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Location: St Mungo's, Staff Lounge • Date: Mid August 2002

It had been strange to put the familiar healer's robes back on after so long, but Elaine had soon slipped into a routine, having returned to St Mungo's. Shadowing the Head of Paediatrics was an honour; he was someone whose journals Elaine had followed for years, even whilst being back home. Elaine was disappointed he was retiring from the medical profession, despite it meaning there was a potential new job for her. She was loving working with Healer Lato, although the competition for the job was seriously driving her crazy. She was managing to hide it well.

Now, back in the healer's lounge, she was pouring herself a cup of coffee. She had just finished a night shift and they'd lost a patient to an incurable magical disease, so it had been a stressful one. The coffee was very much needed.

Played By: Cat
Raegan never made it a habit to visit the Staff Lounge, but after spending eleven hours in a surgery and finding herself in need of a good cup of coffee, something her own office set up couldn't provide, the Chief of Staff made a detour on her way back from the surgical wing. The halls were nearly empty, with a stray employee crossing her path every now and then, but unlike a muggle hospital, St. Mungos wasn't nearly as busy past the witching hour.

She half expected the lounge to be empty when she pushed the door open, and had originally thought it was until her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. A figure stood to the left of the room, a cup of coffee in one hand. Raegan had to squint to make them out, but after a moment she recognized the other occupant.


Turning away from Elaine, she pulled a cup from the cupboard above the sink and went about preparing herself a bitter coffee.

"How has you first week been?" She inquired after a moment.

Played By: Alatariel
In her sleep-deprived state, Elaine didn't even hear the woman enter the room. It was only when she appeared in her peripheral that Elaine realised she was not alone. Hands cupped around her mug to take in the warmth - because she was always cold after a night shift - she moved out of Sadler's way so that she could make her own coffee, and sat down in one of the worn but comfy chairs.

Elaine looked up from staring into her coffee to look at Sadler. Most people had something to say about the woman; they all agreed that she was good at her job, but that there was some sort of mystery surrounding her. Many of the interns were terrified of her. Elaine hadn't quite formed a judgement, but she was certain that the other woman wasn't half as bad as the others made out - as long as you got to know her.

"I'm learning so much from Healer Lato," she replied, beaming. "He really is a master of his craft." The one thing that set her apart from the other applicant was her willingness to learn, but be certain and firm in the decisions she did make; the other guy refused to listen to advice from anybody else - not that she would say this to Raegan.

Elaine's face suddenly darkened. "We lost a child in the early hours of this morning," she informed Sadler. "That's been the hardest bit - readjusting to telling parents awful news. It's been a while since I've done that." Realising she was probably talking too much, Elaine paused to take a sip of her coffee.

Played By: Cat
Healer Lato was a forgetful old man who, had Raegan been around, would have been forced to retire years ago. He was a danger to his patients and had been one of the first things on her list that needed to be changed when she was appointed Chief of Staff. Of course, Raegan didn't tell Elaine this. She had probably heard enough to gather that assumption herself, and she wasn't exactly wrong. Lato was a master in healing, or at least he had been.

Ten years ago.

He had however been the obvious choice to train his replacement and nobody knew there way around the ward like that man. So with the agreement that he be closely watched, Raegan had let him pretend like his last month here was personal choice. That his retirement was a decision he had made, rather than one Raegan had forced upon him.

The Chief of Staff made a small noise of understanding in the back of her throat as she turned and leaned against the counter, the cool granite pressing against her lower back as she cupped her cup of coffee, "It never gets easier. We just get better at doing it. You'll come to relearn it in no time I am sure."

She took a sip of her coffee, "How did Healer Deschamps deal with the loss?" Raegan watched Elaine closely to see how the woman would react physically to the question about her competition.

Played By: Alatariel
Elaine pursed her lips, reluctant to answer Sadler's question. Whilst Elaine may have taken the loss slightly personally initially, she was able to accept that it had not been their fault, yet they had done everything they could, and allowed the child to die with dignity and compassion. She pictured the way Healer Deschamps had towered over her only a couple of hours ago, blaming Elaine for the loss of their patient. Elaine had not seen the rage of a man like that in a very long time, but she refused to be threatened. She refused to give him any ammunition to bad mouth her to Sadler, but she couldn't help but squirm uncomfortably. A man like that should not be around vulnerable patients.

"Not very well," she responded diplomatically. "Perhaps you should find out if he's alright." Then she wondered whether she was wrong to suggest that. It wasn't that she didn't think Sadler was capable of dealing with Deschamps, but rather that a strange wave of protectiveness overcame her at the thought of him towering over Sadler as he had her. Bile rose in the back of her throat at the thought.

Played By: Cat
Making a small gagging noise at the back of throat for exactly two reason; one because Raegan Sadler was definitely not one to check up on her employees when they were supposed to be doing a task asked of nearly everyone, and secondly because the parasite in her stomach had taken it upon itself to wreck havoc inside her. She went a little green and clutched her coffee cup tightly.

"I am positive that Deschamp will seek me out if he finds himself not up to the job. It would be better that he come to me rather than I go to him," She pursed her lips and waved slightly shaky hand in the air, "Male egos and such."

Played By: Alatariel
Biting her lip, Elaine was unsure if she should press the issue further. Deschamps should be spoken to and dealt with, but she didn't want Sadler to feel that she was questioning the authority of her decisions. After a moment's hesitation, she decided against it.

"Are you alright?" she asked instead, ignoring Sadler's words about the male ego. Far be it from her to comment on that. "You look a little unwell."

Played By: Cat
Raegan scowled across at Elaine but had to swallow back bile that was slowly making it's way up her body. She was three months pregnant, just past the first trimester and apparently everything was supposed to start settling down from here on out. No more morning sickness that showed up anytime except the morning. Like right now.

"I'm fine," She snapped but immediately regretted opening her mouth when vomit pooled into her mouth. Raegan slapped a hand across her mouth and couldn't help the whimper that came with it. Oh God.

Without even looking at Howell, Raegan whirled around and pushed open the staff room bathroom as she hurried inside, trying very hard to hold everything in until she went down on her knees in front of the toilet bowl.

Played By: Alatariel