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Lysander Tierney,

Location: TerrorTours Travel Agency, Diagon Alley • Date: October 2002

Lysander had considered planning his own trip, but as his holiday was approaching and his interest in researching restaurants, attractions, and boarding was declining he thought a different approach might be preferable.

The Curse Breaker chuckled as he walked towards the Victorian Gothic style shop front. One thing he could say about this company was that they seemed to completely buy into their history and concept. He entered the shop with a slight smile on his face, his eyes venturing around the room, stopping a few seconds to glace over a few posters and parchments.

A particular poster caught his eye. A Hike With Werewolves, the poster announced in bold letters. Lysander was contemplating the haunting picture on the poster when someone suddenly grabbed his arm. "Wh-" He almost choked in fright as he struggled to understand what was happening.