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Location: Just outside Terror Tours • Date: September 2002

Rose shifted her weight from foot to foot. The months after graduation had been... strange. She didn't have to go to Diagon Alley for book purchases or re-upping her potions supplies. Now she went to Diagon to meet with friends, get ice cream, and not have to think about going to school.

Ever again.

Rose was probably taking too much time off. Her test scores had been pretty good, but not competitive enough to get into any of the Ministry positions she wanted. And she really didn't feel like working in Diagon Alley. So she wandered the city, unemployed, borrowing money from her parents. That created some tension with them which was why she found herself standing in a Terror Tours group. She was going to spend a weekend away at a castle in the countryside with a bunch of strangers.

That was perfectly safe, right?
Probably one of the older joining the group, Ambrose was looking for some time away from the wizarding world- and his job tjat he was now starting to dislike. The only thing keeping him going was the fact it was temporary.

Bag flung over his shoulder, he walked up the path to the castle only to see the only one person who had shown up. A young girl, he figured she'd just gotten out of school due to just how young she looked. He was now glad he chose a simple sweater and slacks, choosing to keep his creepy suits at home.
While they waited to board the Knight Bus, Rose pulled out a book from her bag. She cracked it open to the last page she'd been on, bending the front cover behind the back cover and veritably breaking the book's spine. She never took care of her books, but she thought that meant she loved them. A lot of them would be dog-eared and torn by the time she was done. To Rose, it told everyone she'd had a good time.

What she didn't notice, however, was her luggage. With her attention somewhere else, it jostled on its own. Enchanted, you see, to follow her wherever she went. It was a lot less cumbersome than carrying it on her own. But as her attention wavered, so did the enchantment's hold on her. A few jostles later and the luggage was taking off down the street, in full view of muggle society.
He'd been headed almost to the door when he noticed the bag flying down the street near the muggles, crap. That wasn't good in the least. He called on his owl which had been in the cage beside him to stop it, the owl trained to follow his commands. He looked at the night bus driver,
"Give her a minute." He said meaning his own that was flying slowly towards them a little slower with the weight. The man grumbled but allowed it knowing Ambrose was both helping the girl and keeping their world secret and probably didn't want to be involved with a Ministry investigation. Who could think magic when some muggles trained birds to do their bidding.

The owl settled on the bag in front of the girl before flying back into her cage.
"Sorry if I offended by doing that without your permission." He said knowing some people didn't exactly want help.