He moved up and down the bar, doing his usual upper body workout in his black wife-beater and jeans as he heard crashing and tossing of objects in the other hotel room. Lovely...leave it to Genesis to have a mental breakdown for a week straight- that's how long this has lasted. A week. How he knew Genesis so well annoyed him, but he had one day left before he could change hotels. He couldn't afford to move around just yet- though with his father still actively wanting him to come back to the family he would need to move around tomorrow for sure.

He finished his last one before landing on the floor and grabbing a bottled water from the little fridge they had there. Magically kept cold it had been handy, not all had one of these and he liked being able to go to the store and actually plan his meals. He had just opened it when he heard the knock on the door.

A vampire...but with mix of woman smell? That must be his co-worker. He'd set the money out on the table for when she had time to come over. He washed up for a second before opening the door.
"Hey Emm." He said opening the door. "Come in if you want." He said knowing the rules of a vampire.

Played By: Maki
Ermentrude smiled at him, warmly this time with almost no predatory gleam. He worked with vampires and knew their intricacies, it was something she appreciated not infrequently. Erme liked her wolfy co-worker, for all that he smelled of wet dog. She wasn't, however, overall pleased with the condition in which she found his accommodations. The hotel was better than some, but the noises coming from his neighbor's room were troubling to say the least. Ermentrude frowned at the crashing and thrashing about and stepped into the hotel room.

"Is this a typical evening for you, wolfling?" She asked, eyeing the wall as if she expected his neighbor to burst forth through it in whatever rage they'd worked themselves up in.

Played By: Sammy
He paused hearing glass shatter, no shock on his face as he put down the glass of water and slid on a t-shirt in respect for a lady being in his room. Shaking his head he nodded to her.
"Started last week after I threatened the Ministry on him when he insulted me one too many times. I normally spend my days and nights in silence." He explained. "Apparently family problems...however...that's not what you're here for." He said not wanting to keep on the topic of the unruly Japanese vampire in the other room.

He took his wallet from the desk and turned, after reaching into the fridge and taking out a blood bag.
"Refreshment?" He said with a slight smile. Sure she was here to pick up and possibly drop off but that didn't mean he couldn't treat his co-worker like a human being. They worked together most nights, it wasn't like he didn't know her.

Played By: Maki
Erme hummed, still glancing warily at the wall that hid the raging neighbor from her sight. She didn't like it one bit. She would have to do something about that. "The ministry?" She inquired, reaching into her rucksack for her tote bag and pulling out the pouch containing her herbs. "He threatens you and they do nothing?" No, she definitely did not like that.

Wiping the frown from her face, Ermentrude turned her attention back to her co-worker with a twinkle in her eyes, "A glass would be wonderful." Placing the pouch on the table she riffled through it, looking for what she'd brought him. "Would you like me to do something about it then, mon petit loup?"

Played By: Sammy
"Yes, I threatened the Ministry on him." He confirmed as he poured her a glass of the O- blood that he'd gotten from Shiro. The man hadn't been happy to have to track it down but he also owed Dillian after he helped him with Genesis that one night. He'd taken him up on his offer of a favor.
"He insulted me. Apparently, he's rich and thanks my jacket and items are overused and need replacing." He chuckled, She knew him well enough to know he liked his overused items. He liked the fact they showed their age. It meant they did their job.

He shook his head,
"He's leaving me alone since I sent him on his butt in my usual way." He knew she'd know what that meant. His temper was famous within the pub, and many had gotten tossed out by him in just the same fashion. He counted the money after handing her the glass with a smile on his face, it was good to know he was that well received by his fellow co-workers. While he hated his job - a known fact he had found them more family than anyone. He hoped that she felt the same in that regard.

Played By: Maki
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Erme cocked her head at him, taking in his clothes. The loud neighbor was right, the wolf could probably use a new jacket. She wasn't particularly wealthy, but she did have a clothes habit that she just couldn't quit. Erme made a mental not to be sure her co-worker found himself a new jacket 'by chance'. One that was a bit more fashionable, maybe.

She took the glass of blood with a snort, "I'm sure that you showed him what is what, wolfling." If there was anything he was known for it was his temper. She'd witnessed it on occasion, and it never failed to provide her with entertainment. "But if you are in need of any backup, you know where to find me darling." She considered having words with this neighbor of his. But she could smell the stench of her own kind even from here, though. And after so long in virtual isolation she wasn't looking to call attention to herself now. If he asked, she certainly would handle it. He smelled young, and with youth came stupidity. The entirety of the human race were proof of that.

Played By: Sammy
He knew of her clothing habit, he'd rarely seen her wear something more than twice. Then again they worked together - this was the first time he'd seen her out of work so maybe that wasn't the case. Whatever the facts were he liked his leather used jacket and planned to continue using it, at least until it fully fell apart on him.

He raised an eyebrow, a shadow of a smirk on his face. She'd always found it funny but he was also sure she didn't take it seriously when he was doing it. Something about wolves naturally being temperamental and all that jazz. "He got the warning." He merely said sitting down beside her with the cash, a lot less than he usually spent at that. He almost felt bad about it, knowing how hard it was to find those items. "No, it's not needed. If he tries anything further he's just giving me permission to let loose." He said not wanting his co-worker in trouble for such a simple thing. Genesis was no threat to him. If anything he seemed more lonely than dangerous.

"This should be the amount...but are you sure it's enough? I know those items are hard to track down." He said, the feeling of guilt not lifting. He'd saved up a lot just for the potion this month. He'd planned on spending it on the potion and if she wanted or needed more from him he would happily use it for said potion ingredients.

Played By: Maki
Erme shrugged, she'd keep an eye on the situation. If it became anything he couldn't handle, she'd stepped in whether he wanted it or not. Once she took an interest in a mortal, that was just the way she was. Although even Erme had to admit it was unlikely. After all he was fairly capable, for a wolf.

Letting the topic drop, she toyed with the small bag containing the necessary ingredients. "It is nothing, mon petit loup. Do not fret over cost. I am giving you the co-worker discount." That was a lie, but he didn't need to know that. Whatever helped him sleep better at night. Erme's prices had been low for as long as she'd been dead because she didn't need the money. Sentimental mortals seemed to care more about these things, often feeling a degree of guilt or gratitude for what was little more than a fact. It was better to placate than try to make them understand. "I have been doing this for many years, chaton, the ingredients for wolfsbane are not so hard to find if you know where to look." She tossed the bag onto the table and picked up his payment.

Played By: Sammy
Picking up the bag with his rough hand he looked them over, high quality for such a price but...She seemed not to be bothered with it, as she had talked down all his concerns moments before. He simply nodded to the employee discount, not knowing what to say about it while he listened to what she was saying about how easy they were to find. His father having left him to his own money and his own life he had struggled for a while, something like his potion ingredients actually being in his price range? Even a lone wolf had to realize this woman demanded respect for that. Even a vampire.

Not that he'd stop with the vampire jokes....that was how they joked with each other. She said he smelled like wet dog and he told her she smelled like 6 different blood types. It passed the time.
"You must be someone who's done this awhile then." He simply chuckled, putting the items in a hidden pocket of his bag to keep it safe.

Played By: Maki
Ermentrude gave him a toothy grin. "You have non idea, Fido." He really didn't. Erme didn't advertise her age, though those who knew her knew she was older than most. Even for a vampire she was old. Though not ancient, by any means. She'd been gathering and selling herbs since she was old enough to walk - her parents had seen to that. Now, over a thousand years later, she was still at it. She often wondered what her father would think of that.

"It is lucky for you, to have met someone so knowledgeable in the ways of plants." She took another sip from her glass and gazed around his hotel room. From the other side of the wall, the vampire was still making a ruckus. "Maybe soon you will be able to move away from such a loud neighbor soon?"

Played By: Sammy
He chuckled, sitting back down and pouring a drink. Move away from his hotels? Like that was going to happen...he was a lone wolf. Always was and always would be. There was nothing sad about the fact he didn't belong anywhere, at least not to him. In his mind...It was better for him. Less Drama...less having to blend in with the idiots of society. It was a perk he didn't belong.
"You know I don't settle down, Emm. For one I have no where to go and secondly...I don't feel like playing the game of blending in with society and being a cop out." He mused.

Come to think of it....where did she live? Who did she see? What was her life outside of the pub?
"What do you do on your free time anyway?" He asked, it was obvious by the bar on his bathroom doorway that he was one to work out and the drink collection on the table indicating that he drank and smoked.
"Other than looking at plants I mean." He chuckled lightly.

Played By: Maki
She shrugged, that was his choice. She could meddle further later, but for now she was content to watch his situation play out.

What did Erme do in her free time? That was a difficult question to answer. Not much, honestly. She mostly hunted for herbs and potion ingredients for her small customer base - which she was now including him a part of - and worked at the pub. Her small secluded flat was sparse and she was rarely there, she didn't have many friends. She'd always had the intentions of mingling with those of her kind, but most she found to be a bore. Too serious for their own good. And who knew where her husband was these days. Usually she kept tabs on him, just to ensure they never ran across each other "on accident". Last she'd heard he'd headed to America. But that was almost a decade ago. Sure, she spent a lot of time sitting around and people watching - mortals were fascinating creatures. And she often meddled in the lives of the bar patrons.

"I enjoy the long life I was blessed with, mon petit loup. What else?"

Played By: Sammy
A situation he was just fine with - after he moved to another one of his locations and away from this nutjob next door. That was honestly his only displeasure right now. He knew of her annoying the people at the pub but at the end of the day...was that not her job? As it was his for the people choosing to sit at the bar.

He chuckled,
"Oh no fascinating stories of adventure and wonder?" It was obvious she was older than she looked, but how she acted and talked at times you could tell she was much older than one would suspect even for a vampire. While not a fan of mingling with society...a story or two about the people she'd known throughout the early years of her life would interest him. He was realizing over the past couple years he loved to watch people and hear stories about people....just not join in the madness. Once it got to that point he found himself losing interest.
"I'm sure you've seen a few things that have amused you."

Played By: Maki
"I have seen many things that amuse me, pup." She smiled, reminiscing a little. After so long, most of her interactions ran together. Her memories from her first days, the days before her death, had faded until they almost felt like a dream. Her first centuries, even, had begun to lose the vibrant quality that they'd once had and were becoming fuzzy. Just because vampire's lives were eternal didn't mean their memories were. Decades overlapped, individuals merged into one.

"If it is story time you are after, however..." She drifted off, trying to come up with something amusing enough to share. It wasn't often she shared the stories of her exploits. Not many knew her true nature - and even fewer her true age. Her co-worker would surely be shocked to find out exactly how long she'd been alive - or dead, rather. "There was a man, many years ago" over a century by now, likely "he sticks out for his foolishness. He loved a woman, but she did not return his affections," a small smile curled across her lips as she remembered the story "I endeavored to help him. He requested ingredients for a love potion to woe her. But I thought that to be unwise. A love born by magic is a dastardly thing, I would not support such a thing. Instead, I gave him ingredients for an aging potions. So as to make her undesirable to him, and free her of the unwanted interest." She chuckled at the memory "Oh, to see his face when he came to find me after that." She conjured the image of the young man - fury on his foolish features as he yelled his obscenities at her. She had laughed then too. He had attacked her for that - or tried to, rather. It hadn't gone quite so well for him.

"Is that story amusing enough for you?" She raised an eyebrow at him, still silently chuckling at the memory. This had been a good trip. She hadn't thought about that couple in many years. It was always good to remember her past.

Played By: Sammy
He blinked, listening and loving it. She was playing right into his idea on how to mess with someone who wanted to direct the circus they call society. Those who thought they were above it, he imagined the look on the mans face as he saw her old and aged while he was still young. Though he did find it unfair for the girl in the situation, the idea of messing with the man was funny enough. He had an idea he was going to like his co-worker and the idea's that popped into her head. He also started thinking that getting on her bad side was not the best idea in the world.
"I can only imagine the pure horror on his face when he realized what you had done." He chuckled, finishing his drink as another pounding came through the wall.

He needed to get her out of here now before she did do something...or he did something. Because he was tempted to kill the vampire himself.
"Oh it was, can't wait to hear more." He chuckled, honestly meaning it. Finally a vampire he liked, and not one who trashed around an apartment just because his family wouldn't see him.
"We should do this again, It's nice actually...seeing someone face to face without putting a fist in their face." He chuckled. "Not a threat...just usually when I talk to someone it's because they've created trouble in the pub." He explained.

Played By: Maki