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"Yeah, yeah. He'll fight me. He always does...and I always win." He mused, his emotionless expression back in his tone. Shiro could fight him all he wanted, he was doing what he thought was right for his son. It was his job as a father was it not?
"I'm not taking anything from him, I'm giving him back his rightful roots." He argued.

He only raised an eyebrow as the young Kawazaki laughed directly in his face, his laughter dieing once he realized he was beginning to make his own grave. He listened, calmly....anger for this boldness growing.
"I see, well tell me this: Your all still alive aren't you? That's because of me and my teachings." He reminded him. Parents didn't need to hug their kids in his mind, It was the parent's job to get their kids ready for the reality of the world. Nothing more and nothing less. Your child lived past you? You did your job. Obviously, that rule in his case no longer mattered, he was already dead.

As the man came out of the shadows, Yoru felt a chill in his spine. The man was old...he could sense this mans mind had seen a lot in his time on earth. Just how old? He couldn't pinpoint. He looked up, on guard as his name was spoken by this man.
"I think you should really mind your own business Mr..." He hinted for a name, taking offence that this man was questioning his morals.
"Not because of you, we changed our ways to ensure our survival. You were taken from us, remember? Look it's good you want to be a family man, I approve...but you just can't go marching in with that attitude and not freak your men...and frankly Shiro out." He said not liking the father kick Yoru was about to go on about one bit, The talk about giving them back their roots almost made him eyeroll. So they were staying here a Shiro wanted to stay here a bit. Didn't make him less Japanese and it didn't mean he didn't have Japanese pride either.

He was about to say something else when he saw the man in...was that clothing from before the Victorian age? The aura around him only seemed to confirm this as he scooted his seat back a notch.
"Yoru...thats....he's..." He didn't know who this man was but he could tell he was like Yoru, after dealing with vampires since 1996...he had gained a vampire sense. The look in their eyes was what usually gave it away.
#18796 of them seemed to see the error in talking to him with such disrespect, and if the young man didn't look like he was about to tumble out of his seat? He might have given him a confirmation nod.
"Rokuro no Batsu. I would ask who you were but I could care less." He didn't feel like dancing with this obviously much younger vampire who was on a power trip. He had heard what they had been saying, This...yoru guy seemed to think he ruled those who were under him and his mind told Rokuro he ruled with fear. Something he didn't respect in the least.
"Speaking of my family name..." He stepped forward putting his fingers on the man's chin forcing him to look at him. "Am I to assume...this is the family that came from the edo period?" He asked.

Played By: Maki
All talk of family, and all talk of the rules seemed to vanish. Hiro's alarming step back grabbing his attention.
"Kawazaki...go." He ordered. He may have ran by 'fear' as this man knew it...but he did respect and look out for those who had proven their worth. He could also tell by the attire...this man was older than any of them. That could spell problems.
"Now!" He ordered, the young man nodding and taking off.

Now either he could be his nasty self...or he could indulge the man in the information he was asking for. The fact this man just said the edo period made him want to do the latter...Not just because of a possible threat in his face but also because...The Batsu family had always been his childhood story time and this man...this man might have known the original ones. This was information he could use on Genesis if he needed to, granted...if it proved useful. He took the mans fingers off of his being and offered him Hiro's seat.
"Sit. I'll tell what you want to know, if you ansrew some questions I have." He offered. "And don't put your hands on me again."