes fixed their gaze on what could be considered a creepy looking cat plate, but they weren't really looking at it. Nor were they really looking at the other occupants of the tearoom, there were people on their own, but they were outnumbered by familes, and couple of Hogwarts students mostly girls sharing cakes, giggling and drinking tea.

The person staring into space blinked and was shook from their thoughts when the proprietor of the tearoom asked if she would like a top up.

"..hmm..yes, yes that would be lovely..." there was a brief pause before it was followed up by, "another slice of flapjack please."

Alexis smiled a little and watched the lady shuffle off leaving her once more to her thoughts.
"Another slice of flapjack?" A voice sounded from above the blonde woman sitting at the table. Hands buried in his pockets, Noah grinned down at his friend, not moving to pull out the chair opposite Alexis so that he could take a seat. "How many have you had already? No wait, let me guess; three right?" Alexis did have a rather big sweet tooth, something Noah always enjoyed teasing her about.

"You know, when you said that we should meet for breakfast, I didn't think the first time I would see you in nearly two months mean saving you from drowning in a mountain of paperwork." Noah reached for a piece of paper nearest him and lifted it to read. "What's this? A list of all the reasons why you should agree to go out for dinner with me?"
Alexis hadn't fully reverted back to her own little world when the questioning voice asked about flapjacks. She recognised the voice, and then the questioning gaze as she looked up to meet Noah's gaze.

She wondered how he came to be in Hogsmeade, but she didn't aske about that as he was then guessing about how much she had eaten, "firstly, morning and secondly, I think it's only my second slice." She couldn't remember it was probably was her third but she wasn't about to admit that.

Her wonder at him being there was answered when he mentioned meeting for breakfast. Oh, Merlin she had forgotten. But she acted quickly to get over her forgetfulness to focus on the paperwork that he pointed out. She leaned forward and began to sweep it up.

"Just doing my lists for you know the weekly shop, existential crisis planning, Christmas shopping, you know the usual." She reached out a hand to take the slip he had picked up, and then gestured for him to sit down, rather than loom over her.
Noah's face light up as he took a seat, "Christmas shopping? Is my name on there by any chance? I like ties and succulents but you already know that so...surprise me."

A server neared their table and Noah waved them down to order a cup of tea and a bowl of fruit. He tipped her a sickle before turning back to his friend, "Speaking of Christmas, are you working from the 24th to the 27th?"
Alexis just raised an eyebrow and shook her head slightly. Whether or not he was on her shopping list he'd just have to wait and see.

"Uhm, not that I know. I might be on call to help with another department but no real plans per say. It's the usual Christmas with Reg. Traditions and all that. Why you asking?"
The taller chaser grinned, "Well, I have been gifted a holiday for two by a fan of the Wimbourne Wasps and I thought you might like to come with me. Get away, relax and such. Obviously there is no pressure, but I wanted to ask you before I asked someone else."

She really should have guessed that it was to go somewhere, how could she be that slow on the uptake?

"Sorry, Noah that's incredibly rude response, that's very sweet of you to ask me but would you give me a day to just see what's occurring family wise?" she asked, looking and feeling a tad sheepish. Noah was so awfully sweet to say no was like hitting a puppy.

"I'm not being the best of company today, sorry." she apologised again for the second time in quick succession.

"Where is it to?" she asked.
Noah tilted his head and smiled. Her liked Alexis, a lot, and if the woman had ever shown any interest him, he probably would have pursued her past a friendship, but he also respected her so very much and if a friendship was all Alexis was willing to give, Noah would take it.

"The Maldives," He answered. "But like I said, no pressure. I don't want you to feel obligated or anything. If you have some tradition with Regulus, I don't want to get in the way. I haven't celebrated with my folks for a few years now and Nola is always busy so..." Noah shrugged, not wanting to make Alexis feel bad, but wanting to be honest about his situation and intent.