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Location: Iver Hall, Library • Date: 18th October

Viola stood at the window, looking out at the gardens of Iver Hall. She soon wouldn't be living here - she would go to live with Gavin, though she had a feeling Nathan would clutch onto her until she was officially married. After that, this would not be her home.

In some respects, it was good; it meant she would no longer be in any kind of fear of Astrid, her actions wouldn't be monitored so closely, and she would have somewhat relaxed freedom. But on the other hand...this was where she was valued most. Iver Hall had the most security, the most amenities, the most links and contacts. Nathan lived here, Ciceron, some security, now Dice, and Petra was located here too.

Glancing up, Viola looked straight into the full moon. On some nights, she wondered what it would be like to be a werewolf; just to break free of all restraints, take out anger on victims, be practically unstoppable. She really would have a reason for lashing out then, and likely wouldn't be chided for instincts taking over. But as she looked up at the moon, bathing in it's reflective light, she was all the more reminded that every action she had would have a swift consequence.
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Ciceron stepped into the library, a paper hand-sized bag in hand. Without a word, after seeing Viola at the window, he made his way to a table to the side of a bookshelf, and dropped the bag down. The impact caused it to open up, a few Cockroach Clusters spilling out onto the wood top. Ciceron looked up at her, blinking before taking a seat.

"You're eating nothing but salad. We have a full kitchen available with trained chefs, and you eat nothing but limp leaves. If this is to fit into a wedding dress, you have it the wrong way around - buy the dress to fit you, don't change yourself to fit the dress." He seated himself. "Why do you want to lose weight anyway? You're healthy enough as it is..."

He shoved the bag of sweets toward her, lifting a brow.
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Viola turned as Ciceron spoke, pressing her lips together and rolling her eyes. She continued to remain silent, stepping back from the window and lifting her wand, flicking it slightly with a low incantation, causing the curtains to draw closed. She remember scathing Hera for using charms for such basic things, but now Viola used them on a daily basis for the most mundane of tasks. Her excuse this time was that the curtain rails were too high and she didn't want to damage the velvet material...more accurately, it was that she didn't particularly feel like exerting herself in any way possible.

Turning fully, Viola stepped toward the table, looking down at the Cockroach Clusters.

"Sooo...instead of a hearty meal, you bring me this crap?"
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Ciceron scoffed. "Don't be that way. You and I both know you used to secretly eat some when you was a kid." He chuckled, leaning back in his chair and unfastening his jacket and cuffs. He was officially out of work, and would likely spend the night here doing some additional research into the histories of families; it was time for the Ivers to figure out who to make key allies with.

"You used to gobble them them handfuls at a time." He commented laxly.
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Viola grit her teeth, whipping her wand to the side, causing the bag of sweets to fly across the room and hit an opposing wall, smashing some of them into pieces.

"That was when I still thought they were peanuts, and not real cockroaches! They're disgusting! And I swear if you ever tell anyone I used to like them, I'll-"
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"You'll what? Tell your future husband on me? Tell Nathan? Beat me up yourself?" Ciceron interrupted, crossing his legs at the knee under the table. He held a hand up, signalling for her not to talk, and looked at her carefully.

"Sit down, Vi." He insisted, gesturing to the opposite seat. "You need to learn how to calm down. You won't get far if you keep exploding on people for the tiniest things. You have to understand, Vi...you're entering into a higher level of society now. Both of us are; we're both marrying Ivers - this is one of the biggest alliance between families there has ever been. New money and old money. And to top it off, as much as you hate her, Astrid is opening a new bridge to societies in Scandinavia, and we're now a part of it. You're already leagues ahead of Hera at this point...so you have to sort this shit out and stop acting entitled."
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Viola paused, considering just storming out, but was it really worth it over some dumb sweets? She looked at the pile of Cockroach Clusters, shattered in a pile on the floor. She would need to get someone to clean that up, but if just to spite Nathan, she would maybe just leave it to really get the smell going in here.

Steadily, Viola sat down, her eyes leveling with her cousin.

"Why did you ask me to meet you here? Just to lecture me? Don't tell me you're gonna whip out your Tarot Cards."
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Ciceron lifted a brow significantly.

"No..." He said, moving his hand away from his pocket where his deck was tucked away. There goes that idea. "I was actually...going to try and read your dreams..."

He saw her about to open her mouth to speak, but he soon lifted his hand to stop her.

"Tell me what you recently dreamed about."
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Viola pursed her lips, crossing her arms and scrunching her nose.

"Seriously? You're gonna try this shit?" She shook her head, looking off to the side. "Okay, cool. I dreamed I was on the cover of Teen Witch for being the most successful witch in the world."

She glanced to Ciceron, seeing his lifted brow.

She frowned. "Okay...I dreamed I was having surgery. I've recently been experimenting with healing on Petra, so it's probably just that. I was lying on a table, Gavin was standing over me, and I was awake as he started to work."
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"Gavin? With a dream like that, I expected Nathan..."

Ciceron leaned forward, looking over Viola's face.

"You're hiding something. Surgery usually means that you have something inside you that needs to come out - maybe Gavin is the one pulling it out of you. One thing that's certain is the fact you require intense emotional healing. You're broken, damaged, in some way. It's something internal that you need to eliminate from your body before you can recover. Where was he operating on you?" She asked carefully.
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Ciceron looked at her carefully, his face softening somewhat.

"Viola...you need to start looking after yourself and trust those around you. You feel very exposed and vulnerable right now, but that doesn't mean it's the reality. You're in a better position now than you ever have been. Your dreams are telling me how troubled you are, that you feel open and weak, that you have intense repressed emotions. You either need to voice them, rant, talk about them...or you need to let them go and move on."
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"Yeah? And you think that I wanna talk to you of all people? You should know by now that I'm onto you. I know you're playing both sides here; you helped me to survive, helped to convince Nathan to keep me alive, came up with a huge scheme, only to turn your back on it in favour of Nathan. You seriously expect me to trust you? Get real, Ronnie."

She sat back, sighing heavily.

"Who's side are you even on?"
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Ciceron's face hardened again, and he looked very sternly at Viola.

"I'm on the side of the Yorks. Whatever it takes to make them stronger. If our grandfather had to die for that? So be it. If we have to marry Ivers, bring it on. If we have to gamble with the Lundstrom's abilities, then it's for the best."

He leaned forward, looking directly into her eyes.

"Our family has deteriorated - we are no longer a powerful influence, as much as we want to believe it. We have, at most, three members of the family worth anything. You, me, and Hera...I am the only one that can pass the name on whilst still marrying a high-society family heir, whilst keeping the York name. Hera fucked it up by marrying a Cleary, you fucked it up by getting in over your head and betraying Nathan. You now have a second chance, and I am going to ensure that you don't fuck up this time as well."