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Location: The Leaky Cauldron • Date: September 19th, 2002

As much as it had been strange to leave Hogwarts, which had become her second home over the years, Coco was enjoying graduate life. She had done well enough in her N.E.W.T exams to secure a place on the Gringotts Curse Breaker programme, which had been her goal in her final few years at Hogwarts.

Though what Coco was sick of, was training and paperwork. It was like they didn't trust her to go gallivanting around the world on expeditions yet, which Coco hated. She was restless, she was bored, she was ready to go.

Though instead of travelling somewhere cool, like Egypt, the only place Coco could go after work was the Leaky Cauldron - down the road from Gringotts - so hardly very far, or adventurous.

She sat at the bar and ordered a butterbeer, and as she took her first sip, she imagined herself drinking butterbeer in a thousand much more exotic places than this.

Played By: Susan
Ophelia was beat. The summer had been busy - so no vacation for her. Last year she'd managed a trip to the States, but this year she was relegated to trips across town to The Leaky Cauldron. Which is where she found herself this evening, after a long and grueling day in the Wizegamot records room. At least as a clerk she didn't have to take her work home with her.

She approached the bar of The Leaky Cauldron and noticed her favorite stool was already occupied. With a sigh of resignment, Ophelia settled into stool next to it, ordering an ale. With a glance to the girl seated next to her, Ophelia had to pause. She looked a little familiar. The girl was younger than her, probably a recent graduate. Which would probably explain where Ophelia recognized her from. It also meant she had been at Hogwarts during the reign of that smug twit Potter.

Ophelia was in a mood to talk, today. She'd had no human contact for the past 8 hours, buried to her neck in parchment and dust. So she motioned to get the girl's attention as she sipped on her beer. "How long have you been out?" She asked, taking another sip.

Played By: Sammy
Coco looked up at the young woman next to her, who looked vaguely familiar, but she could not place a name to the face. It wasn't uncommon for the British Wizarding community to all have links to each other somehow, as pretty much all of them went to Hogwarts for their education.

"Not long," Coco replied, "I just came from work, it's a good place to come just to unwind for a bit," she shrugged. Also now that she had reached the legal drinking age, it was even better.

Played By: Susan
"Yeah, I did," Coco said, knowing that mostly everyone she met had been to Hogwarts at some point. There was the occasional homeschooled person, but Hogwarts was still by far the most popular option.

"Coco Thorndale," she told the girl, "I just graduated this summer. You look kind of familiar, actually," she said. She knew this girl's face, but could not place it.

Played By: Susan
Ah, she was much younger then. Not too young, though, for her to have seen Ophelia around the castle. First years and seventh years don't really interact much, and even less so when they were sorted into separate houses. But with all the hub-bub surrounding the boy-who-lived while they were at school, it wasn't shocking Ophelia didn't recognize the name.

"I'm Ophelia Falk. I believe, if you graduated this year, that would mean your first year was my last." She smiled at the younger girl, "Which house? I was Gryffindor". Unfortunately. She always thought, but never voiced, that she was more suited for Ravenclaw. But instead she was stuck in the House of Potter for five years.

Played By: Sammy
"I was Gryffindor too!" Coco said, grinning. She had changed a lot since her first year at Hogwarts, which was seven years ago now - she had been through a lot which had changed her. They all had, as a whole generation, been through a lot together.

"I was probably one of those annoying kids being way too loud in the common room," Coco said. There was no 'probably' about it - Coco definitely had been one of those kids.

Played By: Susan
Ophelia chuckled, Coco had basically described every other student to Ophelia in those days. "I was that weird girl who at in the corner and sulked, and spent more time in the library than their own common room. I wouldn't expect many people to remember me." Well, some people might remember her reputation. It hadn't been positive, though. And since Coco had been a 1st year during her last year there was a chance the rumors of Gryffindor's least friendly member hadn't penetrated that far. "But my family always said I was born with the soul of an eighty year old curmudgeon. I'm sure I saw you around, even if you were one of those annoying kids." Ophelia was pretty sure she was the only one who hadn't been one of them, after all.

Played By: Sammy
"I don't think I went to the library at all in my first year, or if I did, I got banished by Pince," Coco laughed, remembering what she had been like. "Or much after that, but eventually I started to have to, if I didn't want to fail all my exams."

As it turned out, she hadn't failed all of her exams, and had managed to leave Hogwarts without perfect scores, but with an acceptable set of O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts.

Played By: Susan
Ophelia snickered, remembering Madam Pince well and fondly. Only because she had less tolerance for other students shenanigans than Ophelia herself. "That sounds like her." Ophelia could understand needing the library though, she had spent so much time studying inside its walls. "Hopefully she wasn't too hard on you lot these last few years." She'd been something of a favorite of Pince's, if the woman had anything of the sort. "We wouldn't want a generation of students failing their O.W.Ls because the librarian wouldn't let them into the library to study."

Played By: Sammy
"Nah, she was alright really, just very protective over her library and her books," Coco chuckled. She even managed to study in there a few times, as even Coco realised in time that she did in fact want to pass her exams.

"A lot of the Professors were a bit softer, you know, after the war," Coco said.

Played By: Susan
Ophelia nodded. She didn't know, but she could imagine. "Yeah." The war had happened after she'd already left, and she knew both her parents had been eternally thankful for that. "I can't imagine what it must have been like." She muttered, taking a long sip of her drink. She was hit with a wave of melancholy. As rough as her time at Hogwarts had been, and as much as she resented certain elements for that, she'd been horrified when she heard what was happened there. She's cried that day, and daily for a week after.

Clearing her throat, Ophelia sat up a little straighter in her seat. "Well, this as taken a much darker turn than I had anticipated." She glanced at the younger woman next to her. She decided a subject change was in order. "Where have you been working since leaving school?"

Played By: Sammy
Coco didn't say much, which was very unusual for her. But the war had made her grow up fast, and she still didn't often talk about it. So she was actually pleased that the conversation topic was moved on.

"I work at Gringotts," Coco said, "training to be a Curse Breaker. It's pretty good, I get to travel a lot, which is what I wanted."

Played By: Susan
"That's a good gig", Ophelia kind of envied the travel bit. But her childhood dream was to work for the Wizengamot. And she was, even if it was still only as a records clerk. But she had to pay her dues, she'd always known that. "That sounds wonderful. Have you been traveling recently? Where to?" She might have been trying to live vicariously through the younger woman. But could you blame her? Being cooped up in the records room day after day was hard on a person.

Played By: Sammy
"Not a huge amount yet, I've mostly been training and learning the ropes still," Coco told her, rolling her eyes slightly. She was aching to go somewhere though, being stuck in the same place for too long was driving her crazy, though she had only been working for Gringotts for a few months.

"There's this expedition coming up in Jordan though, that I think I'm down to go on. I'll mainly be observing, but it's still pretty cool. I can't wait to start travelling all the time," Coco sighed.

Played By: Susan