Re: [London] I warned you.

"Then that means your here for wolfbane postion ingrediants." He said not put off by it, hed been fighting vampires for months if not off and on for years. If he were to be honest, magical creatures really didn't put him off anymore.

"I'm fine, if anything all he left was a bruise." He said picking up a few things for the new potions he would now need thanks to the vampire that had just cornered him. He wasn't about to tell this man he knew how to kill vampires like a pro.

Re: [London] I warned you.

He didn't know why he found it so odd that the man took it like a grain of salt, werewolves were common but usually seen through the eyes of pity or fear due to their kind being ruined for life in developments of success or drawn to the dark side by dark wizards. This man had neither.
"Err...yes." He admitted. "You don't find me...odd?" Odd wasnt the word he wanted to use but he also didnt want to admit he was worried about his kinds reputation either.

He picked up his few things, looking at the man as he gathered them. Should he say thank you? It was because of this man he was able to do it this month. His tips while good had went to food and hotel payments.
"Well, he seems to have a temper...i know that much. Look, I'm....not good with words but thank you. It was your help that allowed me to afford this, this month." He ran his hand through his hair.

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Re: [London] I warned you.

His ingredients in his basket he raised an eyebrow at the question. Odd? Not at all, pity? He didn't feel emotions such as those- if thats what this man was hinting.
"My fathers a vampire, my world is odd itself." He left out the part of fighting a coven.

He snorted, that was an understatment.
"He does," he headed towards the counter. "Forget about it, I don't do things for thank you or rewards." He sat the things on the counter. The man told him his bill and he paid the amount.